Monday, December 26, 2011

Garbage collecting trucks

Surely some careful reader will be thinking that there are of a drafting error in the title of this article, but the truth is that it has been successfully written, since it is a surprising developments of recent days renewable energy.

The problem of waste generated on a daily basis might fix in the future, since in the city of Toronto (Canada) is working to develop a new engine that uses fuel energy from various wastes.

This would not be anything new (many are working on it) if not because it seeks to apply nothing more and nothing less than in a truck, garbage collection, which would have a kind of integrated processing of biogas unit and can extract it and use it to propel himself.

The engine is already finished and this would be a Cummins Westport ISL G (already equipped in some vehicles that use this fuel) and what I would be remiss is generate a means which can extract the biogas debris and injected into the impeller.

Different prototypes are being built at the moment and perhaps, in the future, we can see on the streets of our city to one of these trucks "mobilize itself"

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