Sunday, April 22, 2012

IKEA to create history with 100 per cent of the use of renewable energy

The Green March is currently at its docks. Each entity, from an individual to a corporation, is struggling in his own unique way to help a step in this month of March. The biggies of the corporate houses are planning huge financial roll outs to help the environmental cause in some form or another.

 IKEA is a company and its sustainability 2011 report affirms their Green State. Also sheds light on the company's commitment eventually to use 100% renewable energy.

IKEA to 100% renewables
The company is fully dedicated in fulfilling its aim of activate fully respectful and obtain their offices and factories powered entirely by renewable energy. This is confirmed by the fact that IKEA has diligently planned to invest so enormous as 670 million dollars towards agreements of generation of green energy for its offices and production units. Currently, the company has the honour of being a collaborator unconditional towards the salvation of energy crisis under its portfolio of huge renewable energy including 69 wind turbines and more than one hundred projects of photovoltaic electricity generation.

More color was added when the company declared in its future plans to add 11 new projects PV solar to its current portfolio. The goal is the help of roofs of each of the shops of the brand with solar photovoltaic panels and generate approximately 7000KW of clean energy. The basis for this future planning is reinforced by the success of IKEA in the realization of its geothermal project in Denver, Colorado.

Tirado interest in solar energy company are almost charming. It has already succeeded in getting 4,984 solar panels on the roof of the store in Maryland, generating around 1196 KW of power. The most important feature is that while other corporations are thriving on the third power purchase model, IKEA is playing honestly by having all the facilities and their operation personally.