Monday, April 9, 2012

Virgin Islands reduces the use of fossil fuel

On this occasion, another American location joins the change, with a project that will be completed effectively within a few years, but that will take a stage of progressive investment with permanent revenue.

The Government of the Virgin Islands has been working in conjunction with NREL (for its acronym in English, National renewable energy laboratory) in a strategic plan that will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by up to 60% by setting as term limit the year 2025, which will include measures aimed at the development of Clean energy in addition to increase the performance of the same.

Currently, as well as other islands, is it depends on much Energy import, so the shift towards renewable energies not only has environmental, but also an economic purpose to the inhabitants of the area.

Planning carries large investments to implement different renewable energy, establishing a strategy that includes the following:

2% of Biomass energy
3% of Landfill gas (biogas)
3% of Solar energy
6 per cent Wind energy
8% of Waste energy
 38% improvements in the Energy efficiency