Friday, August 19, 2011

British Military Solar Energy

One of the best ways to expand the acceptance of solar energy in different devices is the diffusion of new technologies of various applications, something which has been in the last few days with the emergence of a hybrid generator, and now with something that is applied to the uniform of every soldier.

There are many devices that are used by a soldier in hostile lands, many of them require electricity to operate, and obviously, the most used are stacks of fuel either rechargeable batteries long term creating discomfort, because they tend to be quite heavy.
As a way to lighten the gait of the British infantry, it was decided to opt for this form of renewable energy, in replacement of the fuel cell and using a thermoelectric system that takes advantage of the photovoltaic solar energy to feed different devices, from flashlights to those used for various operations military.
This system, developed by researchers at the University of Glasgow, has been combined to a thermoelectric system with energy storage for a wide variety of applications, taking advantage of its low weight and high portability (can be in backpacks or integrated into the uniform)

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