Friday, December 30, 2011

What are alternative energies?

All Over the world, is now an alarmingly high rate energy used free due to the rapid industrialisation and increased awareness among consumers. Most of the world's present energy is generated by fossil fuels, which are having disastrous effects on the environment on a global, local and regional levels.

Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil are used to create more than two thirds of our electricity and almost all of our fuels for transport. Our fossil fuel reserves are diminishing quickly to meet the increasing demand of energy and also their use is becoming more expensive by the day. Not only that, the burning of fossil fuels causes global warming of the Earth and release of many harmful green house gases in our atmosphere at a very high rate.

The term "alternative energy" has become a bit of a catchy phrase these days. People use this term usually but they would have completely different ideas of just what it means. As mentioned above, most of the energy produced in the world today comes from the fossil fuels such as coal, oil or natural gas. The simplest meaning of the term "alternative energy/renewable energy/green energy is energy from a renewable or green source (other than fossil fuels).

Alternative energies are energies generated and used in a way that promote or are compatible with long-term human well-being and ecological balance. Alternative energy or renewable energy turning out commercially viable for a growing list of consumers and used. Alternative energy technologies offer many advantages and are suitable for the General sustainable development i.e. the development of the economy, the environment and social welfare.
Renewable/alternative energy is the energy from natural processes that are often supplemented. Most renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly and combat global warming by reducing carbon emissions and also allow the economies to their dependencies on politically turbulent Nations to curtail. Renewable energy is generated from solar energy, wind, rain, tidal, hydropower, biomass, geothermal sources, biofuels and hydrogen.

If you're tired of your electricity bill ever are rising and you don't want to waste more money on your electric bill or you want to help the global economy and save the Earth ... you have here the solution. With the ever increasing cost of living, there is no better time to stop throwing money and begin to create renewable energy for your home itself ... the best choices for generating renewable energy for homes are solar energy, wind and micro-hydro energy generation. Following sections will explain these options in much detail with benefits to give you a good heads-up in case you are interested in the generation of energy from alternative sources for your homes.