Monday, May 23, 2011

Nuclear energy is no longer economically convenient

Nuclear energy, we know, presents an inherent factor risk of producing severe damage both environmental and human health, and the accident in Fukushima (Japan) has become it evident to all. But beyond that, at this point in the situation to invest in new nuclear power stations already is not economically viable, as was stated in a special report by news CNN (United States).


The new nuclear reactors are phenomenally costs, since they must has a highly sophisticated technology, through which the reactor is able to withstand any of the numerous risks inherent in nuclear powergeneration. According to CNN, revealed it is a cost of approximately $ 10 billion for each reactor.

Given that renewable energies such as solar or wind power have already reached an energy efficiency and demand response capacity, this allows us to think about a model energy where they replace nuclear energy, and at a cost much less.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Non-renewable energy

On this occasion we will make a real contrast to what is this site, since we've talked a lot in the year that discusses renewable energy, their different developments and new technologies that have become present, by what now talk, informative character of its opposite, i.e. non-renewable energy.

Energia No Renovable

As a general concept, we must assume that non-renewable energy sources are those in which after its use may not be re-used, joined this not found in nature with an acceptable quantity, or their extraction or production is not a simple, workable and economic task.

The first group focuses on fossil fuels, petroleum, natural gas and coal, that have as a common factor come from living beings which were buried by layers and layers of land remains to be included in this classification from million years ago undergoing a process of transformation to specific conditions of temperature and pressure.

Mina Carbon

These conditions are exploited just to extract the raw easily, at a relatively low in addition of being quite available today, while are classified as non-renewable cost because precisely in an indeterminate years amount no longer exist reservations.

As main disadvantage, fossil fuels are large responsible for CO2 emissions that are increasingly damaging the environment, more precisely with the destruction of the ozone layer, that under certain conditions are as toxic volatile (for example, in a homely gas loss) issues that are difficult to resolve at present by the massive use of them.

Extraccion Petroleo

Reactor Nuclear

More limited than the previous type, it is any chemical element that has the ability to produce energy by nuclear fission, activity occurring in the so-called nuclear reactors, belonging to nuclear power plants which give large amounts of electrical energy.

Major nuclear fuels are uranium and plutonium, which can be enriched to provide higher performance, as it is in the case of nuclear submarines, which use uranium enriched to more than 4%, which also marks the Vandellòs Nuclear plant or click the Ascó Nuclear plant, both in Tarragona condition.

But do not generate the so-called Greenhouse gases, the main disadvantage apart from its remarkably limited amount is in case of an accident can generate serious environmental problems, especially if power plants do not have the necessary technological development.


Biomass energy

Biomass is composed of a set of living organisms which exist about the continents and oceans, whether of micro-organisms...

Natural Gas energy

Natural gas consists precisely of gases that are extracted from fossil deposits, and either just as diluído in oil, it is not...

Clean energy

Clean energy is also, also called green energy. Image: Google in fact clean energy is a production system...

Nuclear energy are good or bad?

Is nuclear power good or not? We are in favor or against nuclear power stations? From Erenovable, we have published different...

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reduced drastically in the conversion of energy losses

Is developing a new technology that could be reduced by about 90% losses occurring in the conversion of energy . The project undertakes the Transphorm company, entity whose investors include google ventures and kleiner perkins.


This new and very promising technology is based on the use of gallium nitride (replacing the traditional components) which was originally implemented developing lights LEDs. This technology could be applied in future to different devices in daily use, especially on laptops. But it might also be of great help in the generation of renewable energy, improving the performance of photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines at some points.

The potential of this type of technology benefit is really great. So you have an idea of how much energy is wasted during the process of conversion, consider that more than 10% of the total electricity consumed worldwide is lost this way...

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Renewable energy applied in greenhouses in Vizcaya

The project is carried out in a greenhouse neiker-tecnalia located in country of Derio. This greenhouse is devoted to the production of season crops. Thanks to the implementation of renewable energy conditioning, achieved a significant reduction of costs and an increase in performance (is can cultivate throughout the year, regardless of the station).


The air conditioning system is based on two components. The first is a boiler fed by biomass: wood and vegetable waste as shells of almonds, sawdust, pruning of trees and olives bones. Boiler produces 400 kW of power, being the largest of its kind in Spain used in greenhouses.

The second element are 40 thermodynamic panels that generate energy from temperature to be pruduce from a cold in a closed circuit gas to ambient temperature.

Using these two forms of renewable energy heats water to 80 ° C circulating around pipes above ground and below him, taking the temperature suitable for crop growth.


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Recycled energy | New Brazil waste treatment plants

Fortunately the recycled energy (also called energy recycling) is taking increasingly more momentum. This form of renewable energy is to take advantage of different types of waste to produce electricity or biofuels. In this case the news brings us to Brazil where you plan to install a waste treatment plant.

imageCompanies involved in this project are Redsol Energy Ltd (española-brasileña company), ABC SA (Chilean) and Group Bawany (English). They have recently signed an investment plan to finance various projects of waste treatment plants and production of energy renewable.

Waste treatment plants will generate - as it is own energy recycling - multiple benefit. On the one hand will serve to alleviate complicated problems which has Brazil to delete one adequately home so much spam as the industrial and agro.

On the other hand, is a way to viable and sustainable for renewable energy to help go to limit dependence on fossil fuels. And Moreover it is a clean energy which will allow the reduction of greenhouse gases, in line with policies demarcated by the Kyoto Protocol.

imageIt is noteworthy that signature REDSOL ENERGY LTDA has extensive experience on management of recycled energy and other renewable energies. Their fields of work include:

conversion into electricity or biofuels solid waste, industrial waste, sludge from sewage water plants and industrial sludge biomass waste plant and animal;recycling of electrical and electronic devices, and used; tyresindustrial pollutants emission gas treatment plants; plants solar photovoltaic;

That ye may know something more about very interesting item from the residues as renewable energy we leave a selection of articles and an explanatory video.

More information


Sugar cane waste converted into electricity in Erenovable

Garbage about is the energy of others in Erenovable

The largest plant of biogas from Cuba in Erenovable waste is created in Havana

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Urine, the fuel more ecological

It seems a joke But it isn't! As we titulábamos, urine can be used as ecological fuel in fact, more ecological than others in development or in use, and also more cheaper. So says a team of scientists from the University of Ohio (United States.)UU.) that have successfully transformed urine in biofuel for hydrogen cars.


Experiments have been made with human, animal and synthetic urine . The developed procedure consists of decomposed urine, to isolate the urea and ammonia. These components then applies a small amount of electric current, to obtain the hydrogen. This technique is - as explained - simpler and cheaper than the more widespread of the electrolysis of water which is usually to obtain hydrogen. When we talk about the performance of this biofuel derived from urine, experts estimate that every liter of final product provides a range of 40 km.

Although in the first place it is likely that the idea of driving a car with a fuel from urine find certainly unpleasant, it must not lose sight that is undoubtedly an excellent way to take advantage of a largely wasted natural resource . And in fact we are accustomed to other uses, such as excrement or urine itself - for example - in the fertilization of field... except So... Why not?


Information via: BIODISOL


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Biofuels as an alternative energy sources

Biofuels are produced by converting fuel on our organic matter. These biofuels are alternative energy source of fossil fuels that we currently depends on. Biofuels umbrella includes aegis ethanol and derivatives, such as sugar cane, as well as vegetables and corn oils. All ethanol products must, however, designed to be used in gasoline as a form. The international energy (IEA) tells us that ethanol be extending up to 10% of the world's usable gasoline by 2025, and not more than 30% by the year 2050. Today the percentage is 2%.

However, we have a long way to refine and for economic and practical these biofuels, that we are on the journey. Oregon State University's research to prove this. We have yet to develop biofuels that are energy efficient, as it is produced from oil petrol. Energy efficiency is a measure of how much usable energy for us the necessary for the purposes for which it was derived from a certain number of input energy. (None of that mankind has never been obtained more energy than the output of the input was necessary. What has always been an important is conversion — end-product is energy, which is useful for us to meet the specific needs of the input energy being only take the effort to produce the end-product.) HIT the investigation found is only 20% of the energy efficient maize derived ethanol (petrol petroleum produced 75% of the energy efficient).Biodiesel fuel was recorded 69% of the energy efficiency research to one, however, positive: ethanol derived from cellulose was choices is 85% efficiency, which is even higher than the Floris effective in the field of nuclear energy.

Recently, oil futures were down the New York Stock Exchange, analysts from various countries are predicting a strong increase in the availability of biofuels, which has been carried over to the oil, the value of the drop in crude oil $ 40 or thereabouts on international markets.Chicago Stock Exchange of cereal futures market, which is started "steal" the investment activities of NY, oil futures from the investors are definitely missing Start better profitability from biofuels. in fact, it is predicted that analysts agree on that biofuels must be by 7% of total world transportation fuels by 2030. One certain energy market analyst has said, petrol and diesel fuel demand growth may slow down, if the Government subsidizes biofuels distributing companies and pushes even further to promote the use of eco-friendly fuel.

There are a number of people involved in serious development of biofuels.

Is Brazil, which is the world's largest producer of sugar derived from ethanols. it produces approximately three and a half billion gallons of ethanol per year.

United States of America is the world's largest oil-guzzler, but is already behind Brazil's second largest producer of biofuels.

EU biodiesel production capacity is now more than four million tonnes (British) 80% of the EU biodiesel fuels are derived from rapsiöljyn; the low volume of palm oil and soybean oil make up 20%.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Geothermal Power as an alternative energy

We would have done, everything possible to develop geothermal energy technology. This is a largely untapped area of the huge potential of alternative energy sources, as it simply taps for itself, of course, the generation of energy in the country. The maximum power of olive trees on the surface of the crust, in which case we can move and we must be less than. We must make only Tap it and manage it.

Soil types-core temperature is 60 times greater than that of the process of boiled water. The huge heat creates pressures that cause itself only a couple of miles to us below, and these pressures contains huge amounts of energy. Superheated liquid magma, which we see the power and energy in the form each time shall mean volcanic eruption, expect our tap. Also these liquids trickle than steam vents and emerge to the surface. We create your own vents and we can create your own insulation for magma chambers out and converts all this energy of light to electricity and heat our homes. In the event of a Geothermal power plant have been dug well is a good source of magma, or the heated fluid.Piping be fitted with a source, and the surface needed to produce steam to remove liquids down. Steam turbine engine, which produces electricity.

There are no tap that prevent a large scale, which is the criticism of geothermal energy. Critics that research and find resourceful area is too expensive and takes too much time.Geothermal power plant depends more large expenses are not, and does not promise to turn a profit. plant Some geothermal sites, once printed may find to produce a sufficiently large number of steam power plant viable or reliable. And we hear the environmental concerns that were brought up magma may display it with potentially harmful substances.

However, the benefits of geothermal energy subsume these claims only, we, the more.Geothermal energy is only a country of energy means, it does not produce any impurities.Geothermal energy is a very efficient — the channel it is needed for actions are low, when a site is found and that is configured.Geothermal plants, but do not need to be as large as the electricity plants, giant dams or atomic energy facilities — the environment in such a way as to interfere with less and needless energy alternative format is — would we will, much less dependent on oil and coal. perhaps, most importantly — we will never, ever, go to ran out of geothermal energy and raw materials, which continuously expensive as time passes, the actual dollar it is a widely used not. geothermal energy ultimately very inexpensive, when research and power plant construction costs are recouped.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to care for the environment | Use paper bags

One of the biggest causes of pollution of the Earth as the waters are plastic bags, to be non-biodegradable elements, you can spend many years as garbage, not just littering the environment, but also endangering the lives of aquatic animals that may confound them with algae or jellyfish that used to feed.

That is why, if we want to take care of the environment, one of the best things we can do is reduce the use of plastics or synthetic non-biodegradable, as for example to use bags made of paper or cardboard.

Paper or cardboard takes a time much lower to degrade naturally, it is made with natural products, that can be used to pay the Earth, but if the animals eat does not bring major problems.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Solar Stage in Taiwan

One of the countries that look to the future is Taiwan, where a stadium that generates 100% of its electricity has been built using photovoltaic solar energy, which is not just taking into account that can hold more than 55,000 people, and this 8,844 solar panels have been used.

These solar panels capture enough energy to be able to use the 3,300 lights of the stadium and its two giant screens to enjoy full of events.

The cost since then that it has not been little, being $ 150 million, but taking into account the large consumption of this giant, will be too long in amortized.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thermal Solar Energy at Home

Thermal solar energy is less effective in terms of energy output when compared with wind energy or solar, but should be noted that the costs of the equipment and installation are much smaller, so it is depreciated more quicklymaking this kind of green energy in one of the best options to install at home.

Primarily oriented to the production of hot water, this energy can produce between 60% and 80% of consumption, and with the long life of these solar panels, the amortization and a high degree of economic benefit is guaranteed.
Once we have determined the size of the installation depending on consumption of hot water which we plan it is time to get accounts.
A solar collector of low temperature and an accumulator of 200 litres of water can supply 66% of the consumption of hot water for a family with four members, with a consumption of 150 litres per day to 50 degrees Celsius of temperature.
This is how an installation of solar thermal energy of about 2 square metres to 1500 euros guaranteed savings of more than 150 euros per year, and will grow year after year.

Photovoltaic solar energy at home

Our House can be a good location to use solar energy, and with it not only save electricity and money, but also take care of the environment with this clean renewable energy.

The roof or roof are ideal places, since they tend to be in constant contact with sunlight, and you can connect with the general power grid to be able to pay off the price of photovoltaic panels to be purchased, and are often quite expensive.

The first thing we must do is determine the space that we can use for the installation. If the space is small, take more in note monetary gain, but the investment is much lower, while we cover the largest possible space will meet a higher initial investment, but that will take less time to settle it.

Before making the investment, it is advisable to consult with the municipality to get economic aid if any, as are banks, which have been showing increasingly more interest as renewable energy, granting credits and loans.

Even many energy companies are available to perform the installation of solar energy equipment themselves, saving an additional expense.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Organic plastic

Plastics are really very useful for our daily lives, but unfortunately, they are also very harmful to the environment, mainly by pollution not to be biodegradable.

Looking for a solution to this, plastic-based meat meal, which is obtained after the processing of bones, cartilage and meat, and that is an excellent alternative to the plastic as a by-product of the oilhas been created.

This solution is actually very promising, not only by environmental impact greatly reduced, but because it is also renewable and biodegradable.

Now that this would also bring more jobs to be able to refine necessary worldwide meat meal , and to help ipulsar this sector that currently is in crisis given the few applications for this type of flour.

When his production will become more massive, already one can think in new ways of producing energy through this new material.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Japanese against nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is known for its benefits as for impressive and devastating disasters that can cause, and that always can be present taking into account the difficulty with which handles this type of energy, and as we saw in the earthquake that devastated with Japan recentlyIt may worsen much a situation already difficult.

It is for this reason that several anti-nuclear organisations based in the case of Fukushima, they have held several demonstrations in Tokyo against nuclear power plants.

This is how more than 17,000 people filled the seats of companies as tokyo electric power, which are based on the use of these energies.

The remarkable point of these demonstrations, is that it has revealed that two nuclear power plants are in a very bad position, and an earthquake can generate nuclear disasters such as those that occurred in Fukushima recently.

The Government must also recognize that pollution of the land of farmers would cause a great impact on the production of rice over the coming months, this being also an issue to be taken into account.

Hydrogen An Alternative To Oil

Oil is seeing lately as a creator of conflicts, either by pollution that it generates in the environment, as in the rising prices of fuel, and since then, the wars resulting from its control, given that we all know that it is a scarce commodityexpensive and non-renewable.

That's why they are trying to discover new alternatives to oil for use in transport and machinery, and hydrogen is one that better results is having.

Its main advantage is its abundance, as well as basic and light, but which to find it in its pure state it must be processes that require other sources of energy, such as for example the electric.

Also seeing the positive side, the electricity is easy to get through renewables such as solar or wind, and hydrogen is found in the water, which is why none of the two requirements are scarce.

One of the main advantages is that it does not emit harmful gases to living organisms, contaminants or causing the greenhouse effect.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Bicycle

The bicycle is a means of transport which unfortunately is beginning to set aside to move, but that not only helps to take care of the environment by reducing the levels of air pollution and soil contamination, but it is also very good for our health.

Everyone can use bicycles, which are much more economic than a car or a motorcycle, but to be a low-impact exercise and that you can practice in family, both adults and children can have a good time.
There are even bicycles like electric cars, are adapted in order to use clean energy to boost us if we have no desire to ride or to assist us in this task.

Another great advantage of the bicycles is the speed achieved is excellent to see the world around us and be able to transmit knowledge or have a good time with the children, and to serve to stress that we gather on a daily basis.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Solar Energy - SolarCookers

Solar energy is much more than a source of renewable energy for transport or to feed devices and machinery, as among their uses we can find one very particular, which is the allow us the possibility of cooking food.

Solar cookers use energy light, heat and reflective of solar radiation to focus on the food we cook or recipients where these of are
You need only a parabolic surface with mirror or foil to be able to cook we are where we are, what gives us you the possibility of cooking food in places where it is difficult to fire or we do not have the necessary elements, although of course that is also a different and striking way.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Power Flower - Wind Energy

Wind energy can not only be practice in the field of feed of renewable energy, because that can also be used as decorative, while you get the aforementioned energy, and can see you this exemplified in the wind flowers designed by NL Architects.

These calls "power flower" is a complete system of wind turbines with a tree with many branches, and which can play the function of generating energy both in urbanized environments with in domestic use.

But they also allow use with solar panels to thus generate renewable energy on a hybrid basis in cases where the missing Sun or wind.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Photovoltaic And Wind Energy

It is known that in areas where there is Sun the wind is not commonplace, and where there are many strong winds, the sun behind the grey clouds, so it is impossible to rely on a single type of renewable energy, giving rise to the renewable energy hybrid, as for example the solar energy photovoltaic -wind.

Combining the best of both, the energy photovoltaic-wind energy can meet the energy needs much more easily, and getting a peak production when both are available at the same time.

This makes it ideal to take renewable domestic energy sources, although as it was to be expected, it is an important initial investment, so figure out budgets is essential.

Energy Saving- The Standby Mode

Many household appliances and modern technological elements express the ideas of their manufacturers try to take care of the environment, saving energy is in its functionality, such as modes of standby or standby of several laptop computerstelevision sets, smartphones, tablets, monitors and screens or sound for example.

But this way expected, although it consumes far less energy when the device is inactive, still consume energy, and although minimal in most cases, we must not forget that we have several of these devices in the homeWhat can be achieved to make dent in the consumption energy final.

This mode of has been introduced mainly to achieve improve the autonomy, but if we know that we will not use for a time, as more friendly to the environment and to devices is simply, shut down or turn them off.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Advantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the sources of energy inexhaustible that promise to be the future and help the growth of human beings as it seeks to protect the environment and preserve the planet, but many people are unaware their advantages, and so today we discussed the main.


-Do not damage the environment

-Do not produce pollution of any kind

-They are clean and inexhaustible energy

-Help the economic development and industrial regions where

-Promote self-sufficiency

-Relatively low maintenance

-They allow live and bring energy to inaccessible areas

-Create jobs both for installation

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

When it comes to thinking about installing renewable energy, there is to know that while they have a lot of advantages in terms of protecting the environment and help the economy, they also have some disadvantages to be considered, and although they are much less than the benefitswhich can be important when deciding on us.


-The main disadvantage is their initial investment, which although it is known that it pays for itself over time and ends up becoming profit, start-up costs that do not go unnoticed.

-The availability is certainly a current problem, as they are not too common and are often waiting to get the equipment for the installation. Of course this is changing every day.

Industrial Recycled Paper

The recycled paper is one of the forms more common recycling and protecting the environment, given that even we recycle paper at home, but for the process of recycling paper scale industrial to be able to be used as if it were plain paperHe is also needed to Paste Virgin, to which it is then mixed recycling.


Thus the industrial recycled paper helps to care for the environment, but unfortunately it will not prevent corporations to stop deforestation, although looking at the positive side, you need far fewer trees for their production.

That is why it is advisable to buy recycled paper that is not too white or fine, and while this much limits its uses, is the choice more healthy to avoid contamination by doing the role as well as the indiscriminate deforestation.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Save Engery With Lighting

Save electricalenergy is vital in order to protect the environment, but also in order to achieve better end of the month given that energy is becoming more expensive, which in part is due to that devices are becoming more powerful and consume more.


But there are many alternatives that allow us to live a normal life and to save energy, as for example the LED lights or low when it comes to lighting.

LED technology advances every day more and you are more and more uses, but that is really doing all the rage is the lighting. Being much more economic than the low consumption lamps and at the same time adding a technological touch home.

Low consumption lamps instead are excellent alternatives to the traditional lamps, since not only illuminate like consuming a fraction of energy, but they also raise very little temperature, helping to alleviate global warming.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alternative energy and its meaning in our lives

Alternative energy: the production of energy or electricity using an alternative source of water, Sun, heat, etc. These alternative sources have no side effects on the environment, but are helping people to save money. Only this generation of alternative energy sources are selected which do not harm the environment.

Meaning of alternative energy

A lot of meaning.You can generate power with very low prices and do not have to pay expensive electricity bills more. a different meaning, is that you can produce home energy or you've read physics or not, you can still generate power through the use of alternative sources.

Alternative energy sources

I. solar power

Solar energy is produced by the sun light into electricity and hot water.

How alternative energy produces ability?

The cells that are composed of silicon to be used for this purpose. cells with silicon are exposure to sunlight, they automatically produce electricity.Do you want to make use of solar energy, place the cells in places where they of the maximum amount of sunlight received.Open roofs are the best places for the replacement of these cells. cells excess amount of solar energy directly.

II. Hydro Power

Hydro means water and hydro power: production of energy from water turbines.

How alternative energy produces?

Small water turbines have been created to generate hydropower production will reduce.Water turbines have been set up in running water. Hydropower are then automatically generated in the flows of water.

III. wind power

Production of Wind energy resources using wind power.

How alternative energy produces?

Special turbines will be designed that wind energy can be saved and can raise of wind energy.These turbines are set on top of tall towers. Turbines generate on a high tower body using wind power.

IV. ethanol and biodiesel

Ethanol is used as a substitute for petrol, while biodiesel an alternative fuel oil diesel. they can be used in all vehicles where the oil, petrol and diesel to be used. they do not affect the vehicles or on the speed, but will help you to save your money by stop paying high prices for oil and diesel.

Reasons for the use of alternative energy

There are several reasons which was for people to search for alternative sources of energy. all the countries of the world are facing problems such as lack of fuels and gases. their deficit increased their prices. when there was no stability in prices was, people started looking for alternative sources of energy. The high prices of gas and fuels their deficit is not fixed, but the question can be reduced.

People prefer the use of alternative energy sources now instead of expensive fuels, as well as gases. Another reason for the use of alternative energy is that people can not afford or want to pay expensive cost of electricity. the prices of electricity too unstable and continue to rise. so, people now prefer the use of alternative sources.

Steven Bray is an Irish entrepreneur specializing in solar energy water heating installations throughout Ireland. his website, alternative energy, Ireland ( provide people with answers to questions about solar heating panels, pumps, cylinders, controllers and accessories, as well as how to install them. It also promotes its product range "Evotherm" in a simple-looking, easy-to-read website.

Solar Energy Stations

The charging stations Solar pump are a development of the company Sol Design Lab. One of these devices was set up in a music festival with a dual objective. On the one hand, to offer free solar power to charge gadgets of the attendants and - other - spread the benefits of renewable energy sources and the need for a more efficient energy consumption.

These stations load thrive with photovoltaic panels located on its roof. In the comfortable shadow that offer solar panels, we can sit to load our mobile phones or gadgets. His contribution to the environment is double as Solar pump consists of furniture constructed with recycled material. This type of load stations are also ideal to charge electric bicycles and provide lighting with LED lights.
In this same event there was a curious activity, the use of wheels "hamsters" size human in which participants could run and generate energy with his own movement to load their gadgets.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Polymer Solar Cell

The technological development that will achieve a Photovoltaic Solar Cell of high-performance, something that also combines with the concept of photosynthesis in a greater electric use continues to gain increased performance in solar energy,, and now reaches a new stage of development with the Photovoltaic solar panelsof plate thin.

Also known as photovoltaic film Panel, they are to reduce the thickness of the photovoltaic cells used today through electrodes located in thin films of the material used (typically polymers) which allow to work with a higher quality using less physical space.
In recent days there has been a novelty in this area, with the completion of an electrode made with the so-called ITO (acronym in English of indium tin Oxide) material although the high cost of manufacturing being carried different alternatives.
One of the most striking is which has presented in recent days the firm Sefar AG, that through a project funded by the Commission Switzerland of technology and innovation (CTI) announced that he has worked in the realization of an electrode using fabrics of polymerthat it would allow a mass production similar to the newspaper, for its massive and low cost.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Switzerland Evaluates The Closure Of Its Nuclear Power Plants

Despite the unfortunate and very serious tragedy which caused the "accident" of Fukushima, we can see how different countries are beginning to question the use of nuclear energy, which can be a promising way for the progressive eradication of the always latent danger to the population and the environment which is implicit.

Switzerland had already taken his first step to abandon the 3 projects nuclear which had in view, well the disaster in Japan. It has now allowed to see his intentions to possibly take this decision beyond. In a meeting between Swiss President micheline calmy-Rey and the Austrian President D. heinz fischer (Austria closed their plants in more than 30 years ago), the first President has declared that it is considered possible strategy the abandonment of nuclear energy.
Currently in Switzerland there are 5 nuclear reactors in operation, totaling some 3.370 MW of installed power, which caters to about 40% of the country. But still there is nothing in particular (rather than an increase in security controls) hope to achieve progress in this regard, and Spain as well as other countries take the initiative also cut with nuclear energy.

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Nuclear power plants in Spain

The world today has its eyes on nuclear power, after the dramatic events triggered by the earthquake in Japan. And it is inevitable to ask what happens in our country? While the nuclear power stations are built with high standards of prevention and safety, are - potentially - highly dangerous before a failure, as the produced in Fukushima Prefecture (Japan).

Spain have already had a sample of the danger of nuclear accident level 3 (according to the scale of INES "major accident") produced in 1989 in the reactor of Vandellòs I. Although there was no leak of radioactivity to the outside, this should be closed and will remain in dormant until 2028, when the reactor may just be dismantled.  Other incidents have been in power plants of disgust I, Vandellós II, Trillo and Cofrentes.
Due to the always latent possibility of an accident and added this to the serious problem of radioactive wastes that occur due to this activity, there are many citizens and agencies who are protesting against the use of such energy sources. In their complaint, they call for the dismantling of nuclear plants in Spain, supplanting their production by renewable energy clean.

Nuclear energy is the source of 20% of the electricity produced in Spain, through six nuclear power plants currently in work, two of which (ASCO and Almaraz) have two reactors. We look at some basic information about nuclear power plants in Spain:
ALMARAZ Nuclear power plant:
It is located at Almaraz (Cáceres), next to the marshes of the river Tagus. It has two pressurized light water reactors. It has a capacity of 980 MWe (Almaraz I) and 984 MWe (Almaraz II).
ASCÓ Nuclear power plant:
Located in disgust (Tarragona), next to the River Ebro. It has 2 PWR reactors with a capacity of 1032,5 MWe (ASCO I) and 1.027,2 (Ascó II). Its operating licence expires in October this year. In 2007 there was an accident of level 2, a radioactive leak in the reactor of Ascó I, which was not notified by the company and that a high fine was imposed and there is an open criminal case.
COFRENTES Nuclear power plant:
Located in Cofrentes (Valencia), reservoir jetties, Júcar river. It has a light water reactor boiling (BWR), with a power of 1.096 MWe. The extension of the authorization of exploitation, which expires 20-03-2011, after the incident in Japan is under review.

TRILLO Nuclear power plant:
Located in Trillo (Guadalajara), on the banks of the Tagus. It has a power of 1066 MWe PWR reactor. In 1992 he recorded an incident level II which affected part of the element of the emergency cooling system.
It is located in Santa María de garoña (Burgos), in the Ebro river. It has a BWR reactor with a capacity of 466 MWe.
Nuclear power plant VANDELLÓS II:
It is located in Hospitalet in the L'infant (Tarragona), on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a power of 1.087,1 MWe PWR reactor. Two water leaks occurred in 2004 and 2005, which reached level 2.


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Nuclear power plants in areas of earthquakes, map

That news which we bring you this opportunity is a map. This map world included two different types of data: the areas with greatest presence of earthquakes and the location of the nuclear..

The result is a map that shows at a glance, the potential next "Fukushima": the nuclear power stations that are located in areas of the planet with high rate of earthquakes. If we stop in the area of the far East, we see that it is mostly Japan where more amount of plants appear in "red" areas (more dangerous), and also repeated this in Taiwan. Another point that shares this feature is located in Iran (central construction).

Really this map provides a vast information, you can enter the interactive version on the website, where you can see information on its location and quantity and State of its reactors in each of the nuclear power stations .

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Solar Energy At 4000 meters, Tibet

One of the most important companies in solar energy, Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. It has announced the project to build a solar in Tibet Park approximately 4000 meters above sea level, which makes it one of the highest in the world.

The site that will be installed this solar Park is located on the Tibetan plateau, near the village of chek kang in the province of Shannan. The natural characteristics of the place, with an intense sunlight and low temperatures make it extremely viable for the use of photovoltaic panels with advanced technology. The project is aimed at the generation of 20, 000MWh of electricity per year.

According to the founder of Suntech, solar energy in Tibet will allow not only increase the volume of energy production in the country (until today heavily based on hydroelectric power), but it will also serve to replace or complement to hydraulic in drought situations plants as those that have recently affected the region.

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Photovoltaic Conversion Process.

We have already given unto a first part of this report talking about the photovoltaic solar energy. Now is the turn to see in detail what is the process of photovoltaic conversion that we had briefly mentioned in our previous article. Photovoltaic conversion (FV) or photovoltaic conversion process is the process where the sunlight is converted into electricity using photovoltaic cells.

This process was discovered and proved by the French scientist Edmond Becquerel in 1839. While experiencing noted that certain materials when they were exposed to sunlight generated a difference of potential; and connecting to an external load produced current electric. They called this physical phenomenon "photovoltaic effect".Other scientists as Heinrich Hertz also investigated this topic important progress, but it should spend a long time until this discovery could be implemented in the production of solar energy generating devices.

Let's see what is happening to that solar energy is transformed into electricity using photovoltaic conversion (photoelectric effect). To illuminate a material determined with electromagnetic radiation (usually light ultraviolet or visible), the emission of electrons occurs.This is what happens when solar radiation enters the photocell: emit electrons of the atoms and begin to circulate through the material.Measure the voltage at the two ends of the material, sees a difference of approximately 0.5 to 0.6 Volt has generated.

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