Monday, May 23, 2011

Nuclear energy is no longer economically convenient

Nuclear energy, we know, presents an inherent factor risk of producing severe damage both environmental and human health, and the accident in Fukushima (Japan) has become it evident to all. But beyond that, at this point in the situation to invest in new nuclear power stations already is not economically viable, as was stated in a special report by news CNN (United States).


The new nuclear reactors are phenomenally costs, since they must has a highly sophisticated technology, through which the reactor is able to withstand any of the numerous risks inherent in nuclear powergeneration. According to CNN, revealed it is a cost of approximately $ 10 billion for each reactor.

Given that renewable energies such as solar or wind power have already reached an energy efficiency and demand response capacity, this allows us to think about a model energy where they replace nuclear energy, and at a cost much less.

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