Thursday, February 17, 2011

The contaminacion

When we talk about pollution do in very general terms, because something this contaminated with an agent in a medium that is not the usual and caused some instability in the balance, altering their conditions and causing unrest in diverse ecosystems, so be informed is the first thing of caring for the environment and protect it from contamination.

basura en lancha contaminacion

There are many different types of pollution because any chemical substance (organic or synthetic sea) or energy can be causing pollution, if we them present in environments in which non-originating son, as it is the case in the light of the cities at night, they can achieve such intensity baffle an animals, being one of the major cases of light pollution.

Son considered polluting agents exceed natural levels and capable of affecting the life and the ecosystem, although any strange media agent is undesirable.

The types of pollution, the most common and worrying son:

One of the key measures we can take to alleviate planet pollution from our own homes is recycled and organizer better waste, already badly rendered garbage tends to be the main cause of not industrial pollution.

Use products biodegradable as ecological detergents also is recommended, as well as trying to use green energy with no impact on the environment.

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