Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alternative Energy For the Home - Cheap, Reliable Energy

There is a growing trend towards homes hat are being powered by alternative energy sources from solar panels to wind turbines and from hydrogen fuel cells to biomass. Building your own power generation system is becoming easier and more cost effective than purchasing these systems pre-built and as a result more and more homes are taking advantage of the technology and saving money.

There is a massive need and desire to become less reliant on fossil fuels and become more independent by manufacturing our own energy, locally. Living off the grid is no longer just about having power when living remotely, but rather about having your own power whilst living in areas that have grid facilities, but not wanting to have to pay large corporations for power that can be generated far cheaper through reliable off grid technology.

When listening to people like Remi Wilkinson, the senior analyst with Carbon Free, it becomes obvious that over the next decade or two, the micro generation of energy through solar panels and wind turbines as well as magnetic generators will begin to cut dramatically into the profit margin of these large corporations. They will have to stand up and take notice of what the average man on the street is doing. Changes in the way corporations run their businesses will have to be implemented.

Remi is part of a group called Carbon Free which studies the growing trend of domestic homes using alternative energy. The trend is picking up momentum due to government recommendations as well as the increase in easy to follow instruction manuals that are available online at extremely reasonable prices. It is also gaining a lot of interest because of the rising cost of oil and other fossil fuels and the huge impact that this has on the environment

Carbon Free have concluded that if prices of energy remain the same or increase in the future, then the increase in homes that take advantage of micro energy generation through wind, solar and magnetic energy devices will be extremely large. They suspect that the transition from fossil fuel use to alternative energy for domestic applications could mimic the transition from library and postal service to the internet for data retrieval in the home. The speed at which that change has taken place could effectively put the large corporations out of the domestic market within just a few decades

While energy companies are trying to find ways to ensure that they do not lose their market share, the internet has facilitated the ability to build your own power generation systems for a fraction of the price of buying them.

Even if you only have rudimentary DIY skills, you can build your own alternative energy device and begin saving money on your electricity bill immediately. Already the components for building these devices are becoming cheaper and easier to locate and many of the companies selling alternative energy devices are finding themselves having to lower their prices to remain competitive. This has resulted in a win-win situation for those willing to take the plunge and go green.

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