Thursday, April 7, 2011

Artificial leaf that Imitates Photosynthesis - Solar energy

Now we have spoken above of various scientific projects to develop artificial leaves that mimic photosynthesis and they take advantage of the solar energy to generate renewable energy. In this case, we will tell of further progress in this regard with a feature that distinguishes it from other similar: (its components nickel and cobalt) make economically viable, to the point that there are potentially interested in manufacturing companies.


In the Edition number 241 of the national meeting of the American Chemical Society has made the formal announcement of this scientific breakthrough. He is - as I anticipated - an"artificial leafthat could be used to generate energy enough for the daily maintenance of the energy needs of all a home, something is expected to apply in those areas without coverage of the power grid in developing countries.

This advanced solar cell has a dimension similar to a tile and is composed of silicon, electronic compounds and catalytic converters.

 Instead of directly convert sunlight into energy (as do the photovoltaic solar cells), follows a different process. Similar to a "natural" sheet using water to imitate the process of photosynthesis, by placing in a container with water under the ray of the Sun "artificial leaf" can be divided the H2O molecule into oxygen and hydrogen, collecting these gases in a cell of fuel.


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