Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Future Of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles or e-bici (e-bike), as its name suggests, are equipped with an electric motor bikes. The use of the electric bicycles around the world have shown a rapid increase from 1998. In China, where the bikes have always been popular, there are estimates of 120 million bicycle electrical for early 2010, while the numbers indicate 1 million in Europe and 300,000 in EE.UU...

You vislumbréis how is the future of electric, bicycles here we bring you some interesting designs.
1.HMK 561

The HMK 561 concept bike won Award for Industrial design iF in 2010 and is not strictly a bicycle, but an ultra-light electric motorcycle , as there are no pedals at all. Two electric motors located on the handlebars are connected with the front and rear wheels. The frame is made of carbon fibre which is an electrical conductor so not need cables for electrical connections. The carbon fibre body acts as a capacitor that stores mechanical energy of motion of the bike as electric charge for driving engines.

2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper (Grasshopper) is a foldable e-bici with a light body made of materials that combine resistance and stiffness. The engine is powered by rechargeable batteries that recharge when you pedal and braking or declines.

3 EBIQ Electric

It uses a box design for the frame and handles, pedals, seat and other projecting parts of the bike can be folded and stored in the central box. The rear wheel of the bike is powered by an engine which works with a pedal-rechargeable lithium ion battery and regenerative braking. There is an electronic screen connected to a laptop or Smartphone, which displays the information from the map or the climate. The bike also has outlets for recharging cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices.

4. Chris Swoszowski electric bike

This elegant concept bike from designer chris swoszowski is designed specifically for the travel of New York city. The bike has no pedals and is completely driven by an electric motor powered by lithium batteries.
The front doors of air can cool the engine. The structure is made of carbon fiber, and also has LED lamps and rear lights.

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