Friday, May 20, 2011

Recycled energy | New Brazil waste treatment plants

Fortunately the recycled energy (also called energy recycling) is taking increasingly more momentum. This form of renewable energy is to take advantage of different types of waste to produce electricity or biofuels. In this case the news brings us to Brazil where you plan to install a waste treatment plant.

imageCompanies involved in this project are Redsol Energy Ltd (espaƱola-brasileƱa company), ABC SA (Chilean) and Group Bawany (English). They have recently signed an investment plan to finance various projects of waste treatment plants and production of energy renewable.

Waste treatment plants will generate - as it is own energy recycling - multiple benefit. On the one hand will serve to alleviate complicated problems which has Brazil to delete one adequately home so much spam as the industrial and agro.

On the other hand, is a way to viable and sustainable for renewable energy to help go to limit dependence on fossil fuels. And Moreover it is a clean energy which will allow the reduction of greenhouse gases, in line with policies demarcated by the Kyoto Protocol.

imageIt is noteworthy that signature REDSOL ENERGY LTDA has extensive experience on management of recycled energy and other renewable energies. Their fields of work include:

conversion into electricity or biofuels solid waste, industrial waste, sludge from sewage water plants and industrial sludge biomass waste plant and animal;recycling of electrical and electronic devices, and used; tyresindustrial pollutants emission gas treatment plants; plants solar photovoltaic;

That ye may know something more about very interesting item from the residues as renewable energy we leave a selection of articles and an explanatory video.

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