Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Polymer Solar Cell

The technological development that will achieve a Photovoltaic Solar Cell of high-performance, something that also combines with the concept of photosynthesis in a greater electric use continues to gain increased performance in solar energy,, and now reaches a new stage of development with the Photovoltaic solar panelsof plate thin.

Also known as photovoltaic film Panel, they are to reduce the thickness of the photovoltaic cells used today through electrodes located in thin films of the material used (typically polymers) which allow to work with a higher quality using less physical space.
In recent days there has been a novelty in this area, with the completion of an electrode made with the so-called ITO (acronym in English of indium tin Oxide) material although the high cost of manufacturing being carried different alternatives.
One of the most striking is which has presented in recent days the firm Sefar AG, that through a project funded by the Commission Switzerland of technology and innovation (CTI) announced that he has worked in the realization of an electrode using fabrics of polymerthat it would allow a mass production similar to the newspaper, for its massive and low cost.

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