Monday, April 30, 2012

Generation Awake

What we propose this so catchy song with this new announcement is that we begin to take conscience that each of the decisions we make are important and relevant to the environment. Why is the moment that we begin to think and reflect on purchases we perform because the future depends on it.

It is the time to think about the positive and negative consequences of each of our choices because it is what we do which affects both our present and future generations.

Increasingly more people that take into account every day the use of natural resources at the time, for example water.

But we must also start thinking about the fertile soil, clean air which now only you can breathe in certain areas, the biodiversity.

We believe that we improve our standard of living to consume certain products when the only thing we do is that they begin to scarce resources and threaten our well-being and also that of future generations.

The Generation Awake does not propose to reduce consumption, if we learn to eat in a different way while respecting the resources we have, with respect for the environment not environment and what gives us the Earth. Of course, this will bring benefits of all types, we only need to make a small investment of effort and attention.

Today we bring you the video of the Generation Awake of the European Union in which you can see some unforgettable paper bags to sing a song catchy and sensitive to the environment.
You join the Awake generation?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solar Heater With Cans of Beer

The invention is simple: take a few aluminum cans, say 66, and as you can see in the picture is them placed in rows of 6 inside a wooden box and covered them with plexyglass. First you have to paint them black and make them some holes.

The sun warms the black cans, and by creating a different to the outside temperature, warm air circulates in pipes.

Start with a box made of plywood and nails, in which we place the cans of soda, 50 cans in 5 columns of 10. Previously, we holed the basis of cans with a drill, to allow the heat to circulate by columns. 5 Cans below, will have also holes on the sides, so that the heat flow from one column to the next.

Then we sealed the box with silicone joints, so to escape the heat.

Then we encolamos the cans to the box, and paint them black, so that they can better absorb the heat.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nuclear waste in Spain

 Something as tiny as the Atom comes from nuclear energy, which arises after a series of chemical reactions.

But in addition to this energy, radioactivity , which makes exposed substances are contaminated follows. Hence the need to manage radioactive waste with an extreme control of them.

So it is important that they are stored in containers that can not be transferred, such as concrete barriers, and know exactly How long they take to stop broadcasting radiation.

One of the examples of storage of waste in Spain is found in the Cabril, municipal and Hornachuelos in Cordoba, built by ENRESA on the basis of an old uranium mine. Up the Cabril arrive waste through a means of ground transportation and are always stored in solid state, making a mixture of concrete with the contaminated material to be introduced later in drums which then go on to a container that will be in turn sealed with cement.

These containers make up the platforms which are also sealed with a mobile roof, to finally rest under a series of physical barriers. There report will be based for three centuries under surveillance, moment in which would have already no radioactivity whatsoever. Despite all these measures of security, from Greenpeace they warn us that the area of Hornachuelos is an geographically fragmented area, which poses a risk for this type of storage.

Most of the radioactive waste generated in Spain are low and average activity and come from hospitals, industry, research centres and of course own nuclear power plants. But we also waste of high activity are accumulated in pools of own power plants, which are stored in containers to 12 meters of depth for 3 years, after which it can reprocess.

The problem of these pools is when they reach their maximum of storage. This is the reason why the company ENRESA wants to build Temporary centralized warehouses (ATC), something which Greenpeace seems unacceptable, the more acceptable option for them would be the build Stores temporary individualized (ATI) whose cost is much better and whose construction in Spain would be necessary only in plants of Garoña (Burgos), Cofrentes (Valencia), Almaraz (Badajoz) and Vandellós (Tarragona), because the rest of Spanish nuclear power plants, already exists.

The place chosen by ENRESA to create its ATC in Spain is the Cuenca municio of Villar de Cañas, in which waste will be stored for 60 years. This municipality has 442 and is located 75 kilometres southwest of Cuenca.

Friday, April 27, 2012

How electricity: which is an electric field

In the 18th century, thanks to research of Coulomb, could be established that electric charges interact at distance, as well as the mass against gravitational forces. I.e., that a mass or load might inexplicably, without any mediator to notice another in their environments.

 This idea was uncomfortable with physicists, even to the own Newton. Faraday proposed an alternative interpretation of very useful, based on the idea of field: space surrounding an electric charge is affected by its presence, since it modifies its characteristics.

In his attempt to represent him, Faraday described as invisible tentacles that are moving from the load. In this way, from the moment in which a body takes charge, this information or novelty is stretching in your environment quickly, indeed to the speed of light, and can eventually reach another load.
As it is true to speak of the interaction between a load and another, it is possible to also describe the same incident from the interaction of a cargo area that is.

To electric field can represent it with lines, by Convention, out of the positive charges and entering the negative charges. They indicate the direction of the field at every location, i.e. the direction of the electric force which would experience a timely and positive, load called burden of proof, if it is placed at each position in the field.

The number of lines is proportional to the intensity of the field, IE where the lines are very close, the field is large and where they are separated, the field is small.

Despite the many similarities between the actions electric and gravitational, should be clarified a difference: the gravitational field is always inlet to its source (a mass) while the electric field can be incoming or outgoing on the load that is generated, there are two different kinds of load.

View electric field requires some care, although it is possible to do it with some simple experiences. The simplest is to observe the direction of the hair covering the forearm when, for example,
We are approaching a bowed plastic rule.

Is also possible to obtain a representation at the level of the electric field linesor in the following manner: put a mixture of oil for the body and very small pieces of human hair, no more than 2 mm of
long, on a flat glass, such as a microscope slide. If we bring a charged object, observe that the orientation of the pieces of hair will follow the electric fieldlines.

Representation of electric fields created by positive and negative point charges.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Meek: A concept of low emission taxi with a sustainable approach collectively

The once-thriving industry of automobile and again has teamed up with the wonderful sentence of sustainability. Do but wants the expansive scope of sustainability really say? Simply put, involves the meeting of our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations (needs).

In this connection, there has been some innovative yet credible automotive conceptions that defend the pronouncement and the field of sustainability. Such a design concept is the Meek: a car from the direction, electric powered taxi which could serve customers in the future year of 2022.

Manso by Jacob Haim a car TAXI concept of direction
Developed by a design team of Jacob Haim, Nils Kramer and Matthews Wagner, Meek conception has referred to as a friendly echoed that would be conducive to the urban traffic system. According to the designers, most technologies of management vehicles auto current trafficking the essence intrinsic mechanism of the car instead of using the most important component of the passengers. But their conceptualization will come as a just solution to the passenger related predicaments (along with its environmental effects comprehensive). The fight against the problems will be done through various factors such as minimize congestion of traffic, accident prevention and maintaining the level of passenger comfort. But most importantly, the system will thrive to provide efficient and cost-effective transport with a fervent echo vibrates aware.

Overcrowding conditions encountered in areas densely populated mega cities and clusters around Asia, Europe and North America, designers have based characteristics of emission, the ergonomics and the fuel economy of Meek. In this regard, the taxi will have a capacity for four people. Reaching your vehicle specifications, the dimensions of the spatially skillful chassis will be 3 m (length) x 1.7 m (width) x 1.8 m (height), with a total weight of only 1200kg.

With regard to transmission of low emission, the taxi is fed by a 36 kW electric motor and wheel hub motors, complemented with a battery pack resistant 120 kg (which may be charged a rear power). The ability to maneuver will be dictated by a compact body with rear wheel steering mechanism. More importantly, from the perspective of the efficiency of fuel, the car will have a significant range of approximately 180 km on a single charge.

Now, coming to the spatial attributes, Meek have a variety of settings for optimized comfort of its passengers. In illustrations of concept, we can see that the minimalist aesthetics is accentuated by a glass of sober but tough aluminum (such as a roof structure) frame. The seats are to be ergonomic, with a range for the area of additional seats (if necessary).

 And with a sense of the allusion to the satisfaction of passengers, the designers have also thought of effective accessibility, which could also serve as wheelchair-dependent people.

Finally, expected that the system as a whole as a collective solution to public transport. This means that the Meek may call easily by smartphones, by entering the destination and foot the Bill. The vehicle can also receive a request to share someone else's if your destination is located on the same route. Now, if you choose this passage, the trip becomes more profitable for all passengers on board. This approach will also make the taxi more affordable and sustainable in the long term.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

IKEA to create history with 100 per cent of the use of renewable energy

The Green March is currently at its docks. Each entity, from an individual to a corporation, is struggling in his own unique way to help a step in this month of March. The biggies of the corporate houses are planning huge financial roll outs to help the environmental cause in some form or another.

 IKEA is a company and its sustainability 2011 report affirms their Green State. Also sheds light on the company's commitment eventually to use 100% renewable energy.

IKEA to 100% renewables
The company is fully dedicated in fulfilling its aim of activate fully respectful and obtain their offices and factories powered entirely by renewable energy. This is confirmed by the fact that IKEA has diligently planned to invest so enormous as 670 million dollars towards agreements of generation of green energy for its offices and production units. Currently, the company has the honour of being a collaborator unconditional towards the salvation of energy crisis under its portfolio of huge renewable energy including 69 wind turbines and more than one hundred projects of photovoltaic electricity generation.

More color was added when the company declared in its future plans to add 11 new projects PV solar to its current portfolio. The goal is the help of roofs of each of the shops of the brand with solar photovoltaic panels and generate approximately 7000KW of clean energy. The basis for this future planning is reinforced by the success of IKEA in the realization of its geothermal project in Denver, Colorado.

Tirado interest in solar energy company are almost charming. It has already succeeded in getting 4,984 solar panels on the roof of the store in Maryland, generating around 1196 KW of power. The most important feature is that while other corporations are thriving on the third power purchase model, IKEA is playing honestly by having all the facilities and their operation personally.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

V Ark to help save humanity from natural disasters

 In the film '2012' Hollywood, an ark was built in China to save people from the catastrophic events that took place. The Ark was massive, enough to accommodate and save thousands of people from being consumed by natural disasters.

Well, it seems that the concept is now a reality, only on one smaller scale. University Helwan Esmat Moatasem has designed a project called the Ark of v which could be responsible for saving valuable lives and the decrease in casualties in the case of a natural disaster, such as a large tsunami.

 The Ark of v is a project designed by Esmat Moatasem of the Helwan University.
Natural disasters are not easy to treat, as nature always has the last word. But with the Ark of the V, many lives could be saved if such disasters occur. During the last decade, we have witnessed many tsunamis which is already hard to keep count. With this in mind, be constructed of durable materials to provide refuge and protection from powerful tsunamis Ark of the Moatesem. Since the waves carried debris high speeds while approaching the coast, the materials used to build the Ark (v) be able to withstand strong forces.

The Ark has been cleverly designed with Moatesem taking into account the various possibilities that could occur in the case of a tsunami. The Ark of v has two modes of operation. That is placed on one foot, minor flooding that did not dent the as the stand will help keep the Ark on a higher surface.

The stand has also been designed to allow water to flow through it to protect them from strong water currents. In the second mode, the Ark becomes a floating refuge as it may be linked to the Earth using adaptive networks that increase in length as the Ark begins to float higher. A unique feature of the fifth Ark is its LED lights will act as a signal of emergency where the ship is buried or swept.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Institute of Technology of Tokyo Reveals its New Building Entirely Covered With Solar Panels

When we speak of solar installations in the buildings, the first image that comes to mind is that of a blue ceiling covered with solar panels. And I am sure that not many of us have imagined a blue all building, with all the walls, and every inch of the ceiling covered with solar panels.

The Institute of technology of Tokyo has done exactly what none of us can digest; they have built a new building, which is entirely covered in solar installations. The aerial view of the building makes it seem waterproof and quite unusual, but is not the aspect, is the technology that makes thinking.

The University of Tokyo reveals building covered with solar panel
Institute of technology of Tokyo is considered a prestigious University in the world and in fact the best in Japan. The revelation of his car sustaining building has improved his image for the eco-minded community. The exterior of the environment and promotion of innovation of energy including the roof is covered with panels of 4500. These panels have a total production capacity of 650 kilowatts of power, which is also supplemented by 100 kW fuel cell.

A question that strikes the mind is what tangible difference has this facility in the power generation capacity of the building? The answer is simple; the building has seven floors and two additional levels of basement and is due to the solar panels which consumes half of the power that would have consumed a building of the same size without solar installations.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carga Inalambrica en Avenidas

One of the main problems with these vehicles is in recharging their batteries and can be done at home and with little space known as Filling Stations, where you can connect to the grid in addition to parking, although this be solved easily.

Researchers at Stanford University are putting to work in the design of a new technology to recharge electric vehicles wirelessly, to be located no more and no less than in the streets, making our vehicles constantly reload when transitemos for it (which would virtually unlimited autonomy)

The technology would be developed is based on magnetic resonance to transmit that energy to the batteries of our car, passing an electric current in invisibly between two copper coils that would be placed below the asphalt, and generate a resonance with each other .

There is currently a very similar technology, developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that allows you to transfer up to 3 KW of electric power to a car that you parked on a surface that has a wireless charging device.

The difference is that the current proposal seeks to transfer at least about 10 KW and allow this recharge is done with a vehicle to mobilize for an avenue, a far greater challenge.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alternative Energy - Wind

In the world that we live in today that consumes fossil fuel like it does water, it is no wonder that we are soon going to live in lack of what it is we know as our only source of energy. All we need to do is look for alternative energy to serve us for a long while, if not for life; with wind mill, solar and the rest we are going to do ourselves a lot of good.

What a lot of us still don't know, is that we you can set up a alternative energy in the form of windmill in less time than it used to be in the past and it has grown popular amongst nations the world over, with new home owners setting up alternative energy as a source of power for their homes, cutting on bills and setting up a new environmentally fresh world that will allow a good life for the human race.

Truly it is possible to cut down on your charges on electrical bill if you install an alternative energy source like the wind mill in your home to power all appliances, come to think of it a whole lot of people from diverse part of the world are doing the same today.

More so a visit to countries that are popular in the usage of wind power are the likes of Denmark and the Scotland were almost every energy need generation plan depends on at least a source from the energy of the win.

As it may seem hard to get up a wind energy plan, it would become less hard if you can just ask someone who has done so in the past for information that may elude you before now.

Better still you can take the plunge and follow the link herewith below this piece to take you by hand and mind into the mind bugling world of alternative energy, you need to know that with insights enough to motivate you to start something today.

While you never have to wait any longer for solutions to your energy needs. Sure you will also cut bill cost or take the challenge and tell your power distributing company to keep their cables for someone else.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black silicone Solar efficiency increases

 It is there where the concept of Energy efficiency, improving himself continuously with the development of new technologies applied to the solar panels above, changing the materials used in their manufacture is present.

It has recently proposed the use of a new technology in development, known as Black Silicon Nanocatalytic Wet-Chemical Etch, which would significantly increase energy efficiency of the current panels with your application for a Black silicone that would reduce the reflection of sunlight produced in them, thereby increasing the solar radiation that is captured and converted into electricity.

This technology would improve the overall performance of the panel throughout the day, especially in regards to the early hours of Sun.

The increase in energy efficiency is explained as the reflection of sunlight on the panels causes this electromagnetic radiation is not absorbed, by which it means a lower electricity output.

To this is added a reduction in the cost of manufacturing of the panels, since it requires less equipment compared to other materials used in its creation, as well as being much easier its manipulation to create solar panels.

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Time to Put Alternative Energy in Its Place and Challenge Academia Fraud

We are building an alternative energy bubble, and we have politicians ready to cap and tax our energy sector raising our costs for energy. This will cost families and businesses, and that means jobs. It is unbelievable that folks actually believe this is the way forward, as it is an ill-thought-out plan. And those who promote for political reasons are doing a severe injustice to our great nation, our economic future, and capitalism in general.
An extremely good book to read on this subject is; "No Turning Back - Dismantling the Fantasies of Environmental Thinking," by Wallace Kaufman, published by Basic Books, a division of Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY, (1994), pp. 212, ISBN: Zero-465-05118-Six. In this book the author explains the methods environmentalists use to promote their alternative energy projects, how they file lawsuits, how they use the media, and how they attack industry.
The author also shows how environmentalists cite research projects, and who is actually doing the research, and where they are getting the money for the research they are doing. He also shows how many of the environmental alternative energy projects are actually harming the environment much more than regular energy projects which must go through rigorous environmental impact reports.
This is a very good book to read because anyone who studies alternative energy realizes that the concrete that goes into the foundations for wind turbines creates more CO2 than a coal-fired plants with adequate scrubbers would in a year. Likewise, wind generators only generate power when the wind is blowing, so it could take 20 years before they become carbon neutral within such cap and trade schemes. Yet, they will be exempted.
It is also interesting because wind turbines cause all sorts of other issues, plus they are a blight on the landscape. Some people might like looking at wind turbines at first, because they are new and they look cool, but after a while they become an eyesore. It is amazing that many alternative energy projects don't go through the same scrutiny with environmentalists as fossil fuel generating plants might.
Even though wind turbine blades kill birds, and bats, and create low-frequency noise, ultrasound which is bad for all species, no one talks about it. But even a small oil spill which killed 145 birds off the coast of Santa Barbara in the 70s got the world media's attention. The average large wind turbine generator kills 145 birds each and every year, forever, or as long as those blades are still turning.
We are also to believe that we should buy alternative fuel cars. But those batteries don't last forever and they end up in landfills, or when recycled they are toxic waste. In a recent article; "Driving Green - Does It Make Economic Sense to Drive in Alternative Fuel Car?" by Peter Bohr in Westway's Magazine May 2010 - the author asks the question and gives you some figures - namely if you drive 15,000 miles per year at three dollars per gallon and you pay $5000 to $10,000 more for your hybrid car than a regular car you will not break even.
Worse, in 5 to 8 years you will need new batteries, which can cost you 4000 to 5000 more dollars. And hybrid cars have a lower value if you sell it used without replacing those batteries. The depreciation is almost twice as much as a regular car. Of course they don't tell you this because there's a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money selling hybrid cars, and trying to capture that market.
Right now some of the hybrid car manufacturers are not making money, and they are selling the cars less than they cost to make. They are literally "Dumping on the Market" to grab up future market share, something that is actually illegal due to our antitrust rules. Yet they are able to get away with this. And those are just a few of the reasons why it's time to put alternative energy in its place.
We need not even mention the fact that global warming theory has helped academia gets billions of dollars in research to keep their departments going, that's taxpayer's money. Of course, if these research facilities at our universities don't come up with the right answer, they don't get future funding.
This reminds me a lot of the rating agencies rating the mortgage backed security bundles as Triple A to get more work. What I see coming is an alternative energy bubble, and I don't want to be anywhere near it when it bursts. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes the real estate market will eventually come back;

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alternative Energy - What Will the Future Hold?

Much like fashion and music, our perception of what the future will hold changes as time passes. Around the turn of the last century, we got visions of moon shots, Martian invasions and journeys to the center of the planet from science fiction writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.

After Sputnik shot into orbit in the 1950s, our future became populated by robot butlers and flying cars.

And today, as we face the specter of climate change and disappearing natural resources, our visions of the future include alternative energy solutions.
But what do we mean by the phrase "alternative energy?" Aside from crude oil, there's a wide array of viable options: Natural gas. Coal. Geothermal. The list goes on and on.

But in the midst of international tension and pollution, relying on a dwindling supply of fossil fuels is a futile exercise at best. New forms of alternative energy must be free from the limitations of the ones we're using now. The subtext here is sustainability -- the ability of alternative energy sources to sustain themselves.
So what kinds of alternative energy can we predict for the next century?

Here's a quick list:

Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Since well before Toyota introduced the Prius gas-electric hybrid, we've been speculating as to how we'd power automobiles with alternative energy. But the popularity of the Prius has driven business and industry to pursue better ways to fuel cars. One of the best answers is hydrogen gas, since it can be drawn from conventional crude oil sources and (like gasoline), "alternative energy" sources (like biodiesel). The hydrogen drawn from these sources powers fuel cells to power a vehicle's motor. The only emission is water.

Biofuels. If you've ever been camping, you've used biofuels: Campfires burn biomass (dried or decomposed organic material) to create heat and light. In the process known as prolysis, organic products are burned to create liquid fuels. These fuels can be used to power an internal combustion engine or a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. However, burning biomass produces carbon, which contributes to global warming.

Solar Power. As far as sustainability goes, solar power wins the gold medal; the sun isn't scheduled to expend its supply of hydrogen gas for another four and a half billion years. Solar power uses photovoltaic cells to turn sunlight into usable energy. And though business and industry have generally been slow to convert power systems to solar, there are several notable exceptions: One Southern California utility announced plans to spend $900 billion on photovoltaic power generation in the Mojave desert. Home Depot, the home improvement retail store, has also begun offering solar installation service to its clients.

Wind Power. Windmills aren't just for quaint old farms anymore. Though wind power has been used as far back as the 1800s (when it helped to irrigate crops), it's only come into its own relatively recently. Now, wind farms speckle the landscape throughout the American southwest.

Wave Energy. Off the coast of Portugal sits the world's firs commercial "wave farm" -- an installation intended to generate power from the motion of ocean waves. The key to wave power is the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter, the device that makes the whole process possible. The Pelamis is designed to survive even the harshest waves, since it only absorbs a portion of the energy of each wave.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introduction to Alternative Energy Resources

The onset of global warming and atmosphere-compromising scenario has led many to try alternative energy resources. In distinction to fossil fuels that are non-renewable and are subject to exhaustion in the long run, alternative energy resources are more importantly renewable and are best for long-time period use. There are 4 main alternative energy resources: solar, biomass, wind and hydrogen.

Solar energy involves the usage of the sun's energy to generate heat or electricity. Solar energy might even be used to generate gas for cars. Today, solar energy is extremely developed to include the use of photovoltaic products like silicon or thin movie CIGS. The position of solar energy, also referred to as green energy, in helping address international points like global warming and the greenhouse effect is sort of over-rated given the fact that this type of energy is free and surely, it is friendly to the environment.

Derived from biological supplies like pieces of wood, waste, and alcohol fuels, biomass is another form of renewable energy. This type of energy is generally a result of plant matter successful to generate electricity or heat. Mainly, something that will decompose or will be burnt can be utilized to create energy on your home or car. Biomass might also involve the use of ethanol or different kinds of biodiesel fuels.

Another common form of alternative energy is wind power. Wind energy principally using the wind's power and converting it into electrical energy as may be seen in windmills and the likes. Wind's energy is making an attempt to obtain more power than solar panels can deliver, which is discovered everywhere, since the location of the place to get wind energy from is quite an enormous variable in creating the needed electricity.
It's best to be aware that probably the most ample ingredient within the universe is hydrogen. Thus, hydrogen is one other major supply of renewable energy. After we say hydrogen, this is carefully associated to water. You may have heard of water-driven cars and surprise how the expertise ever works. It's caused by the factor hydrogen whose properties are very much viable for the production of energy.
It's doable though that these renewable energy sources could be mainly better off than their non-renewable counterparts, though their usage continues to be not in full movement nowadays. Apart from those four major alternative energy resources, there are also other varieties like hydropower and geothermal energy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Double-layer solar cells

 A team from the University of Toronto, led by Professor ted sargent has reported the development of the first two quantum dot solar cell layers, which can be an element of change in the field of solar energy

The team has used two variants of colloidal quantum dots (colloidal quantum dots, CQD), one to absorb the visible part of solar energy, and another to absorb part of the near infrared and infrared. Altogether this technology increases efficiency theoretical 31 percent to 42 percent.
While the theoretical efficiency has increased to 42 percent, the reality is very far from it.

As reported some members of the team of Toronto, this first double layer solar cell has a 4.2 per cent efficiency, only one-tenth of the theoretical estimates. However, they trust that in the next 5 years, this efficiency will increase to 10 per cent.

Also they believe that the lower efficiency of cells of quantum dots will be offset by its low-cost, both in the manufacturing and application.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Demonstration in Bilbao against nuclear energy and the central of Garoña

After the terrible earthquake in Japan and accidents that have occurred in different nuclear power plants following him, the world once again paying attention in the imminent danger of nuclear energy.

Many organizations in Spain - and the world - are holding the urgent need to stop this type of energy of side. In Bilbao, once more there will be a public demonstration against nuclear power generation, and the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant.

One of the objectives of this demonstration that summons the ekologistak martxan organization seeks to give a show of support to the Japanese people affected by the nuclear alert.

And also make a new protest against the central core of Santa María de Garoña, whose nuclear reactor shares the same technology and time of manufacture to the 3 in crisis in Fukushima.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hybrid Cars: Audi A3 e-Tron

 In the Car Show is being carried out in Shanghai, China, one of the most important news was the presentation of the new car hybrid Audi A3 e-Tron. This is a concept car that stands out as one of the most innovative models in this growing market.

The future Audi A3 e-Tron, is the hybrid version of the RS 3 Sportback model. It has a diesel engine with 221 horsepower and 1.4 liters. The electric motor has 27 hp.  

With this combined power e-Tron has a top speed of 230 kilometers per hour. Consider other relevant characteristics of this concept car:

     Li-ion battery of 12kWh,
     dual-mode battery charging: with energy recovery system during operation, and wireless network
     autonomy of 54 miles using only the electric motor,
     7-speed transmission,
     automatic transmission or manual
     intelligent temperature control.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Virgin Islands reduces the use of fossil fuel

On this occasion, another American location joins the change, with a project that will be completed effectively within a few years, but that will take a stage of progressive investment with permanent revenue.

The Government of the Virgin Islands has been working in conjunction with NREL (for its acronym in English, National renewable energy laboratory) in a strategic plan that will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by up to 60% by setting as term limit the year 2025, which will include measures aimed at the development of Clean energy in addition to increase the performance of the same.

Currently, as well as other islands, is it depends on much Energy import, so the shift towards renewable energies not only has environmental, but also an economic purpose to the inhabitants of the area.

Planning carries large investments to implement different renewable energy, establishing a strategy that includes the following:

2% of Biomass energy
3% of Landfill gas (biogas)
3% of Solar energy
6 per cent Wind energy
8% of Waste energy
 38% improvements in the Energy efficiency 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4 Ways to Make Money From Alternative Energy DIY

DIY alternative energy can be easily utilized and deployed using windmills or solar cells. These are the most efficient, cost-effective and logical solutions for the average homeowner. These days you don't even have to spend thousands of dollars to have these tools professionally built and installed.

Instead, you can build your own DIY solar cells and wind turbines using DIY energy guides who basically effective dummy guides are so everyone can build itself and these tools on a budget using inexpensive, everyday household materials. We will come back to that later, but for now let's consider four financial reasons why you want your own DIY alternative energy generating your own DIY solar cells and wind turbines.
Power accounts-this is easily the most obvious of all the ways to make or save money using DIY solar cells or windmills and generate your own DIY alternative energy. But when you consider that the average American family spends more than $ 2500 easily to power their homes each year alone, this is not a figure that should be seen as you can save that much would each year.

Tax breaks-the Government is very generous to those who embrace alternative energy DIY and generate it yourself, because they actually help the country save money because less expensive finite energy consumed and had to be produced. The IRS rewards these people in the form of tax breaks.

Home value-have your own DIY solar cells and windmills also increases the value of your home drastically. Other homeowners are interested in a home that will save them money or even just as you are, so keep this in mind when it comes time to sell and your broker questions about it.

Extra energy-many homeowners also easily generate enough DIY alternative energy using their DIY solar cells and wind turbines to power their homes and then some and have some extra energy remains. This is important and not many homeowners realize this but for every bit of DIY alternative energy energy that you produce not consume, baguettes in the grid and sold back automatically for your profits.

Your utility meter reads backwards and you walk away with that profit. Many homeowners spend by doing this only in a very attractive second income. Some of the best parts about these are that both fully automated income for life, but also you get to decide how much DIY alternative energy that you produce in a given year if you can easily build more DIY solar cells and windmills and your energy output exponentially.

If you thought in the past that making your own DIY alternative energy or with a windmill or solar cells was not for you, that is in the past.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

5 Hot Jobs in Alternative Energy

The natural energy sector is one of the hottest job markets to get into these days. With governments and other organizations around the world working to develop, implement and promote the use of cleaner alternative energy sources, the natural energy job market is steadily growing. There are loads of different job

opportunities available in the field, from construction work to NGO management, engineering, power plant operations and more. Think that a career in the natural energy field might be the right choice for you? Check out these six hot jobs in the natural energy sector to get an idea of what's out there.

1. Green-Friendly General Contractor
General contractors are responsible for coordinating construction projects an ensuring that planned projects are carried out properly and completed correctly and on time. Thanks to a growing demand for more eco-friendly structures, more and more general contractors are going green and working to build environmentally friendly structures - everything from private homes to schools and luxury condos. By taking measures like installing solar panels into the structures they build, green-friendly general contractors are meeting popular demand for green-friendly living, helping the planet - and making good business!

2. Solar Panel Installer
Solar panel installers have the job of placing and installing solar panels onto rooftops, poles and other structures. There are two types of solar panels which a solar panel installer can work with: photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal panels. Photovoltaic panels capture the sun's rays and convert the sun's energy into usable electricity, while thermal panels convert the heat of the sun's rays into usable heat. Many country's governments have only recently started creating incentives for homeowners to install solar panels in their residences, like tax credits and loans to pay for solar panel installation, and such incentives are likely to increase in the future. As demand for solar panels increases, the job market for solar panel installers is bound to grow.

3. Power Plant Operator
Power plant operators are in charge of helping to manage day-to-day operations at power plants and to ensure that everything is running smoothly. In some cases, they may have to deal with problems that arise on the job, such as malfunctioning machinery. The need to use cleaner forms of energy than petroleum means that a greater number of alternative energy power plants, including nuclear plants and wind power plants, will be built in the future. Skilled power plant operators will be necessary in ensuring that these new structures are functioning properly and remain well-maintained.

4. Resource Analyst
Resource analysts are responsible for determining whether sufficient resources are available to harvest energy in a given area. These positions will become increasingly important in coming years, as attempts are made to install new natural energy plants, such as wind power plants. For example, before installing a wind turbine field to create a power plant, it is necessary to determine if the area where the power plant is to be installed even has enough wind to effectively power a full turbine field. This is where a resource analyst would come in. Before any construction could begin, a wind analyst would have to perform tests, like auditing wind measurements, to determine whether the site was suitable for a wind power plant.

5. Chemical Engineer
Essentially chemical engineers use chemistry to solve problems and create new useful chemicals. Chemical engineers are becoming more and more in-demand to help develop alternative energy sources. Chemical engineers are essential to exploring and developing alternative energy sources, such as fuel cells and hydrogen power. The need for more alternative energy forms means that chemical engineers should enjoy good employment prospects in the coming decade.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Bright Future for Solar Energy-an Alternative Energy Source

I used to be introduced to solar energy within the movie, Race the Sun with James Belushi and Halley Berry in the lead 1e. It was definitely a story about low-income and reach under to the Hawaiian students encouraged by their teacher Solar Car race. In the film, a car like a cockroach shaped and lined with solar panels used rays of the Sun as an alternative energy supply the car run.

Solar panels are created by a combination of silicon with alternative elements that positive or negative cost. Solar panels are not light weight and the roof must be strong enough to demand that their weight, especially if the Panel is placed on top of existing tiles.

Solar panels are arrays of photovoltaic cells that represent an environmentally safe and clean method to take advantage of the Sun's energy and use it as a source of energy. Solar panels are composed of several individual solar cells which are themselves composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus and boron (which the negative charge), (which the positive charge).

Solar panels are widely used in rural areas that are not maintained by the utility grid. Solar panels are wired together in a PV array, and the electricity they produce is powered by an inverter that the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) changes, making it suitable for homes and businesses, and are compatible with the electricity grid.

Photovoltaic cells that are used to convert the light into electricity used silicon and even some waste producing. There are also large solar thermal farms and moreover these farms could be harmful to the atmosphere and desert ecosystems if not well managed.

Solar energy can be used on different aspects. Solar energy will be used in agriculture. Serres (which completely differs from greenhouse gas) converting solar light-weight to heat to be maximized in improving the growth of plants and crops. Serres is around since Roman times and modern greenhouses were built in Europe in the sixteenth century. Serres today are still an important part of horticulture

Daylight systems are also used to maximize the energy released by the Sun. It is used for the production of Interior lights replaced the synthetic lighting. Daylight systems include sawtooth roofs, lightweight shelf, skylights and light tube. Daylight systems once they are properly implemented can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 25 percent.

Solar energy can even be developed in solar thermal energy that can be used for heating of water, house heating, area cooling and heat generation method. Solar energy can even be used to distill water and salt or brackish water potable or drinkable.

The solar water disinfection, or SODIS water-filled plastic polyethylene terephthalate is exposed or PET bottles. This process takes a very long time, because the exposure time depends on the weather conditions. It requires a minimum of six hours to two days during the days with overcast conditions. Currently there are two million people in the development of ages use SODIS for his or her daily drinking water needs.

Daylight will also be converted into electricity using photovoltaics or PV. PV is primarily used to power small and medium-sized things like a calculator powered by a single solar cell. There are homes powered by solar energy. Using solar energy for water and house heating is the most general application of solar energy use. Whereas solar air heating and ventilation also grows in popularity.

There are 3 ways in which the use of solar energy. Most way of use and change of solar energy is using the solar cells. Solar cells convert light-weight directly in electricity. Solar cells are also referred to as photovoltaic or photo-electric cells.

Meanwhile, solar furnaces use a huge range of mirrors to focus on energy from the Sun in a very small area and terribly high temperatures. Solar ovens are also known as "solar cookers". A solar cooker will be used in hot countries to cook food.

With all the benefits like using solar energy, there is still a drawback for this alternative energy source. It does not work during the night. The value of setting up solar stations is expensive, but the advantage of using solar energy is accumulated when more so far.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Look At Alternative Energy For Your Home

It is almost an inevitable topic, alternative energy. You hear about it all the time in the news and see things about it on the interned. What is alternative energy and how can you use it? In its simplest form, it is just using one kind of energy instead of another.

An example would be wind energy instead of coal. Many other examples exist, but you get the idea. The kind of energy use rises each day with new research and new discoveries are made. Soon, we will use all one or other of these new energies.

One of the most obvious benefits of the use of alternative energy, the reduction of the pollution. This is not about global warming or climate change, but making this world a little better place to live. New research goes on all the time to make these new technologies more affordable and profitable for the general public. At this moment the cost for a number of these new energies is higher than the public is willing to pay.

Of the many forms of alternative energy, what can you do to improve your energy situation? Especially for homeowners, there are many things you can do. Take for instance solar panels. Solar panels have been around for quite some time. Their efficiency increases with newer research and the prices are coming down on them.

The last ten years many companies have included solar panel consulting and installation to their services.
Another that you've heard of is wind energy. For many of us this is not immediately feasible. Most of us live in urban areas or subheadings that it is not practical. Yet, for some, it is most definitely a viable alternative. If you are owner of land and the means to put, could be reduced to zero your energy costs. There are other alternative energy sources that can be deployed in your home as well.

For the gung ho you can even have multiple new or renewable energy sources to really reduce your energy consumption. This is a very doable goal. There are other forms of alternative energy that also can have a deep impact on your energy bill.

For example, can buy a hybrid or fully electric car are something that you can consider. Prices start reasonable for many models. Hopefully you have a better understanding of alternative energy and some ideas of what you could do.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Predator Joins Hands for Greener Earth

In 1987, an alien spacecraft entered Earth's atmosphere expelling a pod of horror in the deep jungles of Central America. A team of elite military force in a rescue operation obtains the suggestion of his monstrous act when they discover remains of several bodies of skin.

The unknown creature notes all their movements through the technique of thermal image. With sophisticated alien weaponry, human weapons not found no coincidence and its capacity of camouflaging challenges to a battle face to face. With horrible deaths around, each dam was built so that the creature to kill. The bloody ordeal ends with large Dutch finally crushing him to death. Heard of this family plot, well, 1987 was the year when left the film of 'Predator'. The terrifying aspect of the creature gave immense fear the audience around the world. Now, get set to roll again fear, because he is back.

He heard, but not in subsequent films where alien heads chops or hunting in humans. This time is everything save our planet. Now is this advanced form of extraterrestrial life is performed by the recycled metal, automotive parts and parts of useless machines. With 8'2 ", this work of art is a wonderful completion of metallic innovation and creativity that still representing all forms of fear."

The predator has taken some of our useless pieces of metals to amaze us with good fear. Recycling is one of the best solutions to avoid environmental pollution, this predator means height taking pride in being designed for these metals. Precision and brilliance is printed in the sculpture in great detail.

This ' 2, 8 1102-lb Predator is made from recycled metal, automotive parts and parts of useless machinery. Kick ass and still cares for mother earth.

Admirable but fearsome, this piece of metal that makes us think we go casual with our own creations and the day it is not the time when they become the real predator of mother earth.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diy Solar Water Heater

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Low-cost hydrogen catalyst

It is without a doubt one of the most stable candidates to replace oil, by similar physico-chemical properties which allow a high energy production, in addition to the technology of hydrogen engine is a constantly evolving and increasingly getting better energy efficiency.

But the difficulty of the use of hydrogen as energy source lies in that the processes of obtaining tend to be difficult and, in some cases, to a very high cost , requiring a constant technological development which is still underway and which is now added a new discovery.

In this way we have before us a new catalyst for hydrogen, i.e., an agent that acts as the physico-chemical processes Accelerator, created by researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and to obtain this gas in a much cleaner way.

It is currently the separation of hydrogen from different compounds is via combustion, and this demands a very high amount of released CO2, having as clean, but much slower, alternatives to use renewable energy sources (preferably the use of Solar energy)

With the production of these enzymes, there is a process of catalyst that speeds up the obtaining of hydrogen without need to generate a higher emission of carbon dioxide, being the first step to reduce production costs and to generate a lower environmental impact.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Solar Energy As an Alternative Energy Source

With coal and other sources slowly depleting, it has now become time for finding another energy source for us to use. There have been many innovations in the technology of alternative energies. But one of the most interesting and environmentally-friendly of them all is solar energy.

The main reason for solar power to be used as an alternative energy source is mainly the fact that it is readily available. In the world, there is always at least some portion receiving sunlight at one point in the day.
Also, people have researched on the energy potential of energy from solar. Since it is in the form of pure heat, it houses enough energy to support multiple cities. Because of this discovery, solar energy has been engineered and further researched to be made practical.

Another important factor of sun energy is its renew ability. Since the sun will be around for the next billion years or so, we can benefit from it as an energy source for a long time. Coal has been depleting and some studies have even marked its lifespan to be less than 50 years! Solar energy as an alternative has been an interesting choice people take.

Since solar power energy comes at a natural source, there is little processing involved. This becomes less costly compared to coal-manufacturing processes which require many power plan processes. It simply involves solar panels absorbing the energy. After this, it is converted to electrical energy which then powers your home.

Another advantage is to address the current temperature increase. It can be a way of balancing climates by absorbing the sun's rays. In doing so, they are used as energy that becomes beneficial to people.

Although sun energy is a cost-free innovation, it has some downsides we should consider. The most obvious of them all is that energy from the sun processes cannot function at night. The light is too weak to be of any use by solar panels. This consequently cuts back its proficiency rate.

In order to combat this, some scientists have invented different ways so that solar panels will be fully maximized during the day. This will allow a significant change in the productivity of solar energy panels.
As people start to look for alternative energy sources, solar power energy has been high on the list of possible sources. It is being refined by the minute so that people can get the most out of this alternative energy.