Friday, March 25, 2011

Significant progress in the development of custom systems for energy

The news comes from Boston, where an important research undertaken by Dr. Daniel Nocera, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), team has presented us. The result of their studies us closer to an era in which dominate the Custom energy systems on which the houses private and small shops will produce its own energy for heating, cooling, and load your car battery.

Sis personalizados

Discovery focuses on the development of a new and powerful catalyst that has simplified greatly efficiency and viability of the Energy systems custom. Your application could allow in the future that the houses and shops are independent companies of electricity and petrol stations.The Group of researchers from the Dr. Nocera aims to develop these individual energy units that can be produced, distributed and installed at a low cost.

The biggest obstacle in this project is that the existing fuel cells and solar cells must be improved, but trust that in the short term this can be achieved. Custom energy System based on solar roofs that produce the energy to supply housing and the vehicle family.

The surplus of energy produced in this way is accumulated in a "electrolizador", a device that divides the ordinary water into its two components: hydrogen and oxygen. During the night, solar energy is supplanted by that occurs with collected a fuel cell that produces electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.

This System promises abastacer entirely of energy housing 24 hours, day and night.But there are certain parts of this system which was not available: as it is the electrolyzer catalyst to produce oxygen.And this is precisely what developed MIT team. Catalyst license was granted to Sun Catalytix, who expect to develop highly efficient versions of the electrolyzer adaptable to small businesses and households within two years.


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The world's largest park Fotovoltaico

Obtained through solar photovoltaic energy requires a large amount of cells according to the amount of energy that seeks to obtain, which leads to the realization of complete installations of these panels that occupy few yards and even hectares of land.

Parque Fotovoltaico Canada

A clear example of this is the recently opened Fotovoltaico Park which was opened in Ontario (Canada) very close to the border with the State of Michigan (United States) which is already running, and estimate, you will be able to produce until 80 Mega Watts of electricity.

Entrepreneurship has been carried out by Enbridge Energy companies and the First Solar firm, and has become the largest in the world, shifting to a second place located in Olmedilla (Spain) which currently has a capacity to generate up to 60 Mega Watts of electricity photovoltaic Park.

This Park will have a production capacity of up to 120,000 MWh per year, which is estimated will reach to meet the energy needs of at least 12,800 homes Canadians.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Solar cell in imitation leather

To make more sustainable development, the ideal is that solar energy is destined to a myriad of applications, not only regarding obtaining electrical energy, but also to feed all kinds of devices and technologies, which will bring more fields to develop.

Panel Solar Polimero

A developer of Stanford has recently established a system of artificial skin which applied a sensor capable of detecting any pressure change, including the landing of a fly to recognize different types of biological molecules, including also various chemical compounds.

But the interesting thing is that would be powered by solar energy, that we have included small polymer solar cells, giving it great flexibility, including be lengthwise up to 30% of its dimensions and restore its original size without losing energy.

This is possible by the integration of an liquid metal electrodes that connect devices described above, while planning use this technology to give rise to any clothing, preferably uniforms (surely apply military) and connected to new technologies that are under development.

It would be almost like wearing solar panels and walk while we recharged the energies of some device.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

12 Watt LED lamps

One of the technologies of lighting that has more evolved in recent times is undoubtedly the lights LED, previously reduced to a very low number of applications, and today day, with a low cost a remarkable evolution in its conformation is used in automobiles, where they have great efficiency.

Osram Sylvania

As has replaced bulbs in cars, this trend is giving also at home, where compact fluorescent tubes that use this technology would have the same performance as conventional lamps, but with a much lower consumption.

Recently the company Osram has announced the arrival of a new technology that would be planned by mid of next year, which would confer a luminosity of approximately 810 lumens, i.e. the equivalent of a 60 Watts bulb lamps LED 12 Watts.

In this way, both offering the same luminosity LED lamps LED lamps reach a reduction of consumption of up to 70%, offering greater durability.

Of course, have a cost slightly more, but on everything that we save when using them, recovers quickly.


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Plant of forest biomass in Astorga

A group of scientists from the University of León has recently submitted a project for the creation of a research centre to experiment with the gasification of biomass, an innovative system that employs the utilization of heat to produce steam.

Planta Biomasa

This is exactly what will be looking in Astorga, where will seek to leverage these poor gases along with a simple engine and electric power generation through an alternator, the same way that operates a car using different ways of obtaining this biomass.

Envisages a role informational and educational, since this Power plant, a virtually negligible risk level will be open to the public and educational establishments, who may bring in search of information of this energy source, its functioning and forms they can take to obtain energy in this way.

To carry out this project already have some six million euros, amortizarían with the sale of energy to Union Fenosa, and initially earmarked Chopo crops, a timber tree of rapid growth (with cycles from three to five years)


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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wind Explorer

The world of automobiles, the pursuit of energy attempting to impersonate internal combustion engines that require some fossil fuel combustion, or similar is pointing towards the electric mobility, but also some builders have pointed to other technologies.

Wind Explorer

Such is the case of Australian inventors dirk gion and stefan simmerer, who have recently completed a cruise aboard the wind Explorer, a car that uses energy 100% clean, renewable, visiting his native Australia and spending only $16.

The car in question form of capsule, uses three wheels and is mobilized by a combination of electricity and the use of wind energy, the latter in two different ways: to recharge the batteries, and to gain more power.

Recharge the lithium ion batteries is a small portable wind turbine becomes operational during walking, reloading a pack of batteries weighing around 80 kilograms altogether (the car as a whole reaches 200 kg) that helps to reach its top speed of 88.5 kilometres per hour, which may even increase to 100 km/h using a comet (more wind energy use)

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Wind panels for home

In rural areas, is feasible to find one that another generator that runs on fossil fuels, and that sometimes is the only way to get electricity, which consider renewable energy would seem to be virtually impossible today, unless we make a great investment.


Luckily this is changing, as was the case with different fields of technology, the best way to make a step forward or a development is to achieve the same performance in small, and this has recently been implemented with the creation of the so-called wind panels.

This creation has been done by students from Cornell University (New York, United States), named under the name of Vibro-wind, which was composed by foam blocks contained in a metal structure available precisely as a panel.

These blocks act as oscillators and are connected to a set of piezo-electric transducers that are responsible for the emission of electrons produced by the vibration of the set, which are transformed into usable electrical energy.

It has as advantage that do not require strong winds and can be installed in urban areas (unlike the turbines wind) where not only occupy less space, but have more sensitivity to moderate winds.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saving energy at home: water

With this article, I've dared to give a series of advice related to energy consumption at home and natural resources. What dividiremos into two parts, which will be two resources more amounts can bequeath to consume a House.


The first one, and we will try in this first article, is water .the water is a natural resource essential to all known forms of life, human beings are made up of 80% of water. This substance covers 71% of the surface of the Earth's crust. Located primarily in the oceans where concentrated 96.5% of the total water, glaciers and polar ice caps have however 1,74%.No, in recent years we realized that water is a scarce commodity. Entered we can all help to that you are not squandered, since taking a series of habits we can save a lot of agua.Hay devices that reduce the cost of water in the grifería:Paralizadores: SE enroscan on tap and cost a 16 or 20 euros.


Lever taps: replace two knobs for easier control of volume and temperature termostáticos agua.Cartuchos: is inserted into the tap to avoid the complete change of the fitting and allow you to reach water temperature desired without tap open during a time prolongado.Otros devices we are: showers ahorradoras and other devices to reduce the expenditure of the cisternas.Aparte trying to transform some supplies or reduce the flow of water, is also the option normally very recommended closing taps when not in use (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.)




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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ascó nuclear power plant

In recent days have been known incidents regarding the daily operation of the Ascó Nuclear plant, in Tarragona, relating to a breach in the actions of their operators and a defect in its operation, which has led to the Nuclear Safety Council to mobilise and new controls on the central.

Central Nuclear Asco

The first released incident was when ascó ii officials reported to the CSN lack of monitoring fire in the building of electrical penetrations January 19 between 11: 50 and 12: 50 report ranked as level 0 to Level international nuclear events (INES)

Was subsequently recorded another incident concerning actions of a few operators who moved a gate from spent fuel in the pool, which was to be designed to separate this sector with the auxiliary operations zone.

If this out, a few days later became known as water system valves opening system it was not functioning properly due to the low temperatures, which forced them to reduce the power until solved the conflict.

Regular inspections to ensure the security and the normal functioning of these plants, are being carried out although long-term solution is to implement clean energy to not only have fewer maintenance burden, they also have a negligible risk compared to the Ascó I and II Ascó nuclear reactors, in the event of a malfunction.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Saving energy at home: electricity

In a previous post I wanted to address the issue of saving energy at home , starting with one of the resources more prized, water. I linked to saving energy, water simply because for this necessary wasting some of the must-have resources for everyone.3340ee5b8cff48ee47133e7e022ef3b2 time is the shift to electricity and best time to accept good win these tips now, when they have risen greatly the invoice of the light and gas.These tips I will sort in this post can serve the same to the House where to place trabajo:comprueba the door of the refrigerator seal perfectly, placing a sheet of paper between it and the body of the refrigerator; Scrolls the pull, if to change the label since this defect makes larger electrical energy consumption.Avoid that exhaust the fridge cold opening the door as little as possible.Not your clothes in very low amounts you laves, join it and load it with a permissible maximum.Where you see the TV it is recommendable to have low levels of illumination, avoid the reflection on the screen and you save energy.Hot or cold air conditioner disconnects when you leave a room.show_image_NpAdvSinglePhoto.php With these simple tricks, surely we can do something to save power. They look like nonsense, but help us much in the long run.  




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Alternative energy renewable energy Fuels

The Germans have been really when it comes to new fuel sources and has become one of the major players in the game of alternative energy sources. The laws of the nation, under the direction of electricity Feed the German people of the world in 2006 by investing in more than 10 billion dollars (US) for research, development and implementation of wind turbines, biogas plants and solar cells in the collection. The German "feed" of the laws of the electrical grid authorization to connect to some source of renewable energy sources and sell back to the power company's correction of the excessive energy of the German retail prices produced by private individuals. This economic incentive has catapulted the German number one in place of operational solar arrays and wind turbines, biogas for among all Nations. The electricity produced by 50-terawatt hours the share of renewable energy in the German energy production per year by 10%. In 2006, the only German installed 100 000 solar energy collection systems.

Through the u.s., BP corporation has set up a Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), spearhead a new research and development efforts will clean burning renewable energy sources, most prominently the biofuels for vehicles of the ground. BP's investment is $ 50 million (US) per year for the next decade. This EBI will be located physically Illinois Urbana-Champaign-University. The University is in cooperation with BP and is responsible for research and new crops for biofuels, biofuels supply of agricultural systems and machines in liquid form auto consumption renewable fuels production.University, in particular, the spearhead efforts to create more advanced biofuels crops. genetic engineering is an important addition to the EBI as the focal point of heavy hydrocarbons technological innovations for the conversion of pollution free and very effective.

Also in the United States, battle rages, the Congress and geothermal energy Association (GEA). GEA Executive Director Karl Gawell has recently written, as well as restaurants in Congress and the Department of energy, geothermal energy, in particular, on schedule, their potential and importance of congressional activities in federal research session is the only way to ensure that DOE and OMB are simply return to the irrational requirement and put an end to the geothermal research program. In addition, Gawell goes on to say that recent studies by the National Research Council, Western Governors Association Clean Energy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology all support the extension of the geothermal research funding to develop the necessary to take advantage of the vast, untapped resource of domestic renewable energy technology.Geothermal energy, such as the supporters of this author are surprised that the public has huge benefits of the research and development of alternative energy source of anti-dumping measures would allow the United States of America, in practice, and the number of economically awareness of minuscule.Geothermal energy is already less expensive to produce kilowatt hours than that of the United States-keep mining the coal. geothermal energy is readily available, session within a few miles of our feet below and easily available through drilling. one company, Ormat, which is the third largest producer of geothermal energy in the United States and the plants have several different people, is already a billion dollars in — geothermal energy is certainly economically viable.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alternative energy for the Home

The trend towards apartments, which are alternative energy wind power turbines, solar cells will vary with hydrogen fuel cells in the collection and use of biomass for gases, is one that should be continued in the 21st century and beyond. We have a great need and still more energy independent does not have to rely on the fragile States of fossil fuels, which are often hostile to us and US interests. But after we also this factor to the rights of the individual to "grid" off and stop also take is so tarvitsevaa Government lobbying giant oil companies, which, although they are not really involved in the conspiracy, however, is all covert surveillance of people receive the Heating their homes stranglehold (and, if not through oil, heat supplied by the electricity grid in general run another stranglehold).

Such as Remi Wilkinson, pääanalyytikon with Carbon Free places, inevitably lead to an increase in decentralised electricity production, electricity retail market and production, transmission and distribution infrastructure in the restructuring process. Power providers must diversify revenue lost through household energy microgeneration their aim. He refers to the conclusions of the UK analysts group, itself is included, inter alia, those who call themselves Carbon Free. Alternative Coal Free has been studying the homes in England for energy-using products and the growing trend towards the West.This trend is increasing, according to the recommendation of the Board of Directors, and alternative energy research, development, rising costs of production of oil and other fossil fuels, sometimes backing up concerns about pollution and passions is independent. Carbon Free concludes that, on the assumption that the traditional energy prices will remain at the current level or topic, microgeneration (satisfy all of one's home's energy needs by installing alternative energy sources, technologies such as solar panels or wind turbines) becomes a home energy Internet came home communications and data collection, and in the end this is not an existing energy supply companies companies deep impact.

Carbon Free analyses also show that energy companies themselves have jumped the game, and try to exploit its own interest in itself a new microgeneration in order to view this file. Carbon Free mentions the electricity companies (United Kingdom) reporting that seriously examine them to develop ideas for new geothermal energy facilities, as these companies will see geothermal energy production of the wave of the future very good example.The second is the conclusion of the Carbon Free solar hot water technology to reduce your home energy efficient technology of water heating costs in the long term, although it was originally quite expensive to install.The Sun has not yet cost-efficient, corporations, as they require too much specialized viemärijohtojen by way of derogation from the warm water heating to solar energy. Finally, the Carbon Free tells us that the installation of wind turbines is an effective way of reducing the costs of home electricity is also a more independent again this is, however, was initially very expensive thing is installed, and you would do well to start companies by reducing its prices, equipment, or they find themselves losing market share.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Consequences of the timbues

Humans with the passage of time has begun to use nature as an exploitable resource much more beyond of needs and reasoning, it is inevitably bringing many problems today, and has secured a good amount for future generations, by it is good to raise people about men can cause this indiscriminate exploitation, as for example, in the case of deforestation.


The use of wood is the main cause of deforestation, but destroy large forests and jungles solo a little wooden brings serious consequences, as a global warming Mayor, already trees tend to decrease the amount of heat reflected through the greenhouse effect.

Ancud, the street provide a consuming purify air carbon dioxide, is abundant in air pollution.

Trees are ecosystems and son home to miles of living creatures, by depriving them of their natural habitat takes them a step closer in danger of extinction.

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Problems of nuclear energy

Even though this is a blog of renewable energy, worth commenting on some important aspects of one's energies more important that we use today, nuclear energy. Specifically have to talk about the dangers of using this type of energy, that may seem that they are not, a good reason to let us use it to invest fully in renewables.

But first and foremost, we need to understand a little how this type of energy. nuclear energy is energy released spontaneous or artificially in nuclear reactions.

However, this energy use it for other purposes, as we have said before, for obtaining electrical energy, thermal and mechanical.Currently, is a power that can lead to various dangers.The basic energy such danger is the human radioactividad:seres and other creatures have no sensor for radioactivity injured by exposure, inhalation or ingestion radioactive radiation is energy and can alter the information genéticaprovoca cancer, malformation in fetus a predictable accident risk highest in Europe is a 16% each nuclear power plant is exposed to human errors and technical deficiencies.

In the life of 40 years, the percentage of a maximum foreseeable accident is 15.5% in the world there are 440 nuclear plants, corresponding to a maximum foreseeable accident at the level mundialLa % 440 nuclear fission produce radioactive waste the deadly danger to humans by the radioactivity of hard waste hundreds of thousands of añosNingún country in the world has technically solved the problem of storing nuclear waste by one million years in a dangers of this type of energy problem lugarOtro is often used in military weapons.

This makes is destabilizing the world and there are also targets of terrorists and warrior Nations attack nuclear power plants.As we can see with this kind of information can be establishing many dangers due to the use and production of this type of energy.

Human beings tend to irrationally, even establish war dangers from all exhaustible natural materials, this we must deduce that it is not very good to stop as soon as possible the use of non-renewable energy.

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As care for the environment: Street planting

Caring for the environment is a task to all us involving, since little point some firefighters try to improve the quality of natural life on our planet while others remain indifferent.

Useful advice helps greatly to environmental Sin import where dreamt = tristhe is planting trees, trees already meets many fundamental functions succeed have a future cleaner and green, already for something one son the deliver more popular ecology.

Trees not only provide to purify the environment and alleviating pollution air consuming carbon dioxide, but also provide shade and Reflecting less sunlight affect global warming through the greenhouse effect. Ancud son trees the main founders of ecosystems, being Habitat miles of living creatures.