Sunday, December 25, 2011

Filter sand water

We have already seen the different water filters that are present in the household to produce drinking water either to improve the quality of it, eliminating the presence of substances that may be harmful to health, or to improve the taste, although there are also other more sophisticated filters that are used for the treatment of waste water and for the preparation of the waters that will come to the homes.

The most used of these is the so-called Sand filter, used as a method of separation of solid particles that are suspended in the water, using different layers of sand with different sizes (dimensions of each grain) which is passed the body of water.

While it does not have the same success as other methods and more specific systems (such as the Coal asset, which helps eliminate chlorine) the implementation of this filtering is essential to separate heavy metals and the presence of iron in water, through a process of chemical reactions by looking for the precipitation of the same.

When the filter was with their process, to maintenance mode is an investment in the flow of the water, changing the sense and favoring the cleaning of the system, which means a much cheaper alternative to begin the process of purification , despite having large and require a strong initial investment for construction.

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