Friday, February 18, 2011

Energy: Free energy option

There has been much discussion is often referred to as "free" energy-energy that presumably, with the right technology can be made directly to the atmosphere, and very rich in making your purchase. Whether or not the goods actually exists, what it really would cost were its implementation, and if it not is it really a rich and efficient as it is drawn up by the research and development of this potential alternative energy source to the elements is changing the debates.

When one consults the words "energy device", one that could be at the hearing, one of several different concepts. This may mean a device to collect and supply some source that Orthodox science does not recognize; energy device that collects energy fully free of charge or, for example, the legendary perpetual motion machine. Needless to say, a perpetual motion machine — the machine, which carries itself forever when in use, sweet, therefore, the energy input repeatedly and never running out of energy — is impossible. It is not so easy to say that the new technology for harnessing "floating" atmospheric energy is impossible. New technologies always replaces existing qualifications, which has just been "impossible".Harnessing offers enormous amounts of energy atom power was "impossible" until a flying their CDs. trafficking in human beings were "impossible" asia at the turn of the 20th century and the Wright Brothers flight at the latest.

"Free" energy factors the majority requirement is that huge amounts of energy may be Zero, in the field. This is defined in the system, which is reached when the system is the lowest possible energy saving mode in which it may be, the quantum mechanical status. This is called "ground state system". Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is sometimes referred to as "remaining" energy and the first proposed the alternative form of energy can not be used as the way back in 1913 Otto Stern and Albert Einstein. It is also known as "the vacuum energy" quantum mechanics investigations, and it is intended shall be represented by an energy completely blank space. This energy sector within the context of a vacuum has been the basis for will be carried out in one of the most important waterfall by researchers and Hal Puthof factors. Puthof also, simply, the term "zero-point" that the universe has cooled absolute zero, provided that all the effects of thermal agitation, be frozen if this energy is still on.What is also known, even among the training henkilöstöpohjan, however, from this known quantum physics effects from a scientific point of view o.However, henkilöstöpohjan group — myself and colleagues there are a number of research and universities — that information, we ask the questions as to whether it could be this energy alternative energy source container "my", i.e., whether this background in the energy sector can be responsible for the inertia and gravity. those questions were relevant, as it is known that this energy may be processed and, therefore, is the possibility that this energy, and, possibly, inertia and gravity, might produce technical solutions. progress has been made (in quantum electrodynamics) field emission amounts relating to the management of the subclasses of excited atoms and molecules laser research and elsewhere.