Saturday, April 30, 2011

Water Softeners

Between the different types of water filters that are usually fitted in homes, there is one which is of great importance to avoid possible disorders to health, due to the existence of the so-called water hardness, is that of the softenersalso known as softening water, as well as water softener, the process of eliminating the above.

The water that we consume every day and coming out of the sink, usually contains small concentrations of salts, usually from magnesium and calcium, which with the passage of time tend to accumulate in the pipe and block them, or damaging some artifacts such as faucets.
This obstruction in pipes of hot water that in the of cold water, taking as examples the obstructions in coffee or water heaters, is more common because mentioned minerals salts tend to adhere to the walls of the resistance and the heat sources necessary for the operation.
This brings also a galvanized metal walls of the older pipes tend to a greater corrosion in the presence of these minerals, by the formation of the metal ions, which easily react with ions provided by salts.
The softeners that are marketed are divided into three large groups:
Catalytic: uses a special alloy of metals and generates turbulence and changes of pressure in the water, precipitating Calcium carbonate by a change in the pH of the water, making the crystals of calcium decreasing its size and therefore do not form Tartar or inlays.Mechanics: those used in Osmósis reverse, applying pressure and using a semi-impermeable membrane processes.Chemical: They seek the destruction of minerals with the use of a filter in the form of zeolite cartridge replacing ions of calcium and magnesium by ions of sodium or potassium, which not only does not adhere to the walls of the pipeor it falls with the SOAP. Change the filter is necessary to regularly.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Amantide Electric Trike

One of the more problematic has been generated in recent times is the transport, relating not only to infrastructure problems, but also to fossil fuels, a form of non-renewable energy that not only escaseará in the next few years, but will not apply measures to counterbalance excessive use, generate its exhaustion in the coming years.

That is why different designers and researchers to continue with the development of new Concept and prototypes that will seek to replace the car for a form of mobility of the morning, which initially will be for electric cars, and in the more distant future it will aim at single-seat vehicle similar to a wheelchair.

On this occasion, the concept is called amantide electric trike, and basically consists of a kind of tricycle from a little striking design, but that allows to comfortably navigate the city, as well as having a rather than striking detail: after using itYou can fold completely and take up very little space, increasing its portability.
No doubt quite extravagant, is a design that very few brave are encourage to wear, although it continues to be one of the many ideas that are planned for the sake of a future better and free of carbon dioxideemissions

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Solar Park Landfill

The town of Canton, Massachusetts (United States) is planning the construction of New England's largest solar Park. Its construction will have the particularity of carried out on an old landfill of waste that was covered 25 years ago.

Canton solar Park will be 24,000 solar panels . Its production capacity will be 5.6 MW. The firm in charge of this project is southern sky renewable energy , who hoped that the new solar energy venture be operational next year. Canton community having the largest Park site of the region will report a profit of $ 70 million from public income and savings of energy expenditure.
Similar projects of reusing old landfill as solar farms are in other parts of Massachusetts. This type of land are some conditions for this type of installation of solar panels: these are flat surfaces, there is no shade without trees or buildings.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parks marine eolicos: approve the first in the U.S. after ten years

United States is a country that definitely needs to be accessible to other more developed in the generation of renewable energy.  A good step in that direction is the final approval of Cape wind, which will be its first wind farm marino, a project that took 10 years to be approved.

The new marine wind park will be located from the town of horseshoe shoal, in the State of Massachusetts, is in the South-West of the country on the Atlantic coast. It will be with 130 turbines that will give you the ability to generate 420 MW of electricity which will be sufficient to provide 75% of the energy needs of 75% of the peninsula of Cape cod and its nearby islands

He is expected that the construction of the marine wind park begins next fall. However still needs to move forward in more commercial contracts to allocate 50% of the wind energy that will produce. At the time, the first half of the total quota has already been reserved for the national network.
source and image: treehugger

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Different Types Of Renewable Energy

The renewable energy are all those who come from a natural source, are clean and almost inexhaustible resources. There are a variety of renewable energy sources, which can be different types of energy: electricity, heat and biofuels. Today we will devote to renewable electrical application, describing briefly what is each one of them.
Biogás: energy is obtained from the fuel gas produced generated via leave biomass or from the biodegradable fraction of waste. Through different processes can be purified to reach a quality which is similar to natural gas, and can be used as fuel, biofuel or wood gas.
Energy biomass: Gets the biodegradation of chemicals and biological waste (both plant and animal origin), or industrial and municipal waste and solid recovered fuels. The generation of electricity from biomass can be made in different ways:
Energy mar: energy that encompasses the energy use of seas and oceans. Depending on that take advantage of the waves is called wave or tidal if it comes from the tides. Wind energy: is the kinetic (movement) contained in the masses of air in the atmosphere. It captures from wind turbines (Photo 2).
EnergyGeotérmica: energy stored in the form of heat under the Earth's surface, obtained through deposits of high temperature (greater than 100 - 150 ° C).
EnergyHidroeléctrica: is obtained from power plants or minihidroeléctricas, through the transformation of the mechanical energy of a watercourse.
Energy Solar: is obtained from solar radiation. There are two different types of solar energy:
Photovoltaic Solar energy: captured by solar cells which, by the photovoltaic effect generates electric current, which is stored in batteries or injected into the network and electricity distribution (Photo 3).Thermoelectric Solar energy: uses solar radiation directly to heat a fluid which creates steam to power a turbine generator of electricity.

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Solar Energy And Eolic Generator For Apartments

We bring you a design concept that we have seen released Ecofriend Web and found us more than interesting. It is a device that generates solar and wind energy and can be installed in the balconies of the apartment buildings. His name is Greenerator and was developed by the industrial designer Jonathan Globerson.

Insurance many of you would like to produce their own renewable energy. But for those of us in departments it is difficult to think of the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof of our House or place wind turbines. This seems pretty promising Greenerator proposal.It is basically a solar and wind energy generator that intala outside the balcony of the home.

Greenerator generator is equipped with an vertical wind turbine and solar panels flexible and is easily installed in the balconies. The energy that produces can abastacer to a computer, a fridge, a TV or audio equipment.This is approximately equivalent to 6 percent of electrical household consumption.According to the estimates of its designer, thanks to this device, each unit in use avoid 2000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year (slightly less than 1 tonne).

If you are interested in this design we suggest them to visit the website of Jonathan Globerson, where may view from original sketches to the components of the Greenerator.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energy saving | isolation of the roof

During the winter and summer is when more energy is consumed in the home, mainly by the conditioning of the environments in the cold and heat, but a way of making sure that this energy we spend is not in vain is making sure that there are no leaks that diminish the performance of the air conditioners or heaters.

04.07. Como mejorar el aislamiento de techos y tejados

For this reason, to be sure that the Windows, doors and ceiling have thermal insulation which do not allow that the heat is "leak", and these are economical solutions and give excellent results, as for example, what value heat a room?If this heat is going through the Windows or by the wind that strikes the door?

With the isolation of the roof addition will ensure this, we do that by heating accounts are much smaller and save hundreds of euros a year on heating at the same time that we save energy. Including this isolation you can do yourself, so that the costs are really low.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Energy saving | battery chargers

To save energy at home, you don't have to do too much effort, and while there are many household appliances and devices with various functions of autonomy friendly with the environment or that consume little, you can always do that spending is even less.

images (1)

Such is the case of smartphones, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices laptops that require a battery charged for its operation. It is common that these are loading during the night, which is when we do not use them, but this is not appropriate, not only in order to take care of the Middle atmosphere, but also to take care of the devices.

When the battery charge is complete, the Chargers are still consuming energy, and several companies such as Nokia for example, we are reminded to complete the load of their mobile, but besides this additional expenditure, the terminals (mostly batteries) are still in contact and are generating heat. Not to say that it contributes significantly to global warming, but if that can damage the device.

The chargers plugged in without a device to consume 40% of the electrical energy that would be used if they were working, so it shut down immediately after the load is essential.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Method to transform into methane gas rinds them of Orange.

Scientists around the world in favour of developing techniques for the exploitation of the renewable resources and even waste of other activities, to produce sources of sustainable energy. This is the case that we bring them today from the orange peel waste for the production of biogas methane utilization. The research that we are talking about was brought forward by scientists in the area of chemical engineering of the UCO (University of Córdoba ) and his study was recently published in the magazine Bioresource Technology.


The technique aims of waste from the shells of oranges. This begins a pretreatment of the extraction of D-limoneno (substance found in the shells of citrus oil). Subsequently undergoes waste to a process called anaerobic digestion, which produces a microbial transformation of matter in the absence of oxygen.The result is the generation of various gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane.

After testing laboratories, researchers from the University of Cordoba determined that the methane gas production process has a higher rate of productivity with the use of thermophilic (are those with optimum temperature of 45 ° c. growth)


This technique of utilization of the orange peel can be very profitable if achieved be applied on a large scale. To give you a dimension, Orange world production reached 63 million tonnes in 2007.This amount is estimated that 70% is used in the industrial production of juices and jams, leaving more than half in waste.I.e. more 20 million tons of shells and pulps that are wasted each year.The application process developed by cordoban researchers could be a great way to leverage these waste and at the same time an interesting source of biogas obtained in a manner sustainable.


SYNC platform

University of Córdoba


SYNC platform


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Urban Crash, solar energy in the parks

We bring you an interesting design where the generation of solar energy is integrated with community life. It is still a project, but for its simplicity, versatility and design hope that you can eventually materialize in a prototype and then be manufactured. It has been called urban crash and it offers is a solar device ideal for areas of recreation community, such as parks or squares.

Thanks to its design, these solar panels become in turn a rest, ideal area provide a fresh shadow over the games for children or banks of the Park. At night, the urban crash is perfect as a Center for a night walk or even a small event or a party (with lights, music and everything). The glass roofs that make up the structure are photovoltaic cells have been inserted, that produce solar energy during the day and her stored in batteries. Thanks to this energy, you get power supply for the operation of the LED lights and sound system.

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The best photos of the underwater world

Our planet has an impressive, full of plants and animals in all its corners biodiversity, it is another reason to preserve them and to avoid falling into caring for the environment and spaces natural endangered in live them.


The underwater world is exciting and makes us give account of this beauty nombrábamos million different species and some of the rare animals in the world more incredible, but it is also the medium are usually ideal for spectacular pictures, because not many people visit this beautiful place.

Contamination of water, mainly by spills of oil at sea are compromising the beauty of the seafloor, by what perhaps this photo gallery help an awareness on beautiful people is the planet and to care a little better, longer if all we cooperate, no task a is impossible.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Motorcycle electrical 2011

Update is part of the automotive industry, and since the last years, it revolves around new forms of mobility seeking to supplant progressively internal combustion engines, taking the time to the use of electricity as best option, and this is what it being applied also to the world of motorcycles.

Brammo Empulse Motor

While there is a variety of models as expected, the year 2011 will also be a phase of renovations to the world of electric bikes, and we will have some options we selected as the best, with a selection for each gender, is for the lovers of speed, as for those who only use them for the urban journey.

Nothing more to say, you leave with the Best electric bikes to 2011:

KTM FreeRide - 01

It has been presented ending the first quarter of 2010 in the Japanese event in the Hall of Tokyo, after a hard work of development and design in the hands of the Vienna Institute of development, those who were commissioned to submit two different models, one off road ready for all kinds of roads and variant Supermotard, of more sports features.

Both motorcycles equipped with an electric motor that develop an equivalent to about 30 HP power, which allows them to develop a maximum speed of 70 km per hour, powered by a lithium ion batteries that can be recharged completely in a loaded quick 1 hour and a half.

Regarding its chassis is extremely light as it has been made entirely in aluminium (giving you a total weight of 90 kilograms), with multiple adjustment joined hydraulic radial gripper brake forks seeking to stop safely turn their wheels, mounted on wheels 21 inches.

KTM FreeRide - 02

Brammo Empulse - 01

While there is a myth that electric motors are not able to provide speed, in the world of cars there are several examples that refute this idea, and electric bikes has joined the establishment named brammo empulse, which with its character and absolutely sports design allows achieving the benefits of a motorcycle gasoline.

With a weight of 177 kg, equipped with an electric motor which is able to provide an equivalent to 55 CV power and reach a top speed of 160 kilometres per hour, powered by a lithium ion batteries that have a point against, as they require a high load, time and a not so long as it should be autonomy.

In any case is to highlight this sports bike has a cost of approximately 5,500 euros to the change, and which represents without doubt the response to the combination between speed and zero emissions.

Brammo Empulse - 02

Kyoto iEdison - 01

Finishing the 2010 we have encountered a creation of Spanish origin (more precisely, Granada) causing a real furor in the market, representing major technological advances in the field of electric mobility and, above all things, control of consumption.

This is possible thanks to equip a computer named AdaptativeBAT, which as its name seems to indicate is responsible for controlling all functions the Lithium Ion battery, both at the time of the load and deliver electricity to its individual components.

Tablero iEdison

On its Board is absolutely everything from the amount of energy remains (expressed in remaining kilometres) to the possibility of storing in a card SD memory information obtained during their use and send via Internet to the manufacturer, who are already working on a successor with all data.

For those who are interested, it costs about 3,995 EUR, we can also make a free trial go to his official site.

Kyoto iEdison - 02

Besides these motorcycles, other electric models we already analysed in depth in EspacioMotos and listed below are available:

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Madrid: Protest anti nuclear energy

While growing concern by the Japan nuclear crisis, in every corner of the world grow the demonstrations against the use of this type of energy. It is clear that the protests against nuclear energy have begun long ago, but recent news have put emphasis on this serious problem.


In Madrid, as happened recently in Bilbao, it has called a demonstration to express the opposition of citizenship to an energy model with nuclear energy as one of its pillars (20% in Spain). The appointment is headed by about 50 environmental organisations. The meeting point is faced with the Museum Reina Sofia, tomorrow Sunday March 20 from 11: 00 to 13: 00 h. The aim is to express solidarity with the Japanese people and demand the closure of the central nuclear in Spainto the Spanish Government.  We hope to participate in this action those who share the concern to potential threats from nuclear energy.

source and image:

Ecologistas en acción

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Nanotechnology: 10 times more efficiency in the absorption of light in solar cells

The contributions of nanotechnology or nanoscience seem endless, since it opens up new worlds to scientists, where things behave differently when you thought if they are carried the minimum scale of chemistry part of a meter (nanometer). And research and innovation in the field of solar energy is taking great benefit from this.


In this case will bring new research forward by engineers of the University of Stanford. This team has designed blades solar cells that can absorb sunlight much more efficiently than cells thick, expensive, and made from Silicon.The key lies in light behaves differently from close to the nanometer scale.

The result is that – by combining different thin layers of films of organic polymers is absorbed 10 times more light than I thought possible. This is achieved because they have managed to retain the light within the solar cell for longer.The longer stays the photon bouncing in the cell, more energy you can get it. A key factor in achieving this behavior of the wavelength of light was rough materials used.


Visible light has waves of about 400 to 700 nanometers.Stanford scientists decided to experiment with thick materials substantially lower the light wave, and noted that in this way can confine light longer achieving excellent results.

Apart from its high productivity the solar cells at the nanometric have other advantages: materials are expensive, and their manufacture is simpler than silicon-based cells.

More information:

Science Daily

Nanotechnology becomes faster, more efficient and cheaper solar panels in

Continued advances in nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of solar panels in


Science Daily

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


November 25, 2008 by usuario81159

The Colombian Institute of electric power and the Latin American energy organization identified three areas for its geothermal potential:

(i) Azufral, in the Department of Nariño, where is located the Azufral volcano and apparently there is a high temperature deposit

(ii) the Cerro Negro-Tufiño located between Colombia and Ecuador, where the volcano Chiles is located on a magnetic Chamber of 5-10 km deep temperature between 220 and 230 ° C, optimal temperatures for use in the geothermal power generation, and

(iii) Paipa, located in the Eastern Cordillera in Boyaca, where sediment and magma lie at a depth of approximately 5 kilometres (Pérez y Osorio 2002). In addition to these locations, an area in volcanic massif Ruiz-Tolima looks promising and is planned for research by the company INGEOMINAS.
The potential total and by region of renewable energy in the country is something that still needs to be analyzed in detail.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages with Solar energy!

Recently, I made a post regarding the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. And thinking a little on this concept occurred to me that I could do a post related to the advantages and disadvantages of some renewables separately. To begin, we highlight the main points of the solar energy.paneles Among the advantages more important we can highlight that: is a system of energy suitable for areas where tended electric does not (field, Islands), or its transfer is difficult and expensive.Solar collection systems are easy to maintain.The cost decreases as the technology is moving (the cost of fuel increases with the passage of time because there is less).Advantages include several special features: that emphasizes that it is not clean and is an inexhaustible energy, this is extremely important, more important than money and investment that can cost energy sources such. Mainly because looking in this view by nature and the Earth .energia-solar-proyecto-china Among the disadvantages more important we can find: radiation level fluctuates a zone to another and a season to another.Large tracts of land are required to collect solar energy on a large scale.It requires large initial investment.Complement this method of converting energy with others.More radiation, places are desert places and away, (energy that no advantage to develop agricultural or industrial, etc……)Sources: wiki pedíaimágenes:google images  



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Photovoltaic solar energy

From Erenovable seek every day bring our readers the latest news on developments in the production of solar energy. It seemed to us a good idea review some basic concepts related to this theme: photovoltaic solar energy, Photovoltaic panels, solar photovoltaic cells process photovoltaic conversion.

We'll start by reviewing the concept of energy photovoltaic solar. This is based on the principle that the energy contained in the particles of light (photons) can be converted into electricity.This is achieved through the so-called photovoltaic conversion process, which we will try later.

Broadly speaking, what happens is that, through the use of a device specially designed for this purpose, gets electricity thanks to the photoelectric effect of sunlight. Generally these devices consist of a semiconductor metal sheet that is named photovoltaic cell.Another variant is a certain metals on a substrate or thin film deposition. Has recently been found also great advances in the development of organic devices.
As a result of this photovoltaic conversion process Gets energy at low tension (between 800 and 380 V), and DC.Then uses an investor to transform it into alternating current.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tower Net Lima in the Philippines

Often when building a skyscraper neglect factors relating to the site is located where the project, especially those relating to the environment and until the subsequent implementation of renewable energy taking advantage of its structure, therefore we highlight the emergence of what will describe below.

Net Lima Tower

It is a complex of three towers which will represent the complex Net Metropolis 5th Avenue the capital of the Philippines (Manila), in the commercial district of fort Bonifacio, and that it will serve as headquarters to large companies in the Asian State counting on a surface covered 1.550.000 square metres, surrounded by some parks full of trees and plants of all kinds.

The first one has been built, under the name of Tower Net Lima, and carries a design planned to be adapted and sustainable structure for providing a great help to the use of renewable energy, also joined a remarkable decrease in power consumption.

We highlight the existence of wind turbines which will enable supply to the Tower, coupled with an innovative system that uses a solar filter special made in aluminium, placed on its periphery, which repels heat (designed to reduce consumption electricity generated by the innumerable installation of air-conditioning, something common in offices)

This joined other engineering looking to take advantage of everything that eventually is discarded, as for example the water from the Air conditioner, which would be stored in a special containers for cleaning and irrigation of the Park.


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Friday, April 8, 2011

Solar Fotovoltaico Park in Italy

Perhaps over thousands of years since a large dimension of Rovigo, Italy, land becomes something much more useful than function fulfilled, especially if we consider not only new functionality will be used for its former owner, but to facilitate the daily activities of a community.


This large expanse of land has given rise to what today we see as the World's largest Solar Fotovoltaico Park made entirely by signing SunEdison, who had obtained the permission of the Italian Government initiative some nine months earlier.

This installation, functioning at 100%, may provide some 70 megawatts of electricity, but what is surprising is not that can deliver, but how was carried out as quickly: was carried out in conjunction with Isolux Corsan investments together with the company previously mentioned, with the organization City and Local Environmental Accounting Reporting (CLEAR) who provided plans necessary for its function feasibility and livelihood support.

If this plant is put into operation its efficiency allows a reduction of up to 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide, which would be practically equivalent to more than 8,000 cars passing on a daily basis by the Italian road.


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Passive Solar Energy

We have been devoting some articles to learn more about the passive solar energy and its application in the construction of ecological houses. In our last note look at one of the elements used in architecture bioclimatic, the Trombe wall. Now we'll talk more generically in the collectors of passive solar energy.

Harnessing the energy resource of energy solar in the homely field is essentially based on the use of some devices called collectors. Thanks to them you can collect solar radiation in the most efficient manner possible and make heat uptake. Collectors can be varied designs and functioning artifacts, but could be classified into two major types: vacuum tube collectors and flat collectors.Let's see briefly what are each of them.
Vacuum tube collectors: consist of a cylindrical glass cameras that have inside a "fluid caloportador", whose main property is the exploit solar radiation. You can capture both the radiation that comes directly as a diffuse (through reflective in the atmosphere as the clouds or the water vapour particle). These collectors can increase the temperature of the main circuit, where the thermal utilization is produced.
Collectors plano: consist of a receptacle or thermal insulation-box part higher-this glazed.Its function is to attract direct solar radiation and transport it through tubes with liquid caloportador design something related to the heating coils.Important to maximize its functioning is coated with a special paint to better capture solar waves and favour the transmission of heat.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Artificial leaf that Imitates Photosynthesis - Solar energy

Now we have spoken above of various scientific projects to develop artificial leaves that mimic photosynthesis and they take advantage of the solar energy to generate renewable energy. In this case, we will tell of further progress in this regard with a feature that distinguishes it from other similar: (its components nickel and cobalt) make economically viable, to the point that there are potentially interested in manufacturing companies.


In the Edition number 241 of the national meeting of the American Chemical Society has made the formal announcement of this scientific breakthrough. He is - as I anticipated - an"artificial leafthat could be used to generate energy enough for the daily maintenance of the energy needs of all a home, something is expected to apply in those areas without coverage of the power grid in developing countries.

This advanced solar cell has a dimension similar to a tile and is composed of silicon, electronic compounds and catalytic converters.

 Instead of directly convert sunlight into energy (as do the photovoltaic solar cells), follows a different process. Similar to a "natural" sheet using water to imitate the process of photosynthesis, by placing in a container with water under the ray of the Sun "artificial leaf" can be divided the H2O molecule into oxygen and hydrogen, collecting these gases in a cell of fuel.


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