Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Portable Solar Lamp

This small portable solar lamp is a development of Sunnyside up Solar and has been named Their Signature´ ´. The name comes from the hand of the drawing on his forehead where your signature is on the inside of a lamp. This lovely design makes to light, glows the silhouette of the bulb, only that this time we can have it on hand or take with us on a tour of the night.

The lamp consists of two bulbs LED, a switch and two AA batteries that are rechargeable. Its tiny size (14 x 10 cm) is one of the best things about this solar lamp that you can carry it wherever you want, whether in camps of weekend or evening walks.

It's a very good idea, in fact, that to just leave the lamp to the Sun during the day can be used by how many hours of the night.

A charge during the day allows that you can use the lamp of five to seven hours at night. When the solar lamp glows so that it automatically can be programmed. It is already on sale in some stores EE.U.S. for $38.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yosemite National Park Solar Energy

For being a clean energy developed and accepted (and it continues to progress as regards technological advances) solar energy is the axis of the major projects that are shaping the world of energy production, taking examples as in the case of United States, where the large uninhabited areas are taking advantage to placing Pharaonic projects from solar farms to supply the whole cities.

On this occasion, the novelty is in activity of one attraction to the well-known Yosemite National Park, also known to tourists as The captain, who in addition to marvel at the flora and native fauna, have realised that also is committed to clean energy.

Is that now boasts a major installation of photovoltaic solar panels that allow you to get about 672 kW of energy distributed as follows: 500 kW of solar energy in a parking lot, 100 kW a shed roof and 72 kW on a wall close to the administrative offices and maintenance.

This facility, which had a cost of some 4.5 million of $, and consisted of approximately 2,800 photovoltaic solar panelsyou can supply energy to the Park and operating savings of at least $ 50,000 a year in energy consumption.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Reduce Consumption Electric Intelligy

The benefits of the technological progress in the world of energy mean that many of these implementations deal with an energy saving, which is not only an economic advantage, but a matter of State, as it helps in alleviating the energy deficit that has a particular population, if the intakes are lower long term.

On this occasion, we have encountered with the presentation of a named device as Intelligy, that as his name is indicating, it is pointed to an intelligent consumption of energy power, easy to use and that will allow us to manage the spending power of a home, Office or any environment.

Of course, this requires an entire infrastructure, with electronic devices that connect wirelessly with this invention, which has the mission to monitor just how much consumed in periodically, weekly or monthly, and assess a proposal for the user to consume less electricity.

It is easily controllable with a touch screen and a simple, intuitive GUI also scheduled to give an alert when we forget a device is switched on or when we're doing an unnecessary expense.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pentagonal Moleculs nanomaterials

In recent times has begun to think not so much in the materials used for the production of solar panels, but rather in its design, using from the striking form of Swiss cheese, until new eye-catching designs that seek to achieve greater energy efficiency without thinking of a high cost of production.

Another example of this is the work presented by researchers at the University of Cambridge who are developing nano materials that could even assemble itself by establishing solar thin plate panels (technology in mouths of all these days) and applicable to electronic devices with smaller dimensions to the current.
Design leads to create molecules with pentagonal symmetry which can relocate randomly using a substrate of copper, which gives rise to thin plates of a very high stability, which could be used in future in creating from processors for computers to other types of circuits, as a photovoltaic solar panel.
In addition to providing a very good energy efficiency, they also have the advantage of requiring the use of very little material, cheaper costs and offering the same amount of energy.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Environmental Contamination Poisoned Air

Until the industrial revolution, the purity of the single atmosphere was altered by natural causes, such as for example the volcanic eruptions, but currently, the activity of man is to the atmosphere as a huge volcano not to introduce new substances in the air, making not only pollution but other dangerous evils as the rain.

Also, there is a big difference between gas eruptions and the chimneys and exhaust pipes. The latter release substances often strange, which react between if and natural atmospheric components, causing this, serious disturbances.
The massive introduction of pollutants alter the composition of the atmosphere and seriously damages human health , climate stability, and development of ecosystems, causing damage to the planet that are much more than a generation or a hundred years.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saving Energy With Programmable Thermostats

Winter and summer are the seasons where more energy is consumed, given that the heating and air conditioning are often increased use. With programmable thermostats installed in the home can be achieved an energy saving more than notable.

With thermostats can program that will condition the temperature at certain times, saving up to 55% of the energy if it is used properly, and this saving will not affect our comfort.
These thermostats can be set to cool environments during the night while you sleep and morning turns off, or in the summer to maintain the air conditioning turned off while we are not at home, and turn towards the hour in which we would be returning.
There are many different models, and some allow us programme several times a day.

Racing electric cars: new record

On Sunday 26 June 2011, at the eighty-ninth career of electric car for pikes peak international hill climb, the car sponsored by Yokohama tyres set a new record.

Developed by AC propulsion vehicle broke its own record 2010. The new brand established by Japanese pilot ikuo hanawa was 12: 20: 084, almost one minute less than the previous one.

The machine manufactured by summit motorsports uses efficient tires of yokohama bluearth and Sanyolithium-ion batteries. The electric motor generates 268 horsepower (200 kW). It is a high performance version of the AC ACP 150engine in the BMW MINI E.

The company calls its innovative technology "tzero", which was created to a cooling system efficient for the induction of the vehicle engine, so you can run the race with maximum power, managing to beat all previous records.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solar laptop Bharat with Android

A few years ago, it was aimed at India as one of the countries with higher emissions of carbon dioxide, they merited quick and effective solutions to begin to reverse this trend seemed unrecoverable, which is as well as today we noted the draft of the Solar park in Gujarat, and planning including a Floating Solar park, demonstrating that it is not necessary to only count on large tracts of land to dump in earnest toward this renewable energy.

On this occasion, we have encountered with a signature creation bharat electronics limited, headquartered in India, which has been developed and will begin to market a new model of laptop computer which first stands out for having one cost of 53 euros to the change, which is not noted for high-performance affordable but by having clean energy for their operation.

Designed to bridge a shortfall in access to these technologies for the rural sectors, they will be equipped with an operating system Android 2.2 and will have as main feature the use of solar energy for their operation, in order to recharge their batteries at all times, and ensuring a very high autonomy.

It is an integrated pouch leather clad, and ensures a very high durability components, with a standalone keyboard connected to your small screen via a cable, promoting portability for which has been designed.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 5 Advantages Of Using Renewable Alternative Energy Sources

Until a few years back, the use of renewable alternative energy was not too well known. With time, such as the danger of exhausting fossil fuels became a reality, science discovered the use of renewable alternative energy as en excellent way to fuel the energy needs of humanity. As a result, you can observe the use of solar energy, wind energy, water energy, and so on, powering the energy needs.

All this does not come with its benefits bound. The best deal with renewable alternative energy is that you many ways and methods of processing power.

Here are the top 5 advantages of using renewable alternative energy

Solid waste disposal-every household delivers its share of household waste. By this household waste to generate energy to process, could you provide a great environment. By doing this, you ensure a clean environment and the double advantage of generating energy from waste tyres.

These energy sources would never exhaust unlike coal, gasoline and oil that is known with time, get exhausted alternative energy sources would never run out of stock. For example, the chance of losing its warmth, Sun is extremely low. Local production means energy at lower prices and developments in some countries could the fortunes of gasoline and oil prices, price changes due to uncontrollable factors change is minimized with alternative energy methods. Can an energy through this method, local, which means that energy prices would now no longer have to depend on global conditions generate.

Domestic demand meets domestic delivery-a society, for example, 100 MW of excess power. In order to meet demand this power, the society their city government to provide them with surplus power. Alternatively, they could a solar power generator set and work on self-providing energy. A clean future for mankind-the fact that fossil fuels when burned or used, let toxic and poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, lead Oxide, and so on means they would not be ideal for use, particularly in the longer term. The good news is that with alternative energy, you wouldn't need such a disadvantage.

Out of every 4 people, 2 thinking of using renewable energy for the needs of their energy and strength. This is indeed a good enough transition in the minds of people, but given the increased emphasis on global warming and pollution by greenhouse gases, this percentage can only be seen up.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Solar Decatlon | Solar House of Middlebury

In the United States.UU., on the initiative of the Department of energy is the contest Solar decathlon, in which competes in the construction of homes powered by solar energy Currently, a total of 20 teams from different universities are participating in the final round. Today I will present the project at the University of Middlebury.

Middlebury students already selected as finalists have a Fund of $100,000 that gives each team the Solar decathlon. They are working on the project since the last two years, devoting about 10-12 hours a day at the construction of your home solar.

The casa solar designed by students of Middlebury has everything one can imagine that in a place of decent life, in fact, a convenient and elegant home. Account with a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, study and kitchen. It also has a loft and a dining area. Something interesting is that the front of the kitchen is a small greenhouse to grow some vegetables.

The next challenge will be to completely disarm the home, loaded onto a truck in Washington, DC and mounting again in National evill where will be the shows end. Solar declathlon winners will be announced October 01.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buenos Aires: in search of a renewable and sustainable public transport.

The City of Buenos Aires is one of the largest Latin America and like so many others of them, starts showing the first signs of a sustainable public transport planning. In spite of the existing delay this same problem in Europe and elsewhere in the world, the capital of Argentina gives his first steps with the construction of Metrobus (a Bus rapid transit system) to be added to the previous programmes of buses hybrids, bicisendas and bike relay.

Buenos Aires City Government announced the construction of its first line of Metrobus, which will take a walk West across much of the Federal Capital. While the service will be provided by bus lines current (i.e. buses conventional), efficiency of this system will involve a reduction of the transit significant (50% less buses on the same route) thus saving fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.

While it starts up this project of Metrobus, it is already working for some months the first hybrid bus of the City and the production of new units that could begin to serve this year being taken forward.

Friday, August 19, 2011

British Military Solar Energy

One of the best ways to expand the acceptance of solar energy in different devices is the diffusion of new technologies of various applications, something which has been in the last few days with the emergence of a hybrid generator, and now with something that is applied to the uniform of every soldier.

There are many devices that are used by a soldier in hostile lands, many of them require electricity to operate, and obviously, the most used are stacks of fuel either rechargeable batteries long term creating discomfort, because they tend to be quite heavy.
As a way to lighten the gait of the British infantry, it was decided to opt for this form of renewable energy, in replacement of the fuel cell and using a thermoelectric system that takes advantage of the photovoltaic solar energy to feed different devices, from flashlights to those used for various operations military.
This system, developed by researchers at the University of Glasgow, has been combined to a thermoelectric system with energy storage for a wide variety of applications, taking advantage of its low weight and high portability (can be in backpacks or integrated into the uniform)

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Electric Ford Car 2013

As we have said on many occasions, the platform of electric 2011 cars is not more than a prelude to a massive production of this mobility which aims to use clean energy, and has large manufacturers in the world of the engine, taking as an example to Peugeot and a new electrical, with presentations developments and announcements of production.

On this occasion, the news has been given the signing of the blue oval, which has planned a mass of electrical production, which seeks to be above the 100,000 units annually by 2013, a figure which is not for less, as it would mean triple ensemble of electrical models.Models that would be affected to this increase are versions of the Ford transit connect, the power of the Ford focusEdition, and two new cars of the Ford c -Maxline, which would use hybrid engines, coupled with a new car which is not yet known nothing, not even the name that has been assigned.
Most of these models will acquire a public character at the end of this year, where will begin their mass marketing (in the case of the Focus, for example) or you can go reserving them prior to their sale.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Electric Car To Take Part in The Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is known worldwide as one of the motor racing world toughest, by thousands of miles of inhospitable land in South America. And in his next edition - that it will begin in January 2012 - will participate for the first time a electric car.

The Latvian team and the Builder OSCar will be the first to put an electric car in rally Dakar. This EV is an electric version of the Chevrolet LS-powered e3.  The maximum speed is 138 kilometres per hour. It uses an engine capable of generating up to 315 kW.  As a measure to be able to travel long distances, the vehicle has a gasoline engine Nissan that will act as a generator. It also has regenerative system to help load the batteries.

This race electric car manufacturers rely on that it be able to meet the enormous demands of the rally, but they will also have a truck of support that will accompany you to assist you in case of a problem.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Cremation Of Trash Problems

Today the accumulation of garbage is still a significant, causing various types of pollution problem and that it plans to persist. One of the methods used for their disposal is incineration plants, but actually cause worse evils to the environment.


The incineration of waste does not mean their elimination, but his transformation in ashes and gases whose effect on the environment is much more toxic than the products in its solid state.

While many incinerators have systems to filter and wash the fumes, none is fully effective and they are far from it.

It must be borne in mind that a plant with 99.99% efficiency expels the atmosphere several tons of toxic waste per year.

Among those eliminated gases have been detected toxic metals, lead, mercury and cadmium, and so hazardous products such as PCBs and dioxins, substances that accumulate in the fatty tissues and are highly carcinogenic.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Renewable Energy in Bridges

A new trend is the designing bridges that - in addition to serving as a communication between two places - generate energy from renewable sources. They are called bridges of power generation (energy generating bridges). There are solar energy, such as the Brisbane and also wind. No doubt they are the future in the field of bridges.

Building bridges capable of adding to the production of energy is without a doubt advantageous. Mainly because it involves a large cost saving and space savings. You have these bridges of power generation from renewable sources largely allows to minimize the loss of land involving other types of projects, that both structures are combined into a single.
The bridges are also excellent for the generation of renewable energy because of his height. Being located at one height greater, are usually exposed to winds which easily can be used to produce energy. They also receive a lot of sunlight.
Even though many of them are still a promise, it's worth taking a look at these innovative designs:
1 London

In this design of cherry chetwood, London Bridge not only generate renewable energy, but they also produce organic as a vertical farm food.
2 Seoul

The Bridge will be capable of generating electricity from the numerous photovoltaic solar panels installed on it. The electricity generated will be used for feeding of various facilities in the city and the bridge itself, such as a library, a Museum and a shopping center of IT. The bridge also has docks to act as a parking lot for boats.
3 Lisbon

This Bridge helps to generate wind energy through a network of 2,188 light panels that rotate with the wind. It will be built entirely in recycled steel and its design is based on a system of beams which helps to increase the speed of the wind on the bridge.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Renewable Energy In Spain

That further development of Renewable energies, the main thing is provide a use that there is an infrastructure that uses them, and that it is mainly a large number of users willing to adapt and take it as their own, that their economic contribution is the basis of all development.

This growth is being given in Spain, where the existing infrastructure has allowed to achieve the past January 6, as it has become known in the last hours, supply 75% of the electricity of Spain while the use of non-renewable energy for electricity production has a minimum limit of 4%.

This is a significant growth as has been reported in the 2010 had an average of 35% in regarding electricity generation from renewable energy, something that exceeded expectations, since planned was 30%.
On the other hand, the previous year meant a 34% decrease in the use of coal for electricity production and combustion of other fossil fuels fell by 17%, which together have achieved decrease 20% the emission of gaseous pollutants.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Panel Solar SpectroLab

Photovoltaic solar technology continues to improve with the passage of days, as they are becoming more and more analysis, and apply new discoveries scientists have a greater efficiency in conversion to electricity or sensitive materials.

SpectroLab company has been one that was more surprised in recent days, with the introduction of a new solar cells allowing an energy conversion technology (i.e. the passage of obtained by sunlight to be used as electrical energy) with a 39.2 percent efficiency.
These solar cells, solar panels, components named C3MJ +, have the quality of power being produced in mass with a cost relatively low in addition of its effectiveness, also have a smaller size than those currently used.
The marketing thereof would begin in the month of January, that surely will improve significantly the use of solar energy and its subsequent implementation in various fields.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Plate Solar Silicon In The Form of Swiss Cheese

Development of photovoltaic solar energy points in large part to the semiconductor material that is capable of converting solar radiation where the cells in thin plate are profiled as replacements to the current in electric power, and even more so the polymer solar cells, although there are also other malleable materials such as silicone, which continue to provide good results.

In this last variant, it is experimenting with modifying designs, because the physico-chemical properties vary according to the disposition of the molecules, and thus a greater conductivity can be gained in those who offer more free electrons.

Developed by the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, in conjunction with Swiss oerlikon Solar, is has recently proposed the creation of photovoltaic cells in thin plate using silicone not the distributing as regular, but rather seeks to imitate a honeycomb, or as they have called you, a Swiss cheese.

In this way insterticios are left between the material used, with a substrate derived from Zinc oxide, amorphous panels of lesser thickness, markedly favouring the conductivity and energy efficiency.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Solar Panels QSolar Multicolor

For greater energy efficiency, or simply to implement improvements to its increased use, solar photovoltaic technology continues to grow by leaps, being in constant development with regards to materials, and also to his design (Recalling the photovoltaic plate with Swiss cheese, for example) which is what we will now analyse.

So far, the majority of the photovoltaic panels were dark, usually black in colour or a heavy grey, which are not very aesthetic view and not allow its combination with décor or in a harmonious design of a building.

This is the proposal of the firm QSolar, which delights us with the arrival of a few solar color panels, that Miss Earth these prejudices, offering a wide variety of colors, allowing the passage of light and offering transparency.

This firm, of Canadian origin, seeks to position this product as an element of home decor, as a way to polarize our Windows as well as generating a source of electrical energy, all without need for profound changes in the facility or home.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renewable Energy In The Dubai Plant

Without a doubt, one of the paradises in the world is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, headquarters of major sports competitions, and cradle of the great architectural wealth, cultural and economic sister of Barcelona and Granada, among other cities.

It is precisely in this metropolis of amazing constructions where planned a new renewable energy plant, designed by the architect Egyptian Karim Elnabawy, who mainly focused on the problem of the lack of water in the region.
Named as Metallica Towers, this energy plant uses a combination of methods of obtaining wind energy and solar energy, having as main characteristic two great towers are mounted on a metal surface circular.
A certain amount of wind turbines, which leverage the ascending hot air to generate electricity, being also surrounded by solar panels that also are installed in the surface where arise is concentrated among both towers.

Apart from this, the facades of the towers placed a large number of strands ranging obtaining this way wind energy.
At the moment single it is a conceptual, design although it would not be uncommon for not much time to begin the construction of this plant renewable energy.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Future Of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles or e-bici (e-bike), as its name suggests, are equipped with an electric motor bikes. The use of the electric bicycles around the world have shown a rapid increase from 1998. In China, where the bikes have always been popular, there are estimates of 120 million bicycle electrical for early 2010, while the numbers indicate 1 million in Europe and 300,000 in EE.UU...

You vislumbréis how is the future of electric, bicycles here we bring you some interesting designs.
1.HMK 561

The HMK 561 concept bike won Award for Industrial design iF in 2010 and is not strictly a bicycle, but an ultra-light electric motorcycle , as there are no pedals at all. Two electric motors located on the handlebars are connected with the front and rear wheels. The frame is made of carbon fibre which is an electrical conductor so not need cables for electrical connections. The carbon fibre body acts as a capacitor that stores mechanical energy of motion of the bike as electric charge for driving engines.

2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper (Grasshopper) is a foldable e-bici with a light body made of materials that combine resistance and stiffness. The engine is powered by rechargeable batteries that recharge when you pedal and braking or declines.

3 EBIQ Electric

It uses a box design for the frame and handles, pedals, seat and other projecting parts of the bike can be folded and stored in the central box. The rear wheel of the bike is powered by an engine which works with a pedal-rechargeable lithium ion battery and regenerative braking. There is an electronic screen connected to a laptop or Smartphone, which displays the information from the map or the climate. The bike also has outlets for recharging cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices.

4. Chris Swoszowski electric bike

This elegant concept bike from designer chris swoszowski is designed specifically for the travel of New York city. The bike has no pedals and is completely driven by an electric motor powered by lithium batteries.
The front doors of air can cool the engine. The structure is made of carbon fiber, and also has LED lamps and rear lights.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The First Green Airport in Europe

Bournemouth, a tourist center in the South of England has become the first Green Airport in Europe which is "carbon neutral". The transformation took place as part of the programme of reconstruction of the airport which installed solar panels with a capacity of 74,98 kWp.

For this reason, Bournemouth airport has solar panels on roofs and parasols installed widely in the various sections of the site. There is also a separate sector which have installed solar panels with South-facing to take advantage of solar energy in the best possible way.
This was complemented by an improvement in the efficiency of facilities for indoor lighting, operating systems and other sources of consumption of energy. Set has been achieved in Bournemouth installations to be carbon neutral, making it the first Airport in Europe to achieve this.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Solar Trailer For Ecologists Hollywood stars

We know that many great stars of the film are ecologists: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, Robert Redford and Johnny deep, among others.
So if any of them are reading this article, will be very happy knowing that may now have an ecological trailer with solar energy to rest during the filming of his films.

The American company King Kong production vehicles, manufactures trailers or trailers used in the film industry to accommodate the actors in the foreign films. Its latest development was a trailer ecological called Helios, powered by solar energy.

The Interior of the vehicle are also made with recycled materials: recycled glass, the floor of the trailer desktop is recycled rubber. It also has a generator which is fed by bio-diesel.

Recently, the creative company of Helios proved the solar vehicle and got 14 hours of operation using only solar energy We'll see how the market reacts to this new proposal.

From our homepage you can access all the news, as well as to all the articles of our sections: Solar energy, today...

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

United States Wind Power

Today we bring you some pretty illustrative statistics on how much has grown United States wind power. A report from the Department of energy has announced the figures of wind energy in 2010. Within the total capacity of power generation added in the course of this year, within which this renewable had 25%.

This can be read in different ways. On the one hand, the amount of new wind energy capacity over the total decreased for previous years: 25% in 2010, when he came from 42% in 2009 and 43% in 2008. That is quite negative, especially because coal has grown significantly in the last session.

On the other hand should be one no minor detail: the impact of the economic recession of 2008-2009. The growth in the period 2008-2009 for wind power is explained in this context of crisis by the fact that had started to manage in previous years. Now, on the other hand is evident which are very few projects that were initiated during the crisis, with only 5 openings this year.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power Hydraulics

Since very ancient times seen as mobility flows of water can be very useful in obtaining energy, to push the aspas mill, as he later obtain electricity through the movement of turbines in the so-called power plants, with wonderful construction of dams.

Named as Power hydraulics, and through physical concepts, is the transformation of Kinetic energy and the Energy potential are obtained from the current water or jumps of water either the accumulation of water by dams and the subsequent release of a minimal part, whose current makes move the turbines are directly connected to a generator of electric power.

The main advantage we must consider is that this is a clean energy, renewable, and that it does not generate a greater environmental impact, especially in those regions where orographic conditions are favourable to the construction of a dam, especially where there is a wealth of desniveles in the rivers or are usually frequent rains.

Economic benefits: although they require a high initial investment for the construction of dams, represent a long-term a considerable economic saving compared those power plants which operate by burning fossil fuels, which results in need of imports for its operation.

Dams have a lifespan that can reach up to 100 years, plus their maintenance is practically bajoNo require much staff employment as most of its operation is automatic and is given in the form naturalEn function does not produce carbon dioxide. Yes they do so at the time of its construction, although the amount is very low.

The main advantage, and one of the most criticised, is that if the measures are not taken, can be generated a strong destruction of aquatic ecosystems, something that is neglected to build them, especially design, resulting as a sort of trap for fish.Rivers, erosion caused because the outgoing water dams (which has served to move the turbines) does not contain sediments and thus mobilizes eroding the margins.The alteration of rivers caused by a bad creation of reservoirs can result in flooding in populations adjoining that could even make losing land fertile.
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Divination and renewable energy

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Solar Panels To The Sun

The Sun is one of the most abundant energy that we have sources, the difficult point is to find ways to use it efficiently. Pursuing this, researchers of Smart Solar international in Tokyo, Japan, have designed a solar panel which has a system to track the Sun as it moves in his tour diary.

The basic component of this new device, is a series of aluminum mirror bar rotating, according to the Sun as it moves across the sky. These mirrors reflect light on a central tube, containing several layers high performance solar cells . Their construction requires a number of much less than the of the photovoltaic panels most common silicon.

By its design features, to avoid overheating also has a device that derives from the excess heat to heat water, giving an additional benefit.

According to its creators, this type of solar panels is capable of producing twice the power than other existing systems. This promise will be able to see her promptly fulfilled as they hope to launch in October in Japan, which is expected to help provide renewable energy to those affected by the tsunami.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Photovoltaic chemotherapy medicine

As many know, the most commonly used for diseases autoimmune type and more than anything else in cancer, treatment is chemotherapy, but of course, has its negative side relating mainly the hair loss, passing by nausea, vomiting, and even loss of appetite, as a result of the toxic treatment effect.

A group of students from the University of Texas at El Paso (United States) is working on a modification to the treatment of chemotherapy that employs a renewable source of energy, improving the living conditions of those who suffer from cancer and significantly reducing toxic levels.

Today, the chemotherapy drugs are entered into the bloodstream where they travel by different bodies until finally contact with the target being patients systematically with side effects mentioned above, usually caused by not being able to "sharpen" these drugs to the tumour tissue.

This project, currently in phase of analysis, uses small photovoltaic panels that will allow free drugs only into the tumour, tissue contact activating using an infrared light or laser, which are able to traverse tissues in a depth of up to 10 centimeters.

Taken from a renewable energy source, this amendment will change the treatment of chemotherapy and it significantly the negative effects of treatment, so expect a full success in its development (currently in testing phase)

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Purifying Water With Solar Energy

In addition to requiring a very low maintenance, the benefits of using solar energy not only result in a lower CO2 emissions compared to electric power with the burning of fossil fuels, but it can also lead to a lot of uses.

Students at University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) have recently submitted a team Water Purifier that has been thought for those places where is no access to drinking water, especially in rural areas where even don't have access to the electricity grid.

This team is a relatively low cost and requires virtually no maintenance, which further facilitates the task using a derivation of thermal solar energy to make a double distillation of water, and can not only remove heavy metals and other toxic, but also the germs.

Basically, the water passes through a system of pipes which receives a double distillation, interacting with a fluid circuit that transmits the necessary heat and utilization of titanium dioxide to eliminate any trace of germs by a reaction catalytic.

This is added the inclusion of a polymer that allows the passage of ultraviolet light into the water, allowing the irradiation.

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