Monday, August 15, 2011

Renewable Energy In Spain

That further development of Renewable energies, the main thing is provide a use that there is an infrastructure that uses them, and that it is mainly a large number of users willing to adapt and take it as their own, that their economic contribution is the basis of all development.

This growth is being given in Spain, where the existing infrastructure has allowed to achieve the past January 6, as it has become known in the last hours, supply 75% of the electricity of Spain while the use of non-renewable energy for electricity production has a minimum limit of 4%.

This is a significant growth as has been reported in the 2010 had an average of 35% in regarding electricity generation from renewable energy, something that exceeded expectations, since planned was 30%.
On the other hand, the previous year meant a 34% decrease in the use of coal for electricity production and combustion of other fossil fuels fell by 17%, which together have achieved decrease 20% the emission of gaseous pollutants.

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