Sunday, July 31, 2011

Public lighting with renewable energy

The security and convenience of the public lighting is without doubt a need in the cities, but without a doubt is a heavy burden on the local electricity networks. To resolve this, SavWatt , a company based in Baltimore (USA)(UU.) It has developed the Eco-poleto lamppost that uses LED lights from 60W and feeds on solar and wind power, completely independent of the mains.

The first of the Eco-pole at the front of the building of the Department of transportation, is recently installed in Washington, DC. The company claims that its product is - in addition - free maintenance, for at least 50,000 hours of use. It has a double solar panel that provides and has a battery of 36 hours of energy storage. It also has a micro wind turbine manufactured in light and soft materials that are resistant to water, resistant oxide, pollution-free and low-noise operation. It should be noted that Eco-pole can work even with a low initial wind speed, and from any direction.

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Cyclone Yasy Australia

Cyclone Yasy is a tropical cyclone of class 5 which is coming now from sea to the coast of Queensland, in the North-West of Australia. The region is mobilized and one-third of the inhabitants of coastal populations have autoevacuado.

There is great concern in the Australian authorities by the scale and effects of this terrible cyclone Yasy who have qualified as "terrifying". Weather experts estimate that winds will have about 240 km/h, a devastating force which azotará the coast. But also "side effects" are equally feared: a 5 m increase in accompanied by waves of 3 meters and torrential rains the water level.

Worldwide news channels are already closer the first images of the storm cyclone Yasy that brief moment ago is starting to make landfall.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recycling By Pyrolysis

A week ago 9 bloggers: José David Ecoinvent, Antonio de Asturias green, Valentine of Cooliflower, Ignacio of biofuel, Juan and jumanji SolarCristina, Francisco de Xataca science and Foundation TerraJordi, we link to adventure to experience firsthand the recycling of packaging and manufacture of the paper.
To immerse ourselves in this world, we went to the paper company stora enso and Ecoembes in Barcelona and we know the factory, its working process and the recycling of the packaging of Tetra Pak.

We met there to learn the new system of recycling based on pyrolysis, a system that allows both use polyethylene as the aluminum and the role of the Tetra Pak packaging separately.
This means a revolution because previously they could only recycle together, thus not using all the materials.
This new system is able to separate from a polilaminado (plastic and aluminum) aluminum and the gas to be recycled. The gas is used to create steam and thus is used in the production of carton, while aluminium can return to be used for all kinds of applications.

In addition, plant generates electricity in the plant of congeneración (47MW) thus the factory autosatisface their needs by 20%.
To give you an idea of this factory production I leave some data:
They are 165,000 tons of recycled cardboard.60,000 Tons of used beverage cartonsare recycled.For each kilo of packaging recycling are obtained: 5.2 Kw/h, 25 grams of aluminum and 700 grams of fiber in paper.
This new system offers multiple benefits for the environment and the society.

In our hand is get keep recycling and we can enjoy a much healthier planet .
To give you an idea of the figures, which I am sure that you have participated, in 2010 was recycled in Spain through the yellow container 71,000 tonnes of cartons from Tetra Pak, that means more than half of packaging consumed in Spain.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Points Reload Pamplona

Electric cars They are emerging as the mobility of tomorrow, with a large number of models that are preparing to launch in the next year, and others who currently already are are marketed, taking that action be taken to encourage its use and adapt to this is when massive.

With regards to the Town Hall of Pamplona, has made known the news that are 100% operating the top of recharge of electric cars, what will be a completely free, running through the citizen card pilot test.
Consist of easily recognizable Blue poles and with a proper, signaling with a trap door in outlet unlocked with the simple step of the card, then connecting the car and manually closing the hatch to start reloading, then disconnect with another card step by the reader.
At the moment only installed five posts that this is a testing stage which then it will be way more amount of recharge points, analyzing not only the utility but use users give, ease the system, and of course is effectiveness.

Location of reloading checkpoints:
San Ignacio crossing with avenida Toulouse SernaNevas RoncesvallesBlas crossing with street BosquecilEsquiroz with calle Sancho Ermitagaña FuerteMercado

Electric cars 2011

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Siemens Spain Used Cars Electric Smart Fortwo

The company Siemens has decided, in its plans to reduce the environmental impact, promote the electromovilidad among its employees. This will create one fleet of electric cars with Smart fortwo electric drive of Mercedes Benz.

The fleet of electric cars will be used primarily to connect the Siemens in Tres Cantos and Getafefacilities, and to make efforts in the city of Madrid. To recharge the EVs they will rely on to stations of load in both establishments (and may also connect to the network from their own homes).

Loading posts will have the technology of Siemens who have been baptized as EPOS, composed of a central unit and two satellite units, with the possibility of single-phase load (6 to 8 hours) and three-phase (1-2 hours). The EPOS system also allows reloading in series of vehicle electric. 

The smart fortwo electric Drive cars have electric motor of second and lithium ion battery. They provide a range of more than 130 kilometers, which is perfectly adapted to the use envisaged by Siemens.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remica, The Leader In Energy Efficiency

Remicaan example to follow
Little by little environmental consciousness is awakening in society today, which has led to an increase in the construction of eco-housing, as well as promoting the use of renewable energy and reducing air and water pollution.

This has been greatly increased by the bets of the big companies, with regard to improvements in the sustainability of the environment, introducing in the global strategies of them the importance of improvements in this area.

One of the companies has been committed to the protection and preservation of the environment has been Remica, the leader in energy efficiency, which has contributed to such protection through sustainable development of the buildings, improving the well-being of its users and optimizing the consumption of energy resources.

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Renewable Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

We will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. Because although we are in a renewable energy blog, we know that it is important to understand that this type of energy has its drawbacks and may well not be so extraordinary as those they sell different political , although we have to get used to using them in the future, to force.

But first, let's see the advantages principal:son more respectful with the environment, not to pollute and represent clean energy alternative so far.It makes the region more autonomous, that develops in the same region where installs, industry and the economic.Generates many jobs, which are provided in a further increase in few years taking into account their demand and implementation.

As we said before, there are disadvantages. But there are very few and passable completely. In addition, have to take into account, although it has disadvantages, is not nothing compared to other energy sources more harmful we levamos centuries using.The first characteristic that makes the choice of this type of energy is the initial investment, which is a great movement of money and that often makes it seem not profitable for at least the time.Availability can be a current problem, is not always available and should be expected that enough storage there is. This has a close relationship with the fact that they are beginning to be more popular.Although few negative characteristics or disadvantages, we have to take everything in account of comparisons.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solar Energy For Cooling Stations

The city of Phoenix, Arizona has become the first of the EE.UU. take advantage of solar energy to provide fresh air to passengers while waiting the train. In one of the stations of urban line, a fresh breeze of air cooled with energy from the Sun will come out with just one click.

In the city of Phoenix daytime temperatures may reach a few ardent 47 ° C. The cold air can reduce the temperature in the interior of the roof of steel and glass from the railway station at about 4 degrees, which is not much but helps to deal with the intense heat. The refrigerator will turn off after 15 minutes of performance to save energy.

This system would work during the day in the summer months, i.e. from May to September.
This development was taken over by the Mayor of the city, phil gordon, who brought the idea after a visit to Dubai and its metro. The company nrg energy agreed to finance this project for $300,000 and will also operate and maintain the system.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Solar Stop A Bus Stop Of The Future

Today we bring you another design that points to a future with sustainable and efficient urban spaces. This is the Solar Stop, a bus stop powered exclusively with solar, designed by industrial designer Jae Lee Pyung.

Solar Stop not only has the ability to generate solar energy with solar panels on its roof, but it also incorporates a large number of innovative but at the same time practical features. Its different elements include the lighting that contributes to public lighting, LED indicator, sterilizer of air, Wi-Fi zone, loading station for gadgets, touch sensitive screen, changer of notes of currency, and even a water machine.
The design is prepared so that everything fits on the site of a bus stop of normal dimensions. There will be also a zone of rest with banks and efficient lighting to use a reading while we await, and an area to wait standing if they so prefer. So in this bus stop of bus of the future we will be able receive information - for example - on the State of transit, and we can expect the most comfortable bus and taking advantage of our time conveniently.

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The solar energy and the development of rural communities in India

The solar goes beyond of megaprojects, also offers the promise of decentralized supply, and therefore put the power of production in the hands of those who have traditionally been out of the equation. Because this is happening with solar in the India. Many rural communities in economic disadvantage are giving for ones with the power grid and turning toward the Sun as energysource.

The Mission Solar India is a very positive purpose to install 20 GW of solar energy in the next decade. And while there was some murmurs of discontent which claimed that the program was anti-pobres and anti-democratic, nowadays that is changing the lives of many people in rural areas.

There are those who believe that it could generate a technological and economic revolution not unlike what happened with the popularization of mobile phones, since people - tired of waiting years for a landline - turned en masse by the mobile. The time will show if indeed - hopefully, something similar happens with solar at India.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The company ENEL energy promotes renewable energy

Of business of the   electricity generation we have seen with pleasure as different efforts (Governments, international agencies, companies, universities, NGOs) looking to pursue a sustainable production. In this opportunity we will focus on ENEL, one of the leading companies of this energy market.

ENEL is an Italian energy company, but which has now expanded in over 20 countries on different continents. Since the year 2008 has developed "Enel Green Power", whose sustainable production is based on the use of renewable energies: wind, hydraulic, solar and geothermal energy.In just two years has become one of the leading companies in the generation of energy Green.
Its production volume is nothing less than 17.2 M3 (terawatt per hour), which give energy to around six million and a half of families. Future of ENEL forecasts estimate that by 2030 could produce nearly 2400 GW (figure which duplicates the production volume of 2006).

As you know, every watt of green energy means not only prevent the depletion of fossil resources, but also a contribution to the conservation of the atmosphere. Alternative energies prevent large amounts of CO2 emission.As reported sources of ENEL signature, producing renewable energy prevents the release of some 13 million tonnes of CO2.
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From our home page you can access all the news, as well as all our sections articles: Energia Solar, news...

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reverse osmosis

Among the various filters water that we find in the market, and that different providers offer us virtually every day, one of the most used uses physical and chemical phenomena to produce a separation of a liquid into two partsone of pure water and other water with a solute (which may be sugar, salt or other components)

This occurs through a process called inverse osmosis, as we sympathize with the osmosis as balance produced between hydrostatic pressure and the osmotic pressure which, without spending energy, balance the concentrations of the two types of water becoming the largest concentration of lower concentration.

If he is increasing the pressure on the side of greater concentration, can produce this phenomenon, making the water move from high concentration to a minor, freeing the salts that are present in the waterwith a semipermeable membrane.

This process is often used to desalinate sea water, pure water passes only through the membrane and the amount of salt is located on the other side.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Solar energy | Thailand intends to double its target for 2022

Different countries around the world are joining the global race to develop plants of solar energy on a grand scale. The case of Thailand also part of this trend, with the ambitious goal of producing 500 MW of solar energy in 2022, which means 20% of its consumption of energía from sources renewable.

With the emergence of more investors interested in this first project, the Government is considering doubling the target for 1 GW.

At the time have already received requests for construction of 3.358 MW of solar projects, says twarath sutabutr, Assistant Director-general of the Department of development of alternative energy and energy efficiency (DEDE), part of the Energy Ministry, Thailand.

If it will finally be doubled or not the objective 2022 depends on the emergence of more investors, but it is clear that Thailand is set to be a major player in the emerging world of energy solar. Other countries would do well to take note.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

They endangered networks public recharging of EVs of the United Kingdom

It is becoming difficult to know the true political position of the Government of Great Britain in regards to the environment. Now it seems that another very announced eco-iniciativa can chinlock to an end. Apparently efforts to build recharging stations publicly accessible can be the following vìctimas of the cuts budget.

On the one hand, the británicosse pledged to be the Government more ecological history and he has established - for the first time in the world - legally binding emission reduction targets. On the other hand, have become major cuts to support solar energy projects on a large scale.
The guardian newspaper revealed that a report by the Department of transportation says that the network of electric vehicle charging stations would be underutilized, and would not be profitable and said that the population should recharge the car batteries at home or at work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UN | Energy efficiency programme for East Africa

In many underdeveloped Nations, always worrying factor is the energy supply. For the particular case of several countries in East Africa, the United Nations has created a new program to promote energy efficiency, particularly in large buildings in the cities that are the item with higher energy consumption in the region.

The programme is carried out by various agencies linked to the United Nations (UN-habitat, UNEP and GEF) and you will have an approximate budget of $2,853,000. The countries covered by this project are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. The planned measures include: awareness campaigns, fiscal and financial incentives and changes in regulations of construction of housing.

It is estimated that in these countries around 40% of domestic energy consumption is done in buildings in cities. This high proportion is on the other hand limitations in access to energy resources for items such as industry and transport, essential for economic development. The reason for the over-consumption is that the buildings are not designed properly for the climatic conditions of the region, cause that leads to waste much energy in lighting, ventilation and - mainly-refrigeration.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Efficient appliances

To save energy and protect the environment, change begins at home, and a way of doing this is through efficient appliances, which consume much less and provide superior returns, so if we are required to perform a change of household appliances, suitable choose these appliances, which are usually marked with the Energy Star logo.

An example course are the refrigerators, which can consume much energy, and one on the energy star label uses at least 20% Energy Starque one conventional, which is not little say.
Energy Star has guidelines for almost all the Energy Star, which is why if we are concerned about energy consumption, always we can find something to do in this regard.
From its Energy Starpodremos access to more information about carried out classifications and can also find a Energy Starpara as refrigerators, Energy Stary devices other.

Abengoa committed to the environment

Abengoa is a group of companies in the areas of energy, telecommunications, transport and environment with a commitment to clear.
Abengoa launches an appeal through their new website which claimed the need for a daily commitment with which the society raise awareness and promote energy saving.
In his new blog you will find information actual and updated, you can access articles and data on renewable energy. And also read about the sustainability of a new energy model.

This model is based on the use of natural resources in order to obtain alternative energy systems even more environmentally friendly with the Earth.
From Abengoa they pelt us with a question that can certainly leave you speechless:
Can you imagine what would happen if suddenly stop flow oil or natural gas?
Do not forget that today's society is absolutely dependent on fossil fuels in order to keep life to which we have easily become accustomed.
Now we enter data of your website and only to inform you that fossil fuels are more than 80% of global energy demand.
In this blog you can find all kinds of information explained in a manner directly and openly: what effect has a deforestation or a volcanic eruption, the excessive consumption of light,:

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Whales are the mammals more great that live on our planet, but unfortunately, these magnificent creatures are in danger of extinction, and not on time by the pollution of the seas inhabited by but by an evil far more direct: the hunt.

Several Nations are currently defending these cetaceans other several that hunt them relentlessly to obtain various products of them, given that they have almost no waste and not only uses his meat, but also their beards, fatbones and others.
The main predator of whales is Japan, which has several ships whaling under the guise of scientific research, which is certainly not more than a given curtain to multiple environmental organizations concerned about the environment have documented the violent hunts, with evidence more than solid on predation of the seas.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bike to purify water

It water is one of the resources more precious, because it depends on the life, so are always investigating ways to purify water, given that in addition to the pollution, the water that has not been treated can cause severe healthproblems.

The Japanese company nippon basic has developed an interesting bike capable of purifying the water with its use. Named as Cycloclean, promises to be very useful in areas where this good is scarce.

Its use is really very simple, which saves problems. You just have to bring the bike to the water and enter therein the hose so that it fills the deposit of water to purify and ready. With only pedaling water will begin to purify it and be ready for consumption, is ideal for cyclists that make voyages.

It purifies up to 5 litres of water per minute, which is really a very good number and which can help in times of flooding or natural disasters where drinking water is absent.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Use of alternative energy in Ireland

Ireland is the pursuit of energy independence by trying to a greater extent the use of alternative energy; one should take into account the fact that Ireland benefits of a robust economy, so that the investigations and developing resource includes of alternative energy sources. In modern days, nearly ninety percent of the energy demand achieved by importation, from the energy being imported. This makes Ireland very dependent on energy supplies from foreign locations. It should therefore come as no surprise that Ireland would get over this dependency and start producing energy of its own. It is therefore only natural that institutions and the Government starts to think about alternative means as a way to get the energy to produce the population needs. The EU has in fact some rules regarding the reduction of emissions of harmful substances and gases in the air, including regulations on sulphuric acid oxide and nitric oxide implemented.
Green energy is so the only thing that the EU strives to achieve in all Member States. Hydroelectric energy is now used in some areas in Ireland for quite a long period of time and has so far, proven to be very effective in producing energy, by capturing the energy of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, on the western part of Ireland. This energy supply is now capable of the production of the energy supply needed by the whole country.
As a matter of fact, in the future, may be Ireland even energy exporter, granted the fact that it is now the few natural resources that it has for its own benefit can exploit. The potential energy consists in the fact that during the whole of Ireland, great winds blow, close to the ocean and biomass energy can be derived. For example, it can supply energy to the rest of Europe, energy produced from ocean waves and biomass fuels. For the time being, Ireland has in getting the barrier of fifteen percent, i.e., 15% of the energy needed by the population by means of wind farms to produce. This is in fact a governmental objective for 2010. Not only the Government, but also institutions and research institutes are efforts to discover the ways that Ireland can decrease the dependency on foreign produced energy.
Researchers are now studying the fields of ocean wave energy so that the energy produced covered much of the necessary amounts for the population can have. A test site designed for alternative energy has created in Ireland, on the west coast, ocean energy to study better. The experimental site, also known as "wavebob" helps researchers are studying spot the most efficient ways they can use ocean waves to produce energy. Judging by the efforts leads to discovery, one can say that Ireland in the future, the market leader in the sector can be. Analysts believe that wave energy has the potential to change, and that renewable energy can become the norm; If this happens, it would not be more than Ireland depending on the energy provided by others and may thus reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.
Many people believe that because the industry dealing with sugar beet has closed, this means that there are more Irish country available to use for the construction of alternative energy power plants, including installations for the production of bio-energy designed. Because renewable energy is now catering for just two percent of energy consumption in Ireland, it is necessary to come up with a solution or solutions that the solution of the problem to a large extent. Biomass energies are suitable to be used, because the answer lies in not using conventional methods for the production of energy and the adaptation of existing equipment for the production of energy from other resources.

More information on alternative energy suppliers and use of alternative energy in army of the free resources found on alternative energy portal for research and development.