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It is the energy associated with the use of coal, natural gas and oil.

Energy that possess fossil fuels is internal energy that we can take advantage of combustion reactions.

You can transform into what is usually called thermal energy (heating, electricity, kinetic energy (by means of internal combustion engines), etc. It is used in a multitude of domestic and industrial applications.


o Ease of extraction
o Well developed technology
o addition source of energy in the processes of separation, are provided raw materials for the chemical industry, medicine, food...


or non-renewable. It is estimated that, at the rate of current use, reserves run out in less than 100 years.
o Expensive transportation
or hard storage
or Causes serious environmental problems: effect greenhouse, rain ácida…
or is wasteful earmark to be burned materials are raw materials for the chemical industry, medicine, food, etc.

Tidal power or tidal power

Lately, we've talked about some types of energy and production in Spain and Portugal . On this theme occurred to me start exploring other types of renewable energy sources, which would be of much interest for curiosity awaken. To begin with, we can talk a little about tidal power, or which is the same tidal energy.
Although we discussed at the time this type of energy , specifically in June, since it coincided with the world of the oceans day I have seen important drill down a little on the techniques used to draw energy from the tides.
As its name suggests, tidal power and tidal power, remove electric power of the tidal force.portugal-ya-tiene-energia-de-las-olas
A technical definition, translated us as that is achieved by leveraging the tides ,, difference in average height of the seas in the position on the Earth and the Moon, and resulting from the gravitational attraction of the latter and the Sun on bodies of water of the oceans.
As you know, the main characteristic of this energy is that it is completely renewable since the primary power source is not exhausted by their exploitation. In addition it is very clean processing does not produce chemical gases.
Tidal power
Today, 8 June 2010 we celebrate World Oceans Day. For this reason, we believe it is interesting to know a little more energy...
Wind farms
Recently we explain things about wind power in this blog. It was necessary that a blog about renewable energy was here....
Solar power Spain
Then we will talk about a little envelope will solar energy. In particular, on the situation of the exploitation of this resource at Spain....
Enel energy renewable
Enel with renewable energy. Enel Green Power (EGP) is the subsidiary of Enel green power.  The news in the world of the economy and the...
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November 25, 2008 by usuario81159

It is associated with wind energy.Energy which owns is the kinetic energy of the wind, which we use in the mills in sailing...

It can be transformed into mechanical energy in the molibos of wind or sailing boats and electrical energy in wind turbines.

Wind energy is obtained by the wind, i.e. using kinetic energy generated by effect of the air currents.

The term wind comes from the Latin Aeolicus, belonging or relating to Éolo or Aeolus, God of the wind in Greek mythology, and therefore, belonging or relating to the wind. Wind energy has been used since ancient times to move boats powered by sails or operate machinery Mills to move their blades. It is a type of green energy.

The wind, a cheap and clean source of energy, would begin to be taken soon in our country. This is realised through the construction of a large number of mills, which would generate electricity on the basis of the so-called wind energy.

Obviously, they would not be mills as those sturdy and large blades of which we hear the stories, but rather long and modern metallic structures of high efficiency and productivity, such as those already abound in developed countries. In addition, in the strict sense, nor would be Mills, because they grind not nothing, but rather of wind turbines.

One of the companies with plans is renewable energy Peru. It has just received the authorization to carry out feasibility studies of Central wind Casma I, which will be located in the province of the same name, region, and would possess the considerable power of 100 MW.

But this is not the only project. There are other two even larger. Huayra Kallpa company has also received authorisation for his studies of wind plants Bella Union (in the province of Caravelí, Arequipa) and Punta balconies (Talara, Piura). Each one will have an installed power of 200 MW.

It is thus three important, comparable to a hydroelectric medium size enterprises. Hopefully studies confirm the goodness of the projects, in about two or three years more us, to travel through these areas of the country, the beautiful image of a huge, slender and efficient turbines wind generating part of the electricity required by the country.

or clean
or Simplicity applied principles
o Direct conversion
or becoming competitive
or it is a type of renewable energy which has its origin in atmospheric processes due to the energy that reaches the Earth from the Sun and sousa.
or it is a clean energy as it does not require a combustion which produces carbon dioxide (CO2), and produces no emissions and polluting waste.
o while not in all the places it can be used as sole source of electrical energy, their inclusion in an interligado system allows, when the wind conditions are good, save fuel at thermal power stations and/or water in the reservoirs of hydroelectric power stations.
or being integrated interligados systems of electric power, allows savings of fossil fuel or water stored in dams.
or You can install in areas unsuitable for other purposes, e.g. in desert areas close to the coast, in arid and steep to be arable slopes.
or You can live with other uses of the land, e.g. Meadows for low as wheat, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, etc. crops or livestock use
o current turbines are of low speed rotation, the problem of collision with the birds is being reduced.
o Creates jobs in areas where builds and assembly plants.
or Wind is a strong alternative to climate change that does not produce greenhouse.
or Its installation is fast, from 6 months to a year.
or Use combined with other types of energy, usually solar, allows self-powered homes, thus ending the need to connect to networks, exceeding 82 hours, autonomies and can achieve without food from any of the 2 systems.


o Intermittence of the winds
o Geographic dispersion
o Environmental impact on ecosystems
o Generation of interference
o Technology developing
o Difficulty of storage


Currently used, above all, to move wind turbines. These wind moves a propeller and by means of a mechanical system is turning the rotor of a generator, normally an alternator that produces electric power. That its installation is cost-effective, usually grouped into levels called wind farms.

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Biomass energy

Renewable energies are very varied, each of them sometimes requires the ingenuity of those who use it, and others simply looking to benefit from what others discarded thinking has no utility, thus having a wide range of energy sources that are dependent on the origin of each material, and one of them is the biomass energy.

This energy source has as its fundamental principle take all kinds of material, whether source organic or inorganic, for obtaining energy being used logically that from waste of different processes.
This energy is extracted from the source directly, by creating block fuels, or indirectly, performing a treatment and a process whereby derive in the synthesis of a fuel or other volatile substance.

One of the most commonly used for biomass Forms is through the harvesting and extraction of maize, which is used to obtain alcohols, although they can also leverage from materials of animal Kingdom, using from the remains to droppings from fat.
Turning to the extraction of corn in their harvest obtained two raw materials, the first used for food, and other biomass waste or by-products that serve as food, Yes, that is which is subjected to a process of saccharification and distillation in stages to obtain different kinds of alcohols, emphasizing the bioethanol.

A major urban problematic is not only in the procurement and distribution of electrical energy, but also what to do with the large amount of waste generated on a daily basis without delve into details of what a family discards regularly, you know they accumulate a vast area of land.
In recent years being a development which is the exploitation of residual biomass energy, which is based exclusively on the extraction of gases produced by the decomposition of organic waste, which generate the so-called biogas, which can be used to produce heat and electricity.
Of course, to take advantage of this requires a major investment in infrastructure, as well as a radical change in the treatment of waste (why not, with a proper separation of waste)

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Run Your Home For Free - Solar and Wind Energy Solutions

The ultimate guide for making homes use renewable solar and wind energies.

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What you need to know about alternative energy suppliers?

The meaning of the alternative energy is growing in contact with the modern civilization and the trends. There is no confusion that alternative energy is an indispensable part of human civilization. Renewable energy sources, it is very cost effective and it also protects the humane society of the grip of the pollution and serious damage to society.

In reality there are many developed and developing countries that are bold steps take the alternative energy that are available on the prices of the low price. for this reason, a number of companies set to generate different types of renewable energy and power for the benefits of the society and countries.

Let us an overview how other companies have shown their potency in the alternative energy production in large quantities for the Betterment of the country. For example, is a well-known Amelot Holdings company sector which had already been adopted and a team of scientists and researchers for the enhancement of the various studies in the field of biodiesel and ethanol products.

This company wants to build a durable link to deal with a number of well corporations who also to carry out a wide-ranging investigation work in the arena of biofuels and other alternative energy such as ethanol based energy source.Compatible with these companies, in addition, the great Amelot Holdings community that will show their maximum capacity and expertise in the alternative source of energy and power.

On the other hand, the name of the Environmental Power for the review.This company is also very famous in speeding up the long term agreements and contracts with small-scale industries to generate the alternative energy in the near future. it is also equipped with two sister companies such as Microgy and thief Power.

Microgy has earned a lot of recognition in the field of research and development in the field of alternative energy.It turns out the potentially update the biogas that is available at the lower prices will be.It is also environmentally friendly without damage to the atmosphere.

You must select this biogas as may be required for the activation of different types of industries with a lot of comfort. flammable engines and heavy machinery can be performed by the subsidiary biogas and this sector is trying to make the biogas energy efficient, cost effective and user friendly.

Common buzzard is another subsidiary of environmental Power and in fact leads to green energy.The energy is generated from the waste of mined coal. environmental Power feel very proud of their gigantic outstanding performance track record.

In case you are the graphics performance of this company, you will feel joyful as this business has a large number of contributed to the biogas and other alternative energy sources to generate huge volume. This company has a number of alternative power plants for the production of renewable energy.

If you are very carefully, you will come in contact with some of the world known companies as an intrepid technology and resources Inc., Nathaniel energy and many more that the huge performance record created by doing research in the field of alternative energy sources. these companies have shown that expertise to recycle materials in order to obtain the renewable energy and energy, which will be expanded in the field of human society waste.

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The terraced gardens

There are many things can be done in order to care for the environment to try to curb pollution, and one of them is to have an Orchard House or garden, apart from being a good and relaxing pastime, gives us organic foods to consume in family, saving money and an excellent alternative to be a GM attempts to impose.


But if Initiatives with the necessary space at home, always Initiatives with the terrace is an excellent place for an Garden, or home gardening, and also largely provide the environment, making the heat reflect less than the surface of the Earth, relieves it the greenhouse effect and thus also helps combat global warming is a major concern, and all this plus a benefits mentioned above.

From LUEGO does not change the world, but is a small step -  Some doubt some help and problems we can all do something.

Eolic energy advantages

Renewables son one of the ways we have to supply energy for use in our industry and daily activities, and pose an indefinite livelihood, gives it them a noticeable advantage over fossil fuels also contaminants now are being found in crisis. Kinetic energy generated by wind and emosionalmente into electricity is a kind of green energy is being used on a large scale worldwide, being of the more popular, by what we think would be good count learn wind energy.


Its main advantage is the aforementioned ability to be inexhaustible and debuga given energy wind do not produce harmful emissions to the environment and does not deplete over time, can a single 1 MW turbine replace the emission of more than 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide, is Sin doubt a great relief to prevent air pollution.

Local economic development see also benefited, thanks a the plants wind can provide income a local landowners, plus you can put wind turbines in houses to Save money by leveraging this energy. Oil already crisis is this starting a noted worldwide, by the renewable energies reduce dependency not to fuels and power used in household help sustain economic development branded an availability and price changes.

Maintenance of wind turbines and wind turbines is very low, it can be installed in places difficult to access Sin older problems, being ideal for tall buildings, mountains, and other areas with good air currents. If we take into account in addition to the initial costs and investment son basses, becomes one of the best options to start a supply us care for the environment and energy.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Energy: Free energy option

There has been much discussion is often referred to as "free" energy-energy that presumably, with the right technology can be made directly to the atmosphere, and very rich in making your purchase. Whether or not the goods actually exists, what it really would cost were its implementation, and if it not is it really a rich and efficient as it is drawn up by the research and development of this potential alternative energy source to the elements is changing the debates.

When one consults the words "energy device", one that could be at the hearing, one of several different concepts. This may mean a device to collect and supply some source that Orthodox science does not recognize; energy device that collects energy fully free of charge or, for example, the legendary perpetual motion machine. Needless to say, a perpetual motion machine — the machine, which carries itself forever when in use, sweet, therefore, the energy input repeatedly and never running out of energy — is impossible. It is not so easy to say that the new technology for harnessing "floating" atmospheric energy is impossible. New technologies always replaces existing qualifications, which has just been "impossible".Harnessing offers enormous amounts of energy atom power was "impossible" until a flying their CDs. trafficking in human beings were "impossible" asia at the turn of the 20th century and the Wright Brothers flight at the latest.

"Free" energy factors the majority requirement is that huge amounts of energy may be Zero, in the field. This is defined in the system, which is reached when the system is the lowest possible energy saving mode in which it may be, the quantum mechanical status. This is called "ground state system". Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is sometimes referred to as "remaining" energy and the first proposed the alternative form of energy can not be used as the way back in 1913 Otto Stern and Albert Einstein. It is also known as "the vacuum energy" quantum mechanics investigations, and it is intended shall be represented by an energy completely blank space. This energy sector within the context of a vacuum has been the basis for will be carried out in one of the most important waterfall by researchers and Hal Puthof factors. Puthof also, simply, the term "zero-point" that the universe has cooled absolute zero, provided that all the effects of thermal agitation, be frozen if this energy is still on.What is also known, even among the training henkilöstöpohjan, however, from this known quantum physics effects from a scientific point of view o.However, henkilöstöpohjan group — myself and colleagues there are a number of research and universities — that information, we ask the questions as to whether it could be this energy alternative energy source container "my", i.e., whether this background in the energy sector can be responsible for the inertia and gravity. those questions were relevant, as it is known that this energy may be processed and, therefore, is the possibility that this energy, and, possibly, inertia and gravity, might produce technical solutions. progress has been made (in quantum electrodynamics) field emission amounts relating to the management of the subclasses of excited atoms and molecules laser research and elsewhere.

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The contaminacion

When we talk about pollution do in very general terms, because something this contaminated with an agent in a medium that is not the usual and caused some instability in the balance, altering their conditions and causing unrest in diverse ecosystems, so be informed is the first thing of caring for the environment and protect it from contamination.

basura en lancha contaminacion

There are many different types of pollution because any chemical substance (organic or synthetic sea) or energy can be causing pollution, if we them present in environments in which non-originating son, as it is the case in the light of the cities at night, they can achieve such intensity baffle an animals, being one of the major cases of light pollution.

Son considered polluting agents exceed natural levels and capable of affecting the life and the ecosystem, although any strange media agent is undesirable.

The types of pollution, the most common and worrying son:

One of the key measures we can take to alleviate planet pollution from our own homes is recycled and organizer better waste, already badly rendered garbage tends to be the main cause of not industrial pollution.

Use products biodegradable as ecological detergents also is recommended, as well as trying to use green energy with no impact on the environment.

From our home page you can access an all news, as well as all articles of our name: environment, curiosities...

Alternative energy investments

It is possible to obtain the portfolio that benefits (which is the key word is not?) invests in alternative energy resources. "Green" energy production is expected to have a multi-billion (today in dollars) industry by 2013.

Recently developed wind turbine technologies brought us wind energy produced, which is more cost effective and that wider. More art State wind energy technologies are generally more conventional energy technologies with market is competitive.Wind power in the newer technologies are not even kill birds such as the wind energy production days old! play an increasingly important undertakings engaged in the business of technology, and it would in an excellent part of the growth or aggressive growth portfolio.

Next, to consider the solar cell or cell tuulisähkö techniques. These studies have been carried out, pocket calculators, moreover, the u.s. Coast Guard buoys which are lights and other regions. The more they find their onto the external fire performance of commercial and housing buildings and building complexes. That are a part of the cost. Their energy efficiency (may cause the actual environmental impact of energy production and energy is required for work), a slight increase. For example, silicon cell conversion efficiency has increased by only 4% in 1982, more than 20% of the latest technologies. Tuulisähkö cells create absolute zero pollution because they produce electrical energy. Photovoltaic cellls are not currently as a cost-efficient than "utility" of electricity produced."Na" cells do not [can be present in industrial production quantities of the status of the presence of the limitation to produce electricity. If tuulisähkö cell arrays could be implemented areas are still available. In summary, the costs are going up to wider contact with each other, although the effectiveness of the alternative fuel this technology.

Many of the alternative energy portfolio advisors, you are sure that the alternative energy sources from currents, tidal movement and temperature differences are changing as a result of new and the dominant form of clean energy.The French are actually quite far hydro power generation, and various studies will be carried out in Scotland and the sames lines along the middle of Some of the u.s. Chamber of Commerce of metals, such as barnacles and salt water and the violent storms which have been the subject of an energy production of serious internal disturbances affecting the maintenance of marine growth problems.However, most of these problems would seem to be making better use of different materials-cured.Ocean energy produced is a huge advantage, because the ocean currents and waves are understandable and reliable.

In the last two decades have increased investments in water electric technology, however, it is also a limit on the number of geography vesivoimalasta is clean power generation as prominently. even though the large and old dams has been problems of concern to the marine life of these Improvements. dams to protect marine life, but these improvements is expensive. in those circumstances, the more attention will be paid to low-impact "now run-of-the-river" water-power plants, which do not have ecological problems.

The reality is the energy for the future is green and investors would do well to transfer money wisely, they rise to doubts as to the advice.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finding Safer Alternative Energy

Our country roles of energy-related problems. The price of petrol continues to rise. More threats come from the unexpected economic and political conditions in the Middle East, Iraq, Iran and other countries. If anything, have these problems indicate the degree of dependence on imported oil of the u.s. economy.

Chart new roads in the area of energy production and supply is for Americans become inevitable. We must step up our dependence on imported oil to reduce and viable alternative energy sources.Experts argue that the time for relatively cheap fuel, and that we must be prepared to pay for the escalating costs unless we succeed in cost-cutting to develop alternative energy sources. with our technologically advanced and energy-dependent society, may not be the need for new technologically and financially viable alternative energy be avoided.

The environmentalists add their voices to the call for a fast alternative fuel due to damage caused to the environment by petroleum-generated power. Global warming of the Earth, water and air pollution have been identified as a few of the many risks we make extensive use of fossil fuels.

Nevertheless, we also have to be careful when the development of alternative energy coal, for example, is not inspiring. Is dirty, dangerous to unpack, and is also harmful to the environment.Sure, there must be other alternative energy sources to safer and more environmentally friendly and which we must focus our primary focus.

Other countries are also hard pressed to find an alternative energy agenda. It can be assumed that they also contribute to the deterioration of the global climate, and the responsibility for addressing the problem should be shared by all European countries and the United States have first progress has been made in the search for alternative energy to not only reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, but also on cleaning up the environment.

Developing countries must follow us in the collection of research data and the development of alternative energy technologies.The level of the public and private research and development cooperation in this area bodes well for the strengthening of our technological advances. therefore expect the added benefits of bright prospects for the marketing of these technologies to other countries.

Other alternative energy sources that further earn its technology research of hydropower, bio-fuels from trees and beans, natural gas, nuclear power plants, hydrogen cells and solar energy.Currently getting extra attention from experts is to determine the overall viability of solar and wind power, as well as the generation of electricity with hydrogen.

Expectations are high that more better quality alternative energy sources can be found and run in the course of the research and development in this area remains. by that time we can look forward to our cars and support our technologically advanced societies with less fear of further damaging our environment.

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Toyota RAV4 Electric

The world of automobiles, it is common to find alliances made between different companies (commonly called Joint-Venture) that come together to jointly develop a car that generates a real impact on the market and that, therefore, place a lot of sales and enjoy great popularity.

Toyota Tesla Electric RAV4

This is undoubtedly what has sought the Toyota companies when it decided to seal an agreement with one of the pioneers in providing high performance, Tesla (curiously, named by Nikola Tesla electric engineer, best known for his invention of the alternating current) signature electric cars

Work in these two signature set resulted in the creation of a utility that caused a great impact in the Los Angeles Auto Show, mainly by using an fully electric motor, plus a very elegant design, offering very good performance.

It is intended to be presented to the market in the year 2012, where will likely compete with the Honda Fit EV, and will have the same autonomy of 160 km with a full load, which are working is accurate in all types of climates (as some know, the lithium-ion batteries performance lapses notoriously in cold climates)

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November 25, 2008 by usuario81159

Estimated potential of Peru for the generation of electricity with thermal water, geothermal, from energy amounts to approximately 3,000 megawatts (Mw), said today the Deputy Minister of energy, Pedro Gamio.

He pointed out that this amount has been estimated by Japanese experts and announced that in the South of the country already began studies for the generation of electricity in the geothermal fields Borateras and hot in the Department of Tacna.

According to presented pre-feasibility studies, the potential for generation of electricity from both fields amounts to 150 Mw Calientes would provide 100 Mw and Borateros 50 Mw.

"This project is the beginning of the development of a new source of renewable generation is geothermal energy that has several advantages because it is renewable, helps local development and involves a strengthening of the energy infrastructure of South Peru," he told the Andean Agency.

He stressed that these geothermal energy projects help develop a Springs ecotourism project in the area. They would enhance agriculture to provide her appropriate water to remove heavy metals they contain water used in the project, and it would expand the agricultural boundary.

"The most important thing is that it is a source of cheap power that a central Diesel 2 or Residual, and never dries", he stressed.

The Deputy Minister referred Peru annually need 300 additional Mw, the growth in demand for electricity.

It noted guarantees a rate of internal return 14% according to project pre-feasibility Borateros and hot.

"If one includes the component of clean development, i.e. the carbon bond, which is a very important financial lever has the developed world to support renewable energy projects and reduce the emission of gaseous pollutants in planet Earth, the internal rate of return could be to 20 percent", explained.

The project is financing the Bank for international cooperation of Japan (JBIC) and the Organization of the trade outside of Japan (Jetro), as well as the Ministry of energy and mines (MEM).

Project pre-feasibility, Enrique Lima company West Japan Engineering Consultants, stated that the investment required to build the hot geothermal electricity generation plants would be 130 million dollars and Borateros 100 million.

He said that 30 years of operation of the plant would achieve savings of 60 percent compared to one that uses natural gas, therefore, in the long term its operation is much cheaper.

However, the initial investment would be very high for the intervention of a private investor and the Japan Government could fund its construction through credits.

Lima also estimated that the potential of geothermal energy in Peru could conservatively supply 50 percent of the needs of electricity in the country amounting to 6,000 Mw.

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Tag energetica

As electricity network users, you can take the commitment to collaborate with the need for energy savings in our society. Not only cutting energy consumption in our home and workplace. But that also this can be accomplished using devices with greater energy efficiency. The energy label will be our guide to buying an appliance to be able to choose an appropriate model.


To refer to the problems generated by the use of sources of non-renewable energy and the consequent need for the development of renewable energy sources, must not lose sight which - at the same time - is essential to produce considerable savings in our consumption of energy. So not only must implement habits to save electricity at home , also must choose efficient appliances. And this is where comes in the label energy.

imageWhen we speak of an electric appliance is more efficient than another, we refer to it consumes less energy to do the same or similar work. The energy label is - rightly - a label on certain types of household appliances which consists their level of energy efficiency, classifying from the letter to (the most efficient) to the letter G (the less efficient).

Thanks to the continual improvements introduced manufacturers, is expected in the future this level of energy efficiency in domestic appliances grow up with A +, A ++ and A +++, eliminating the lower levels. In fact, refrigerators and freezers have already incorporated classes class A + (devices with consumption less than 42% of the average consumption of an equivalent device) and the class A ++ (for those with less than 30% consumption).

The energy label is used in Europe and is also used in many other countries around the world. It should include the following information: brand, designation of the apparatus and energy efficiency class. Some cases also includes other data such as - for instance - freezing capacity for refrigerators.

Appliances that are included within the label energy are:

Refrigerators and conditioning Congeladores.Aire.Lavadoras.Lavavajillas.Secadoras, washing machines and washer-dryers.Domestic light sources.Electric oven.

imageThe choice of an efficient appliance is not only a benefit in saving energy. Does - by counterpart - the household economy that it will reduce our electrical service invoice. Estimated by comparing machines with similar performance, energy consumption can be almost three times less than in a class that one electric apparatus G class. If we believe that the useful life of the device is generally more than ten years, the savings accumulated in electricity bills if we opt for the more efficient may exceed 800 euros.

In Spain, the institution that is responsible for the implementation of the energy label is IDAE Institute for diversification and energy saving) .This Agency offers service users a database with the current listing of home appliances with labelling energy class A or higher you will see on your web site.

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Green Power 4

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Pursuing Energy alternative formats

The record American gas pumps and continuous trouble-Rankin in the Middle East, Nigeria and other sectors of the oil in a knowledge-driven economy importance to the maintenance of high prices is clear, the Americans, that we have many new opportunities for the security of energy supply and production development. In short, we need to reduce our dependence on oil, in the end is a finite and honestly, oil Cheap sources (all oil — only the stuff that is country) are running out. Energy consultants and analysts are insistent that the Cheap oil had reached "or is" very soon, go to the top. What this means for us is expensive in the future — unless we can find new sources of powering our mechanized and electronic civilization, new sources which are alternatives to oil.

We also move to alternative forms of energy, because we present forms are too without harming the atmosphere. This write does not believe that the global warming trend is much, if at all caused by human activity, even though (in short, is a natural cycle and there is nothing we can do it not only impact, it shall draw up a) contribute to the destruction of the environment, we and our energy sources of air pollution issues at present, such as they are.Coal is another source of energy, which we need to wean ourselves off — again, it is limited, and is Filthy and its mining is dangerous and environmentally disruptive. We also explore new streamlined methods for the production of electricity that we currently produce so much through the water is so that we are less disruptive of the environment, and when we have, for example, in the construction of large dams.

Developing countries, which have been taken, in particular, the major industrialized countries in recent decades of benefits, the research and the development of alternative energy sources, because they are doing at present much more than the United States environmental damage.United States, Japan and some European Nations examinations should and alternative energy sources and implementation of development programmes are therefore already led the way to do less environmental damage States such as developing countries like China and India as examples of Japan and the West, find the what to back up the State of research and development and private investment currency.We can also add your own finances, high reliability, is the development of such sources of alternative energy sources, and then at the forefront of technology and marketing services, such as India, China, Brazil to the United Nations, and so on and so on.

From "supertrees" and soya, refined hydropower technology, natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells, atomic energy plants continue to construction, and the continued development of solar energy tuulisähkö cells, such as biofuels, in order to achieve more research wind power — all these are viable energy sources, which can operate mammoth quantities of oil and coal, which at the moment, we are so dependent on us very lifestyle choices. energy for the future is green.

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Is Solar Power Right For Me?

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Contaminacion sea

Often think that the sea takes it all, and partly is thus unfortunately what if son our waste, Trash and debris, cause them pollution in their waters and mainly affect marine life and specs a species in danger of extinction.


Main not seawater son pollution-causing agents hydrocarbons such as oil and indeed to be soluble in water can stay long and even get an of para coastline contaminate Earth, spreading contamination.

Waste and discharges, mainly industrialists, cast into the sea causing severe disorders to aquatic life, already not only of choking and kills a fish but also eradicates the marine flora avoiding settlements of fish and ecosystems.

What is worse man uses the sea as exploitable resource, for example through fishing, by thing ourselves we consume fish envenenamos affect us directly.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Solar thermal energy

We have talked about different types of energy in our country. Above all I tried to translate into different post some information about renewable energy and energy types that exist.termo1 Solar thermal or solar thermal energy is about harnessing the Sun's energy to produce heat that can be used for cooking food or to heat water, which will be aimed at consumer household and individual. It can also produce mechanical energy which will create electric energy.In addition you can use to feed a machine cooling by absorption, which uses heat instead of electricity to produce cold which can prepare the air of the premises.It is interesting to know also how compact equipment home, for this type of energy used to generate hot water uses, health-oriented.Energía-solar-térmica-de-qué-se-trata There are two types of commonly called facilities heaters: open-circuit and closed-circuit.The open circuit, drinking water passes directly by solar collectors. This system reduces costs and is more efficient.Compact household equipment are typically by a deposit of about 150 litres of capacity and a collector of 2 m. These facilities can provide 90% of the water needs of hot annual for a family of 4 people, depending on the radiation and use.drain back From among the teams more common, we can find: equipment forced circulation, thermosyphon teams, teams with system drain back.

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Solar radiation

Then let's talk about something related to renewable energy, it is solar radiation. This phenomenon, feeds power to the plates photovoltaic systems that serve to promote the energy that helps us to bring the day to day.radiacion-solar In general, solar radiation are all electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun. Sun behaves almost like a black body which emits energy following Planck's law at a temperature of about 220V. Solar radiation is spread from infrared to ultraviolet . Not all radiation reaches the Earth's surface because the shorter ultraviolet waves are absorbed by the gas for ozone.Solar reaching the Earth is irradiation, which measures the energy reaches the Earth per unit of time and area.Solar energy, not only serves as a source here on Earth, as a renewable source, but it also has its main function in the atmosphere.renovable Solar energy received from the Sun , to pass through the Earth's atmosphere warms the water vapor in a few areas of the atmosphere than others, causing changes in the density of gases and by consequent imbalances that cause atmospheric circulation.In addition, most of the energy used by living beings comes from the Sun, plants directly absorb and carry out photosynthesis, herbivores indirectly absorb a small amount of this energy eating plants and carnivorous indirectly absorb a small amount.Most energy sources used by man derived indirectly from the Sun that Sun can on all its released radiation be exploited as energy.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spain: Prime marine wind park

Catalan to build the first Park in Tarragona Spanish marine wind project is progressing by leaps.

Parque Eolico Marino

Recent reports indicate that an agreement has been signed between L'Institut of research in energy of Catalonia (IREC), main investor of the project, and Vortex, Catalan company dedicated to services modelling wind.

This Convention allows carrying out studies estimate the wind field with which will serve to contribute to the development of the plant.

Project that has been named Zèfir Test Station (test station) mixed turbines anchored to the seabed marine with other floating.

With regard to Marine wind park project Vortex on the one hand shall carry out studies on the wind conditions normal and extreme estimates using a numerical model simulation that has already been tested in the Baltic Sea and North Sea with excellent results.

Mapa España Parque Eolico marino

Parallel to this IREC access to Vortex telematic systems in its own console in order to make estimates in the areas of study for the implementation of the platform.

In conclusion, we can ensure that project will be developed in two stages: first a maximum of four wind turbines will be installed anchored at the bottom of the sea 3.5 kilometres from the coast, with a total capacity not exceeding 20 MW.Estimated time of operation is in e 2012.

In the second stage: must be placed until eight floating wind turbines around thirty kilometres from the coast.Maximum power shall not exceed the 50 MW.The deadline for entry into force of the second phase is scheduled for 2014.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

South Africa created the world's largest solar Park

Use of Solar energy is one of the most widely accepted Renewable energy in the world, where increasing emphasis is placed more to the creation of solar parks, covering large areas of land forms and capable of supplying entire cities without any problem with a long-term investment.

Parque Solar

In the last hours have been announced intentions to South Africa becoming one of the major powers in the field of solar energy, as it provides for the creation of the World's largest Solar Park, with a plant that according to schedule, will be able to provide up to 5 GW of electricity.

Investment would cost some 18.42 trillions of pounds (about 21 billion euros turnover) and will require the combination of solar technologies latest together to solar panels and mirrors of large dimensions, which are located in the region of North Cape.

With this plant not only seeks to meet up to 10% of the energy requirements of the country, but also significantly reduce the CO2 emissions, since now more than 90% of the electricity is obtained through energy plants that work based on the burning of coal.

Is expected that the initial phase of this project is completed by the end of 2012, where you can get up to 1 GW of power electric.

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