Friday, May 13, 2011

Japanese against nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is known for its benefits as for impressive and devastating disasters that can cause, and that always can be present taking into account the difficulty with which handles this type of energy, and as we saw in the earthquake that devastated with Japan recentlyIt may worsen much a situation already difficult.

It is for this reason that several anti-nuclear organisations based in the case of Fukushima, they have held several demonstrations in Tokyo against nuclear power plants.

This is how more than 17,000 people filled the seats of companies as tokyo electric power, which are based on the use of these energies.

The remarkable point of these demonstrations, is that it has revealed that two nuclear power plants are in a very bad position, and an earthquake can generate nuclear disasters such as those that occurred in Fukushima recently.

The Government must also recognize that pollution of the land of farmers would cause a great impact on the production of rice over the coming months, this being also an issue to be taken into account.