Monday, February 7, 2011

Pursuing Energy alternative formats

The record American gas pumps and continuous trouble-Rankin in the Middle East, Nigeria and other sectors of the oil in a knowledge-driven economy importance to the maintenance of high prices is clear, the Americans, that we have many new opportunities for the security of energy supply and production development. In short, we need to reduce our dependence on oil, in the end is a finite and honestly, oil Cheap sources (all oil — only the stuff that is country) are running out. Energy consultants and analysts are insistent that the Cheap oil had reached "or is" very soon, go to the top. What this means for us is expensive in the future — unless we can find new sources of powering our mechanized and electronic civilization, new sources which are alternatives to oil.

We also move to alternative forms of energy, because we present forms are too without harming the atmosphere. This write does not believe that the global warming trend is much, if at all caused by human activity, even though (in short, is a natural cycle and there is nothing we can do it not only impact, it shall draw up a) contribute to the destruction of the environment, we and our energy sources of air pollution issues at present, such as they are.Coal is another source of energy, which we need to wean ourselves off — again, it is limited, and is Filthy and its mining is dangerous and environmentally disruptive. We also explore new streamlined methods for the production of electricity that we currently produce so much through the water is so that we are less disruptive of the environment, and when we have, for example, in the construction of large dams.

Developing countries, which have been taken, in particular, the major industrialized countries in recent decades of benefits, the research and the development of alternative energy sources, because they are doing at present much more than the United States environmental damage.United States, Japan and some European Nations examinations should and alternative energy sources and implementation of development programmes are therefore already led the way to do less environmental damage States such as developing countries like China and India as examples of Japan and the West, find the what to back up the State of research and development and private investment currency.We can also add your own finances, high reliability, is the development of such sources of alternative energy sources, and then at the forefront of technology and marketing services, such as India, China, Brazil to the United Nations, and so on and so on.

From "supertrees" and soya, refined hydropower technology, natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells, atomic energy plants continue to construction, and the continued development of solar energy tuulisähkö cells, such as biofuels, in order to achieve more research wind power — all these are viable energy sources, which can operate mammoth quantities of oil and coal, which at the moment, we are so dependent on us very lifestyle choices. energy for the future is green.