Friday, April 15, 2011

Method to transform into methane gas rinds them of Orange.

Scientists around the world in favour of developing techniques for the exploitation of the renewable resources and even waste of other activities, to produce sources of sustainable energy. This is the case that we bring them today from the orange peel waste for the production of biogas methane utilization. The research that we are talking about was brought forward by scientists in the area of chemical engineering of the UCO (University of Córdoba ) and his study was recently published in the magazine Bioresource Technology.


The technique aims of waste from the shells of oranges. This begins a pretreatment of the extraction of D-limoneno (substance found in the shells of citrus oil). Subsequently undergoes waste to a process called anaerobic digestion, which produces a microbial transformation of matter in the absence of oxygen.The result is the generation of various gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane.

After testing laboratories, researchers from the University of Cordoba determined that the methane gas production process has a higher rate of productivity with the use of thermophilic (are those with optimum temperature of 45 ° c. growth)


This technique of utilization of the orange peel can be very profitable if achieved be applied on a large scale. To give you a dimension, Orange world production reached 63 million tonnes in 2007.This amount is estimated that 70% is used in the industrial production of juices and jams, leaving more than half in waste.I.e. more 20 million tons of shells and pulps that are wasted each year.The application process developed by cordoban researchers could be a great way to leverage these waste and at the same time an interesting source of biogas obtained in a manner sustainable.


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