Sunday, May 22, 2011

Non-renewable energy

On this occasion we will make a real contrast to what is this site, since we've talked a lot in the year that discusses renewable energy, their different developments and new technologies that have become present, by what now talk, informative character of its opposite, i.e. non-renewable energy.

Energia No Renovable

As a general concept, we must assume that non-renewable energy sources are those in which after its use may not be re-used, joined this not found in nature with an acceptable quantity, or their extraction or production is not a simple, workable and economic task.

The first group focuses on fossil fuels, petroleum, natural gas and coal, that have as a common factor come from living beings which were buried by layers and layers of land remains to be included in this classification from million years ago undergoing a process of transformation to specific conditions of temperature and pressure.

Mina Carbon

These conditions are exploited just to extract the raw easily, at a relatively low in addition of being quite available today, while are classified as non-renewable cost because precisely in an indeterminate years amount no longer exist reservations.

As main disadvantage, fossil fuels are large responsible for CO2 emissions that are increasingly damaging the environment, more precisely with the destruction of the ozone layer, that under certain conditions are as toxic volatile (for example, in a homely gas loss) issues that are difficult to resolve at present by the massive use of them.

Extraccion Petroleo

Reactor Nuclear

More limited than the previous type, it is any chemical element that has the ability to produce energy by nuclear fission, activity occurring in the so-called nuclear reactors, belonging to nuclear power plants which give large amounts of electrical energy.

Major nuclear fuels are uranium and plutonium, which can be enriched to provide higher performance, as it is in the case of nuclear submarines, which use uranium enriched to more than 4%, which also marks the Vandellòs Nuclear plant or click the Ascó Nuclear plant, both in Tarragona condition.

But do not generate the so-called Greenhouse gases, the main disadvantage apart from its remarkably limited amount is in case of an accident can generate serious environmental problems, especially if power plants do not have the necessary technological development.


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