Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Solar Energy And Eolic Generator For Apartments

We bring you a design concept that we have seen released Ecofriend Web and found us more than interesting. It is a device that generates solar and wind energy and can be installed in the balconies of the apartment buildings. His name is Greenerator and was developed by the industrial designer Jonathan Globerson.

Insurance many of you would like to produce their own renewable energy. But for those of us in departments it is difficult to think of the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof of our House or place wind turbines. This seems pretty promising Greenerator proposal.It is basically a solar and wind energy generator that intala outside the balcony of the home.

Greenerator generator is equipped with an vertical wind turbine and solar panels flexible and is easily installed in the balconies. The energy that produces can abastacer to a computer, a fridge, a TV or audio equipment.This is approximately equivalent to 6 percent of electrical household consumption.According to the estimates of its designer, thanks to this device, each unit in use avoid 2000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year (slightly less than 1 tonne).

If you are interested in this design we suggest them to visit the website of Jonathan Globerson, where may view from original sketches to the components of the Greenerator.

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