Thursday, April 12, 2012

Demonstration in Bilbao against nuclear energy and the central of Garoña

After the terrible earthquake in Japan and accidents that have occurred in different nuclear power plants following him, the world once again paying attention in the imminent danger of nuclear energy.

Many organizations in Spain - and the world - are holding the urgent need to stop this type of energy of side. In Bilbao, once more there will be a public demonstration against nuclear power generation, and the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant.

One of the objectives of this demonstration that summons the ekologistak martxan organization seeks to give a show of support to the Japanese people affected by the nuclear alert.

And also make a new protest against the central core of Santa María de Garoña, whose nuclear reactor shares the same technology and time of manufacture to the 3 in crisis in Fukushima.