Thursday, March 24, 2011

The world's largest park Fotovoltaico

Obtained through solar photovoltaic energy requires a large amount of cells according to the amount of energy that seeks to obtain, which leads to the realization of complete installations of these panels that occupy few yards and even hectares of land.

Parque Fotovoltaico Canada

A clear example of this is the recently opened Fotovoltaico Park which was opened in Ontario (Canada) very close to the border with the State of Michigan (United States) which is already running, and estimate, you will be able to produce until 80 Mega Watts of electricity.

Entrepreneurship has been carried out by Enbridge Energy companies and the First Solar firm, and has become the largest in the world, shifting to a second place located in Olmedilla (Spain) which currently has a capacity to generate up to 60 Mega Watts of electricity photovoltaic Park.

This Park will have a production capacity of up to 120,000 MWh per year, which is estimated will reach to meet the energy needs of at least 12,800 homes Canadians.

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