Saturday, December 31, 2011

Atmospheric Madrid pollution levels

Since the coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol, countries of the European Union, including Spain, made a lot of plans that seek to reduce the emission of gaseous pollutants, something that can be reduced to a level tiny if you take the necessary steps and be maintained this trend can be achieved to improve air quality significantly.

Regarding the city of Madrid, is placing emphasis on an innovative Surveillance network whose last regulatory and effectiveness was launched on November 11, 2009 although it is the fruit of decades of work and the combination with last generation technologies made available for the care of the environment.

One of the first signs of concern over pollution and the air monitoring was in 1968, where the air monitoring activities carried out and planned continuous analysis of the atmospheric conditions in the city of Madrid, despite the fact that technology that was not then so specific that they used samplers.
Ten years passed until settled completely a provision of sensors distributed throughout the city, which ran in joint automatically, creating a certain amount of fixed stations which remain until today, but with the necessary technological updates.

Adopted the directive on May 21, 2008, were established new patterns in the measurement of the air, a criterion of unification of measurements, to introduce the need to balance stations placed at sites with excessive traffic, and those that are more isolated.

Since then, the stations fixed updated constantly, to the level achieved today, where accessible public form to all the information regarding the air quality and the protection of the atmosphere, in addition to the different measurements that are published on a daily basis.

Madrid boasts the so-called Comprehensive air quality system, whose purpose is to advertise on a daily basis the levels of air pollution , according to the regulations in force, and seeks to have a constant update of a dedicated website, where can we find that listed below:

In each index referred to the major pollutants and indicates the different levels in the air.

Friday, December 30, 2011

What are alternative energies?

All Over the world, is now an alarmingly high rate energy used free due to the rapid industrialisation and increased awareness among consumers. Most of the world's present energy is generated by fossil fuels, which are having disastrous effects on the environment on a global, local and regional levels.

Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil are used to create more than two thirds of our electricity and almost all of our fuels for transport. Our fossil fuel reserves are diminishing quickly to meet the increasing demand of energy and also their use is becoming more expensive by the day. Not only that, the burning of fossil fuels causes global warming of the Earth and release of many harmful green house gases in our atmosphere at a very high rate.

The term "alternative energy" has become a bit of a catchy phrase these days. People use this term usually but they would have completely different ideas of just what it means. As mentioned above, most of the energy produced in the world today comes from the fossil fuels such as coal, oil or natural gas. The simplest meaning of the term "alternative energy/renewable energy/green energy is energy from a renewable or green source (other than fossil fuels).

Alternative energies are energies generated and used in a way that promote or are compatible with long-term human well-being and ecological balance. Alternative energy or renewable energy turning out commercially viable for a growing list of consumers and used. Alternative energy technologies offer many advantages and are suitable for the General sustainable development i.e. the development of the economy, the environment and social welfare.
Renewable/alternative energy is the energy from natural processes that are often supplemented. Most renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly and combat global warming by reducing carbon emissions and also allow the economies to their dependencies on politically turbulent Nations to curtail. Renewable energy is generated from solar energy, wind, rain, tidal, hydropower, biomass, geothermal sources, biofuels and hydrogen.

If you're tired of your electricity bill ever are rising and you don't want to waste more money on your electric bill or you want to help the global economy and save the Earth ... you have here the solution. With the ever increasing cost of living, there is no better time to stop throwing money and begin to create renewable energy for your home itself ... the best choices for generating renewable energy for homes are solar energy, wind and micro-hydro energy generation. Following sections will explain these options in much detail with benefits to give you a good heads-up in case you are interested in the generation of energy from alternative sources for your homes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A trip to the South Pole

This expedition was carried out by Acciona, the global leader in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure water.

This expedition has several goals in itself and one of them is to honor those who came first to the South Pole 100 years ago, two memorable in our history: Roald Amudnsen and Scott.

And not only homage, but it has a scientific purpose and that upon arrival at the South Pole there will be different science projects.

The scouts who are carrying out this action are Larramendi Ramon, Javier Selva, Juan Pablo Albar and Ignacio Oficialdegui aboard a sled that is only driven by the wind to come to an end.

This sled has a special feature is that you have a kite in front of it with the wind push the sled to reach the Pole, around about 3500 km road.

The only action taken by the wind, ie, renewable energy is marked by the symbolism Action Project, a better future by promoting renewable energy, a future based on respect for the planet and focusing on the environment.

If you want to know more about scientific projects to be carried out, the adventure of renewable energy driven by the hand or personal knowledge of the adventurers enter

In turn, you can use social networks to be aware of every day of the expedition in social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Panoramio and Google Earth

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

U.S. Geothermal Energy

Renewable energy development aims not only to care for the environment, but also the replacement of a nonrenewable resource such as fossil fuels, which in a indefinite period (and not so far) will be exhausted or will have a greater demand the amount harvested, so that one of the various ways to replace it with geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy

On this occasion, we discuss how to prepare the country for U.S. exploitation of this energy source, with the promise that in the not too distant future, be able to replace coal as much as 10 times the performance, and of course, far less polluting .

The first step has been undertaken for such production began with the development of so-called Geothermal Energy Map, which is already available to access Google Earth (clicking through this link) and displays perfectly the resource variables geothermal distributed throughout the United States.

This had been a pilot with the launch last year of a map of geothermal energy to West Virginia, in addition to planning the development of sources of abstraction and a progressive replacement of thermal power plants that dominate the energy production in the area .
What is Geothermal Energy?

For those who do not know what it's about geothermal energy, then we leave some videos describing seek to clarify all your doubts:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aston Martin Cygnet

The market of vehicles is preparing to give a qualitative leap in the field of clean energy, with the presentation not only of a broad platform of electric cars, but also to the development of electric bikes, opening the way to what many manufacturers have planned for 2012, as a dramatic change in the mobility and autonomy.

On this occasion, we have encountered with the presentation of a car that in addition to being free of carbon dioxide emissions, it has been carried out by a prestigious firm specializing from the outset in the creation of luxury cars, and that is recognized worldwide for being the choice of Agent 007.

In this way we have before us the long-awaited aston martin cygnet, an electric car that has been announced years ago, and that approaching its release date we can see its final, as well as some light details about design of their benefits.

In principle, it would use a pack of Lithium Ion batteries that allow you, with a full load, a close to the 100 kmrange, considering that this Coupe will have performance of a sports car as the firm we are accustomed.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Garbage collecting trucks

Surely some careful reader will be thinking that there are of a drafting error in the title of this article, but the truth is that it has been successfully written, since it is a surprising developments of recent days renewable energy.

The problem of waste generated on a daily basis might fix in the future, since in the city of Toronto (Canada) is working to develop a new engine that uses fuel energy from various wastes.

This would not be anything new (many are working on it) if not because it seeks to apply nothing more and nothing less than in a truck, garbage collection, which would have a kind of integrated processing of biogas unit and can extract it and use it to propel himself.

The engine is already finished and this would be a Cummins Westport ISL G (already equipped in some vehicles that use this fuel) and what I would be remiss is generate a means which can extract the biogas debris and injected into the impeller.

Different prototypes are being built at the moment and perhaps, in the future, we can see on the streets of our city to one of these trucks "mobilize itself"

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Filter sand water

We have already seen the different water filters that are present in the household to produce drinking water either to improve the quality of it, eliminating the presence of substances that may be harmful to health, or to improve the taste, although there are also other more sophisticated filters that are used for the treatment of waste water and for the preparation of the waters that will come to the homes.

The most used of these is the so-called Sand filter, used as a method of separation of solid particles that are suspended in the water, using different layers of sand with different sizes (dimensions of each grain) which is passed the body of water.

While it does not have the same success as other methods and more specific systems (such as the Coal asset, which helps eliminate chlorine) the implementation of this filtering is essential to separate heavy metals and the presence of iron in water, through a process of chemical reactions by looking for the precipitation of the same.

When the filter was with their process, to maintenance mode is an investment in the flow of the water, changing the sense and favoring the cleaning of the system, which means a much cheaper alternative to begin the process of purification , despite having large and require a strong initial investment for construction.

If you want to let us present your products, catalogs and announcements, we have advertising space to ensure that they reach all our readers.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Google increases its commitment to the renewable solar thermal

Recently Google has announced that it will be a very important investment in a project of solar thermal energy. They are 168 million dollars, which constitutes its greatest economic bet on renewable energy, adding to the time the figure of $ 250 million.

The project in question is the Solar thermal power of Brightsource Energy's Ivanpah plant in the Desert of Majave, in the southwest of United States. The plant will have an installed capacity of 392 MW and is expected to be completed by 2013.

It will be composed of 173.000 heliostats of two mirrors that reflect and concentrate solar energy in the central tower. There the heat produces steam that will move the turbine, generating electricity.

At the same time, Google is working on the technological development of mirrors more efficient to enable future to reduce the costs of solar thermal. 

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Pitcher filter

Between the different types of water filters that we have analyzed many of these systems are attached directly to the tap, or used in the treatment of residual waters, although in recent years, and taking advantage of the principle of Activated carbon, has been the emergence of the so-called mugs with filter, which we will explain below.

These systems are completely external to the network of drinking water, and work not only as a simple jar for storing and cooling water, but that also notoriously improve you the taste, applying the above filter with Active coal system that is responsible for removing the chlorine present in the water due to the process of purification.

The main advantage is obviously that the installation of a device or modify the tap water is not necessary, and work practically in the same way, as well as generate economic savings for water free chlorine.

The disadvantage is that they require a periodic replacement of cartridge with activated charcoal, which tends to be in many cases exclusive to a given mark, and generate a spending of periodic money, taking into account that these spare parts are provided by the manufacturer.

Another of so many variables to get optimal quality water and without the need for profound changes in the home.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Low consumption appliances

Low consumption appliances are those which, to a certain task - consume the least amount of energy possible. Sometimes also used to refer to them otherwise is as efficient appliances, energy efficiency is not anything other than a higher performance with less energy expenditure.

The label energy is our best ally to recognize household appliances of low consumption. It's a warning that comes in the vast majority of household appliances, or at least those that require more energy :
refrigerators and freezers washer dryers, washer-dryers dishwashers domestic lamps electric furnace air conditioning.
The Energy label indicates how much these devices consume energy . The label shows the category of efficiency of the product in the following way:
The letter A is for teams more efficient (also indicated in green). These are the so-called low consumption appliances. Knowledge to the improvement of efficiency which implemented some brands are distinguished the low power consumption as A +, to ++ and to +++ (this being the best efficiency).
Then the level of efficiency goes down, passing through B, C, D, E, F and up the letter G used to less efficient teams (in this case using the color red). With the advance of the energy efficiency programs these past levels must go disappearing market, until that they are only released low consumption appliances.

Buying a low-power appliance is - clear is - the first step to saving energy and, consequently, a not inconsiderable amount of money on your electric bill. But to make it truly happen also we must use them correctly and be attentive to the basic Tips for saving energy.Here are some recommendations of the idea in this regard:

Do not buy appliances most large or more power than we need. Check the manufacturer's instructions must be staying and cleaning the apparatus to prolong his life and save more energy. Air conditioning should be located at 26 ° C in summer (not lower). Turn off completely teams with information at digital window or displays (televisions, audio, etc.) with when we are not using them. At the sites of the House where the light stays lit for more than one hour a day placed low consumption lamps or fluorescent tubes.

Apart from these fairly general tips, it is advisable address in detail the recommendations of energy saving for each type of electrical appliances in particular. So in Erenovable we have been preparing some special articles to guide you in this task. Here you will find a guide to saving energy in various situations:

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Light in Nanopilares collectors

One energy sources considered the cleanest, also that does not require a charge for this to work, is of natural origin, sunlight, and to be exploited to the fullest, various scientific communities are constantly working.

On this occasion, presented the work done by the Berkeley National Laboratory, in conjunction with the University of California at Berkley, those developing an innovation in the field of nano-pillars, a technology that allows to absorb sunlight either similar or better than conventional solar cells.

Firstly, the main advantage is given in dimensions, since it is nanotechnology works at very small sizes, offering equal performance and up to the possibility of having greater benefits, since for reasons of size, unless needed half of the semiconductor material used for the a solar panel construction.

As reported, with a height of only two microns, these nanopilares have managed to absorb the magnetic spectrum range among the 300 and 900 nanometers, with an efficiency of 99%, without using light anti-reflexivas decks.

The application on a large scale of this technology will allow renewed form of photovoltaic, solar energy and significantly reduce the necessary spaces for a lot of energy.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

ConXBlock: Community living with private facilities

There are advantages of the community living. Security, economy of effort and costs and the feeling of belonging and harmony that brings a community is very special. At the same time, private life offers much needed isolation and independent lifestyle. What will it be like if you can get both in one place? That's the idea behind the concept of ConXBlock - separate blocks connected to each other!

Only homes require extensive infrastructure to a luxurious life. These costs can be economized when building a community. ConXBlock attempts to provide better privacy for members of their community. For starters, every house is an independent unit with its own courtyard that has become especially on the roof! The construction is solid and sturdy. Made with prefabricated steel.

At the same time, there are features that facilitate life for all. There are interconnected networks of solar panels that have been installed in every home. Used solar energy is available for common use. Ceilings have been equipped with rainwater collection techniques and again the water collects in a 'pool' of common!

ConXBlock by Steve Walker Studio
The entire construction with steel has already been done, you can use each surface of each home. From an external point of view, it may seem that the houses are small. But once inside, opens a haven of comfort! If you are thinking about a dream live, then ConXBlocks truly rock!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surculus by Nick Squires: sprinkler life to your garden

Keeping and caring for a garden are a full time job. And above all, if one maintains a grass, should be very careful and irrigation times are very important. If the supplied water is lower, the grass is dry. If it is too much, there is no record of water which can lead to the destruction of root hairs. An intelligent and optimal, sprinkler is an ideal way to meet the water needs of grass and Surculus is better than possibly dreamed of at an economical price.

The Surculus is a sprinkler system of water that uses a Li-ion battery to power itself. This battery gets charged through solar energy and the best part is that the sprayer can be controlled remotely, wirelessly. The design of bulb is beautiful and elegant. It is simple and aesthetic. All necessary controls are placed at the top for easy access. The controls have also kept at a minimum, making it easy to handle and use the Surculus.
In the top right is a timer that you can define to distribute water to given intervals of time. It is knowledge of gardening that is the best time for water in 5 grass. Instead the lifting early, you can only set the timer and sleep peacefully. Controls at the top are protected by a cap twistable.

Right under controls, run by the Centre are two tubes. One of the tubes is home wiring and cabling as necessary to connect the battery with solar panel with the timer. Another tube is used to remove water to dispense. Depending on the measure that opens the tap, the force of the water is controlled is dispersed.
The Surculus is easy to move and place in different locations on the lawn. It has three peaks long act as legs. These ensure that it gets planted firmly on the lawn. The base of the inner body area has been designed with a height that did not come into contact with the grass where it is located. This ensures that there are no points dead on the grass where the base touched the turf.

It is solar energy, the sprinkler becomes another 'green' object in your garden. A project of the "design week", organized by the University of Derby, the Surculus was the son of the 2nd year students brain. Stands testimony to creative minds, working for a 'green' cause really can provoke wonderful transformations and change.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Green homes programme

It green homes program is to provide, to all those who want to follow him, advice and recommendations to save water and electricity, using the car more efficiently, learn how to Recycle in the proper way, learn about composting and so full of possibilities.

Because what he really wants is to promote self-control of the domestic consumption of water and energy in a simple way, introducing little little steps and saving behaviors involving no more than a simple change in the way of life. In this way, a more ethical and more responsible purchase will not be as an effort but will be as something automatic, standardised.

The green homes program lasts a full year, and he often participate families and/or young people who want to learn how to lead a life more healthy and supportive environment.
These programs are carried out in various cities and municipalities of Spain as Las Rozas (Madrid), Ciudad Real, Toledo, Badajoz, Galicia, Tenerife, Valencia Community… Among other cities struggling to be solidarity.
But if it is not possible to register in your city or town hall, you can always follow the councils that are providing green home blog or that we have in Erenovables.
Do you know that we are we, citizens, responsible for 30% of energy consumption and 10 per cent of the total water in our country?
With these figures, the green homes program aims to raise awareness of the importance of these duties so that little by little people make an use more sustainable and solidarity of all those resources which are collective.
Otherwise, for many more compelling approach to it, is that through these changes in consumption can Save money and resources.

In our hand is helping to make life possible now and many years to pollution reduction, that everyone can enjoy a water cleaner and less polluted.

Because when one begins to make small changes, we are achieved when the great.
To finish the post today, I would like to leave you a I proverbio facing the green agenda that seems truly significant blog:

"Changing the world, gives three laps around your House" (Chinese proverb)
We have made a selection of articles that can be you of interest for more information about energy saving modes, both water and electricity:

If you enjoyed this article might interest you following related courses. At we offer hundreds of courses with the possibility of employment at the end of

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fuel liquid electric cars

This is a year of transition to a broad platform of electric cars that will be released next year, according to various announcements and releases of major manufacturers in the world of the engine,
although they are also developing various candidates to replace oil, which can be combined with this form of mobility.

On this occasion, the news is that a new technology that would use fluid to recharge the batteries energy-feed the electric motors, which would have up to 10 times higher in comparison to other chemical batteryperformance is developing.

The application of these would be designed to replace the batteries of cars today, generally using Lithium Ion batteries, which would significantly increase their autonomy and would also facilitate their replacement, its size is naturally lower.

These batteries can be recharged through a process of emptying and filling, with subsequent collection of the electrolytes that are processed to be reusable, so it would be a practically inexhaustible source of resources.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fuel cell supplies around a building

In an achievement innovative to provide clean, green, energy the octagon, apartment of 500 residential units on Roosevelt Island in New York, will be the first to stock up with fuel cells.


This innovative project was an important initial investment of 1.2 million dollars of the project, and has been sponsored by the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The energy of the building system draws a solid oxide (SOFC) fuel cell UTC Power of 400 Kw. The SOFC are used for the production of energy on a large scale and work on the basis of cogeneration of heat and power (CHP). This type of battery fuel requires a very high temperature (700-100 degrees Celsius) to produce electricity. This requirement of high temperature creates a problem, but the steam produced by the high temperature can be used to produce more electricity.

It is fuelled by natural gas that turns into electricity through an electrochemical process constant that requires less than combustion and thus produces less emissions.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Germany to abandon the Nuclear energy

The nuclear disaster in the central Fukushima with its devastating results, at least we are leaving something important: the growing awareness of the urgent need to abandon nuclear energy.

And this awareness reached, fortunately, Germany, one of the most important economies of Europe. His coalition Government to decided to close all nuclear plants abroad for 2022.

Germany currently has a total of 17 nuclear power plants that generate about one quarter of total energy needs. Among them, there are seven reactors - the more old-already given low after safety inspections carried out after the disaster at Fukushima. The remaining will be deactivated in the next 11 years, advancing significantly the date before scheduled to its closure in 2034.

The generation of electricity that now perform the German nuclear power plants will be replaced by renewable energy sources: mainly energy wind, solar and hydro (which today produce about 17 percent of the electricity). It is expected that to achieve the year 2022 already are producing 50% of the energy needs of Germany.

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Flexible with 95% efficiency solar map

In the field of renewable energy sources, the concept of energy efficiency is very used to develop new technologies, found in the genre of solar energy the use of new components, and up the application of nanotechnology, especially in those lower thickness panels that can have a myriad of applications.

On this occasion, the progress has been made with the creation of a Flexible Solar blade, a material that uses the concepts and conventional theories of photovoltaic solar panels , combined to various structures of size reduced, baptized as Nano-antennas.

This technology had previously been used in some industrial processes, allowing collect heat from different machines to be able to turn them into electrical impulses, and that they would be now applied en masse and for the production of energy electric.

Support for these "Nantennas" would be flexible, Moldable and application in an endless number of substrates, as it is a simile sheet of paper, obtained in addition a performance close to 95% energy efficiency more than favorable for the mass production of this technology.

For the time being, the Idaho National Laboratory is working on this prototype, and conducting various analyses in this regard.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

First film with Solar energy in India

The prasad imaxcinemaslocated in the city of Hyderabadin the Indian State of andhra pradesh, will be the first in the country self-sufficient in electricity generating solar energy..

prasad imax has installed solar panels on the roofs of its building to obtain a 100KWp photovoltaic power generation system. The installation is constructed to withstand the strong winds and other weather, and has a guaranteed life of 25 years. With solar energy obtained it will supply electricity for lighting and displays complex, generating a significant energy savings.
This step has become the first "green" of the India cinema, and continues to demonstrate that it is one of the leading companies in this market (already holds the record for IMAX 3D the world's largest screen). Being a place of encounter and recreation for thousands of families and young people, this undertaking of prasad imax will surely serve to put into the public's attention the importance of the use of renewable energy sources.  

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hospital phone with Solar energy

As its name implies, mobile Hospital, the hospital solar mobile phone designed by Han kukil aims to offer emergency services basic and quickly before a disaster. The design allows the mobile container to be transported to any place with the help of a helicopter and once placed in destination can be quickly put into operation all required medical services.

This mobile hospital offers different levels of intensive care beds for the wounded, operating tables, area of first aid and even a waiting room. It also has satellite connection which allows you to link with the outside world at the moment, which could be vital for many rescue operations.

Several containers of the mobile Hospital can be attached for more capacity and range of medical services. The best part of the mobile hospital, is obviously the sunroof which allows you to take advantage of solar energy, without relying on the mains supply.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Heating and cooling with solar energy food

From go travel, a good idea is to bring us a small hand bag to save some provisions, to eat during the journey or when we stop few minutes rest, although of course, may not be any "elaborate" meal or required to be served at a certain temperature.

Luckily many renewable energy makes this so that our trip does not oblige to deprive us of those meals both we like, with a design that although is just a concept, very good criticisms will oblige you a serial production.

Baptized as Sun Flower and carried out by the Croatian Designer Edita Barabas, is a small bag of meat where a small photovoltaic solar panel integrates with flower to recharge an internal battery which is electrically feed its core functionality: allows you to cool or heat the food by simply pressing a button.

This utility works in each compartment separately, when the device is completely closed, with a selector temperature and a small indicator screen.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Garoña Nuclear

The ghost of what happened in the fukushima Central continues to cause havoc around the world, and the alarm broke out in each region where there is a nuclear reactor, taking as examples in Spain the numerous incidents of the Ascó Nuclear power plant, which has the watchful eyes of numerous activists and monitoring bodies.

Central Nuclear Garonya

On this occasion, the call to attention has been raised by Ecologists in action, but not referred to this plant, but the precarious situation facing Garoña Nuclear power plant (Burgos), also joined in an incident which forced them to put a stop unscheduled activities.

This has been motivated because of an incident produced on May 26, when performed manoeuvres of recharge, putting in place the turbines and noticing some abnormal and excessive vibration, encouraging emerging as desist implementation underway.

This flaw can lead to a rupture of the turbines affected, later producing a leak of radioactive steam, which by the disposition of this plant, can be quickly distributed not only by the building auxiliary, but also towards the environment.

The request is that this plant stops working until 2013, when the final cessation of its activities, had planned to avoid further incidents, or that some inevitable happen and endanger the security.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alternative energy

Alternative energy is energy which can be extended and the Sun, wind, waves, or other natural sources. This is in contrast to that is obtained by fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal which is not renewable energy. Alternative energy is a non-traditional method of obtaining energy that a minimal impact on the environment of the Earth. Alternative energy is, by its nature, economic easy on the environment and does not have a harmful effect on the planet.

Due to record high gas prices and increasing concerns over the health of the planet and the long-term viability of fossil fuels, alternative energy is thrust to the forefront of many peoples thoughts. Many companies and individuals are looking for effective ways to use alternative energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil and fuel. There are many fears that the current supply of fossil fuels will not last, lead to a disaster of catastrophic proportions. Alternative energy is the key to becoming a more self-sufficient and independent as a nation, as the only way to ensure the safety of the planet and the long term health of its citizens.

There are many different sources of alternative energy that can be used very effectively. Produces energy from geothermal energy using heat from beneath the surface of the Earth and collect heat from the atmosphere or oceans. Most use a process called flash steam. Solar energy turnover sunlight into energy using photovoltaic panels. There are many experts across the country that these panels to convert sunlight into usable energy is another source of renewable energy for alternative energy is wind energy wind is caused by the uneven heating of the surface of the Earth by the Sun can install.

This energy of the wind energy equipment using wind turbines convert wind energy in a usable energy source. Wave power is another method of alternative energy that the ocean surface waves to generate electricity, and also to desalination water used. Wave power can not be used simply everywhere but there are several places around the world who are excellent sources of wave energy including North of Canada, the coasts of Western Scotland, South Africa, Australia and the northwest coast of the United States.

Alternative energy is widely available and has become in recent years very user-friendly. It is a viable way for a person to be more self sufficient while doing their own side to minimize the pressure on the Earth, as well as the depletion of fossil fuels to reduce and eliminate our reliance on foreign countries for our energy needs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Honda Fit EV arrives in 2012

One more popularity has had in recent times in regards to ecological car companies is the Japanese signature Honda, who has raced span to span that has been the best selling hybrid car in recent times, the Toyota Prius, in a clear sign of rivalry in the Asian market.

Honda Fit EV 2012

As Toyota has decided to present a wide range of electric cars for the year 2012, the counterattack did not wait too long: Han elected their best-selling car, their "flagship" and adapt it to offer a model fully electric.

In this way, announced us before us the arrival of the Honda Fit EV, Variant that uses only an electric propeller and that will not have too many variations in regards to design, as reported in the last edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Their maximum speed would be about 150 kilometres per hour, while would have an autonomy of about 160 km with a full charge, and will feature two special finishes: Econ, intended to be a simple, cost-effective version and sport, which increases the speed and Acceleration (still not revealed who planned variants)


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Monday, December 5, 2011

Advice - Why Convert To an Alternate Energy Source and Be Part of the Global Warming Solution

Alternative energy sources are renewable and are thought to be "free" energy sources. Realizing that oil is finite in practical terms, there is increasing attention given to what alternative energy sources are available to replace oil. What is one reason why these are needed?

What are currently being used in the us? Due to increasing global consumption and the probable depletion of the world's non-renewable energy sources, ways of exploring and using these are under study. these are a desirable way to produce electricity because they do not create air pollution, and serve to diversify the sources of America's electricity, the majority of which is currently produced through the burning of coal. Although these are just beginning to attract mainstream attention, decades of research and study have provided various degrees of hassle-free options with invaluable long-term effects.

At the same time, they are being viewed more and more as a worthwhile insurance policy against the risk of depending on the middle east and other unstable regions for the bulk of the world's oil and gas supply. Research is needed now more than ever because oil and other nonrenewable energy sources will run out in the near future. These are abundant - and renewable. As a result, resources are adopted as a solution for this problem.

In sum, these are far better in every respect nuclear power simply does not stack up. The most important is that they are not currently viable. Since many these are "clean" in both production and in their use, they could also be a factor in resolving the issue of environmental racism. Many are gaining popularity in homes and businesses.

Not all green energy is equal. These are not all created equally and many still have a significant carbon footprint from their manufacture, installation or use. It amazes me now that push has finally gone to shove all these advances in these are springing up. These are being widely explored. We are running out of natural resources which need to be preserved, so they are necessary to deal with this. This article will provide you insights and you will find out what the top five of these are.

Before we learn what the five alternative energy sources are, it is important to know what these alternatives really are and how they help. You are probably asking the question; what these are there out there for me? Consequently, many are adopted as a answer for this problem. Due to increasing global energy consumption and the probable depletion of the world's non-renewable energy source, ways of exploring and using these are being undertaken.

These five alternative energy sources are just a few of the many alternatives to fossil fuels. Alternative resources are mostly anything to do with energy from nature. Oil and natural gas are cheap now and the economics of these are questionable at best. These are now seen as more than ideas they're now tangible options.

In conclusion, all this talk of big money and countries and investments is all well and important, but what about you and I Keep your eye in the tabloids for the cheap construction for your home Life is good and with technology getting better each day.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alternative Energy For the Home - Cheap, Reliable Energy

There is a growing trend towards homes hat are being powered by alternative energy sources from solar panels to wind turbines and from hydrogen fuel cells to biomass. Building your own power generation system is becoming easier and more cost effective than purchasing these systems pre-built and as a result more and more homes are taking advantage of the technology and saving money.

There is a massive need and desire to become less reliant on fossil fuels and become more independent by manufacturing our own energy, locally. Living off the grid is no longer just about having power when living remotely, but rather about having your own power whilst living in areas that have grid facilities, but not wanting to have to pay large corporations for power that can be generated far cheaper through reliable off grid technology.

When listening to people like Remi Wilkinson, the senior analyst with Carbon Free, it becomes obvious that over the next decade or two, the micro generation of energy through solar panels and wind turbines as well as magnetic generators will begin to cut dramatically into the profit margin of these large corporations. They will have to stand up and take notice of what the average man on the street is doing. Changes in the way corporations run their businesses will have to be implemented.

Remi is part of a group called Carbon Free which studies the growing trend of domestic homes using alternative energy. The trend is picking up momentum due to government recommendations as well as the increase in easy to follow instruction manuals that are available online at extremely reasonable prices. It is also gaining a lot of interest because of the rising cost of oil and other fossil fuels and the huge impact that this has on the environment

Carbon Free have concluded that if prices of energy remain the same or increase in the future, then the increase in homes that take advantage of micro energy generation through wind, solar and magnetic energy devices will be extremely large. They suspect that the transition from fossil fuel use to alternative energy for domestic applications could mimic the transition from library and postal service to the internet for data retrieval in the home. The speed at which that change has taken place could effectively put the large corporations out of the domestic market within just a few decades

While energy companies are trying to find ways to ensure that they do not lose their market share, the internet has facilitated the ability to build your own power generation systems for a fraction of the price of buying them.

Even if you only have rudimentary DIY skills, you can build your own alternative energy device and begin saving money on your electricity bill immediately. Already the components for building these devices are becoming cheaper and easier to locate and many of the companies selling alternative energy devices are finding themselves having to lower their prices to remain competitive. This has resulted in a win-win situation for those willing to take the plunge and go green.

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Five most unusual vehicles powered by biofuels

Vehicles powered by biofuels Most unusual vehicles powered by biofuels
Today, in a world, where pollution is growing at a fast pace and the fact that all of us face many health problems because of that, we need to urgently find ways to make this world a cleaner and a greener place to live in.

There are so many vehicles running on the roads, each adding their share of pollution. But, as these vehicles have become an inevitable part of our lives, we should find vehicles that are pollution free so that the future generations can live healthier and cleaner lives.

There are already some such engines that do run on bio fuels. Bio fuels are made from natural substances which burn completely without giving out harmful gasses that cause pollution. But, due to economies of scale, bio fuels are more expensive than the usual petrol and diesel.

The other factor against bio-fuels is that their energy content is lesser than conventional fuels. None-the-less, efforts are being made, the world over, to make the bio-fuels more viable and the vehicles more popular, for a better future for all.

Here is a list of five some unusual vehicles powered by bio-fuels:
1. Biodiesel Hummers

 Biodiesel HummersThese cars are the same as Hummers usually are, but they run on biodiesel
These cars are the same as Hummers usually are. But, the catch is, that they run on biodiesel, fuel that is made from decomposed plants.

The fuel when used gives out the least amount of pollution making the vehicle completely eco-friendly. Biodiesel Hummers are the ultimate replacement for the usual gasoline ones and are slowly becoming really popular among Hummer lovers. The biodiesel Hummer gives a mileage of 19 mpg and you can also get your gasoline Hummer converted to a biodiesel one.

2. Hybrid vehicles

 Hybrid vehiclesThese vehicles use two sources of fuel
These vehicles use two sources of fuel. One of them being a conventional source like petrol and the other being the eco-friendly one, that is electricity. By using electricity, a part of the emissions of the vehicle are completely harmless. These vehicles, thus have a higher mileage as well. These vehicles have an internal combustion engine and an electric one.

There is a long list of hybrid vehicles that exist today. From scooters, bicycles, mopeds to heavy vehicles like trains, ships, aircraft and even cranes, all come in the hybrid form. A new form of hybrid vehicles is the human-powered electric form.

This includes electric bicycles and electric skateboards, etc. There are also a range of passenger vehicles that are now coming in the hybrid form. Most of the passenger car makers are coming up with newer varieties of hybrid with improved technologies. These vehicles are pollution free, but the cost of fuel is a bit of a concern in this case as well.

3. Electric cars with nanotechnology batteries

 Electric cars with nanotechnology batteriesThe advantage of nanotechnology batteries is that they are very light in weight and take very less time to recharge

The advantage of nanotechnology batteries is that they are very light in weight and take very less time to recharge. They also, are more durable and therefore last longer.

Engines running on these types of batteries boast of zero emissions! Moreover, according to some studies, Nano Lithium-X battery technology has the best output of energy as compared to other technologies available. Nanotechnology offers higher rates of battery charging and more energy supply as compared to other eco-friendly sources of energy.

4. Green races

 Green racesAn example of this was Audi which won a race with its bio-diesel powered car
Since road races are a rage among race lovers, we also need to find ways to have eco-friendly races for a cleaner future.

An example of this was Audi which won a race with its bio-diesel powered car. Efforts are being made by the organizers of these events to reduce their carbon footprints and introduce more vehicles that run on bio-fuels, to the racing track.

5. Travel to the green way

Travel to the green way Successful prior experiences of bio-fuels with jets and fast cars, bio-fuels do give a ray of hope in this arena as well

Alternative rocket fuels are being devised to help us reach space in a greener way. As the outer space is light years apart, this is much easier to talk about than made a reality. Although, with successful prior experiences of bio-fuels with jets and fast cars, bio-fuels do give a ray of hope in this arena as well. We can now confidently say that bio-fuels will surely work well to give energy to spaceships. The use of rocket fuel, which is inevitable today may not be so in the future.

The harmful emissions of this fuel should be done away with, as soon as possible. As going to outer space, now-a-days, is a regular phenomenon, we surely need to work on bio-fuels as a reliable source for rockets as well.

With so many new vehicles running on bio-fuels and newer ones being worked on, we can surely expect a greener future for the world.

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Biomasud, development of biomass energy

Yesterday we present in Erenovable project HIBRELEC, carried out the CIEMAT. Now you want to comment on other associated project: BIOMASUD. The full title of this undertaking is "BIOMASUD: mechanisms of recovery and sustainability of solid biomass in the SUDOE space market".
The purpose of this undertaking is the final launch of biomass as a sustainable energy model.

Funding for the project are almost EUR 1 million, and have been provided by the programme of Territorial cooperation in the European southwest area (interreg iv-sudoe). Implementation of Biomasud will be held in different stages which searches for:

analyze the quality and sustainability of the use of solid biomass, particularly pellets and astillasestablecer parameters defining the qualities of of producto.potenciar the development of solid biomass according to the possibilities of each country in particular.aportar sustainability to energy model based on biomass.

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2012 International year of sustainable energy

Good news, no doubt, is for those who are in favour of the growth of renewable energy as a means for sustainable development. But certainly this "gesture" of the UN will not be a solution to the serious problems arising worldwide from the use of fossil fuels, it will be a good opportunity to bring more attention and point to awareness.

Why the UN choose this theme for the year 2012. One of the reasons pointing to the concept of energy as a means for the improvement of the quality of life of many (many) people around the world. In this regard, emphasize the social aspects of sustainable energy access.

The energy increases the productivity of farmers, helping to alleviate the scourge of hunger. Energy illuminates the learning on the way to reduce the high rates of illiteracy. Energy relieves the burden of work on millions of girls and women. Energy saves the life of sick children. Energy allows to modernize diagnosis systems, helping to prevent diseases or better care of children and pregnant women. Energy gives the operating rooms, giving doctors the power to heal and save lives. Energy enables communication and the improvement of life in thousands of previously isolated communities energy opens bridges to the future and helps equip opportunities.

While the benefits of sustainable energy that we have described just seem very encouraging, reality unfortunately far from take this to the majority of the people.
In the presentation of the project, the United Nations published very worrying statistics do not if corroborate the huge disparity in our world.

Approximately between 1400 and 1500 million (21 per cent of the world's population) has no access to modern energy . 3 billion people (40% of the population) depend of the « traditionalbiomass » or coal as a source of energy. At the same time, in countries with energy systems, millions of low-income people cannot access them by inability to pay this service.

The big leap to incorporate these masses of people to the possibility of electrical energy is a priority. But it is important to note that the energy must be sustainable. I.e., their production and their use must not harm to the environment or the communities. For this reason, the response to this need is renewable energy.
Renewable energy is inexhaustible, put in feeds on natural resources - as its name - you you renew: wind, solar, wave, geothermal sources, etc. It does not generate pollution in the process of generation.
And here do not complete the benefits...

It is more economical in the long term, and does not require mega investment as it required for a nuclear power plant or a thermoelectric power station. It does not require a network to work, since it can be generated independently in each community and each House. And is more secure (only remember Fukushima).

In short, is the energy of the future… a future we must build.

More information on renewable energy:

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