Friday, August 12, 2011

Solar Panels QSolar Multicolor

For greater energy efficiency, or simply to implement improvements to its increased use, solar photovoltaic technology continues to grow by leaps, being in constant development with regards to materials, and also to his design (Recalling the photovoltaic plate with Swiss cheese, for example) which is what we will now analyse.

So far, the majority of the photovoltaic panels were dark, usually black in colour or a heavy grey, which are not very aesthetic view and not allow its combination with d├ęcor or in a harmonious design of a building.

This is the proposal of the firm QSolar, which delights us with the arrival of a few solar color panels, that Miss Earth these prejudices, offering a wide variety of colors, allowing the passage of light and offering transparency.

This firm, of Canadian origin, seeks to position this product as an element of home decor, as a way to polarize our Windows as well as generating a source of electrical energy, all without need for profound changes in the facility or home.

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