Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toyota RAV4 Electric

The world of automobiles, it is common to find alliances made between different companies (commonly called Joint-Venture) that come together to jointly develop a car that generates a real impact on the market and that, therefore, place a lot of sales and enjoy great popularity.

Toyota Tesla Electric RAV4

This is undoubtedly what has sought the Toyota companies when it decided to seal an agreement with one of the pioneers in providing high performance, Tesla (curiously, named by Nikola Tesla electric engineer, best known for his invention of the alternating current) signature electric cars

Work in these two signature set resulted in the creation of a utility that caused a great impact in the Los Angeles Auto Show, mainly by using an fully electric motor, plus a very elegant design, offering very good performance.

It is intended to be presented to the market in the year 2012, where will likely compete with the Honda Fit EV, and will have the same autonomy of 160 km with a full load, which are working is accurate in all types of climates (as some know, the lithium-ion batteries performance lapses notoriously in cold climates)

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