Monday, March 21, 2011

Wind Explorer

The world of automobiles, the pursuit of energy attempting to impersonate internal combustion engines that require some fossil fuel combustion, or similar is pointing towards the electric mobility, but also some builders have pointed to other technologies.

Wind Explorer

Such is the case of Australian inventors dirk gion and stefan simmerer, who have recently completed a cruise aboard the wind Explorer, a car that uses energy 100% clean, renewable, visiting his native Australia and spending only $16.

The car in question form of capsule, uses three wheels and is mobilized by a combination of electricity and the use of wind energy, the latter in two different ways: to recharge the batteries, and to gain more power.

Recharge the lithium ion batteries is a small portable wind turbine becomes operational during walking, reloading a pack of batteries weighing around 80 kilograms altogether (the car as a whole reaches 200 kg) that helps to reach its top speed of 88.5 kilometres per hour, which may even increase to 100 km/h using a comet (more wind energy use)

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