Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flexible with 95% efficiency solar map

In the field of renewable energy sources, the concept of energy efficiency is very used to develop new technologies, found in the genre of solar energy the use of new components, and up the application of nanotechnology, especially in those lower thickness panels that can have a myriad of applications.

On this occasion, the progress has been made with the creation of a Flexible Solar blade, a material that uses the concepts and conventional theories of photovoltaic solar panels , combined to various structures of size reduced, baptized as Nano-antennas.

This technology had previously been used in some industrial processes, allowing collect heat from different machines to be able to turn them into electrical impulses, and that they would be now applied en masse and for the production of energy electric.

Support for these "Nantennas" would be flexible, Moldable and application in an endless number of substrates, as it is a simile sheet of paper, obtained in addition a performance close to 95% energy efficiency more than favorable for the mass production of this technology.

For the time being, the Idaho National Laboratory is working on this prototype, and conducting various analyses in this regard.

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