Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Problems of nuclear energy

Even though this is a blog of renewable energy, worth commenting on some important aspects of one's energies more important that we use today, nuclear energy. Specifically have to talk about the dangers of using this type of energy, that may seem that they are not, a good reason to let us use it to invest fully in renewables.

But first and foremost, we need to understand a little how this type of energy. nuclear energy is energy released spontaneous or artificially in nuclear reactions.

However, this energy use it for other purposes, as we have said before, for obtaining electrical energy, thermal and mechanical.Currently, is a power that can lead to various dangers.The basic energy such danger is the human radioactividad:seres and other creatures have no sensor for radioactivity injured by exposure, inhalation or ingestion radioactive radiation is energy and can alter the information genéticaprovoca cancer, malformation in fetus a predictable accident risk highest in Europe is a 16% each nuclear power plant is exposed to human errors and technical deficiencies.

In the life of 40 years, the percentage of a maximum foreseeable accident is 15.5% in the world there are 440 nuclear plants, corresponding to a maximum foreseeable accident at the level mundialLa % 440 nuclear fission produce radioactive waste the deadly danger to humans by the radioactivity of hard waste hundreds of thousands of añosNingún country in the world has technically solved the problem of storing nuclear waste by one million years in a dangers of this type of energy problem lugarOtro is often used in military weapons.

This makes is destabilizing the world and there are also targets of terrorists and warrior Nations attack nuclear power plants.As we can see with this kind of information can be establishing many dangers due to the use and production of this type of energy.

Human beings tend to irrationally, even establish war dangers from all exhaustible natural materials, this we must deduce that it is not very good to stop as soon as possible the use of non-renewable energy.

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