Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eolic energy advantages

Renewables son one of the ways we have to supply energy for use in our industry and daily activities, and pose an indefinite livelihood, gives it them a noticeable advantage over fossil fuels also contaminants now are being found in crisis. Kinetic energy generated by wind and emosionalmente into electricity is a kind of green energy is being used on a large scale worldwide, being of the more popular, by what we think would be good count learn wind energy.


Its main advantage is the aforementioned ability to be inexhaustible and debuga given energy wind do not produce harmful emissions to the environment and does not deplete over time, can a single 1 MW turbine replace the emission of more than 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide, is Sin doubt a great relief to prevent air pollution.

Local economic development see also benefited, thanks a the plants wind can provide income a local landowners, plus you can put wind turbines in houses to Save money by leveraging this energy. Oil already crisis is this starting a noted worldwide, by the renewable energies reduce dependency not to fuels and power used in household help sustain economic development branded an availability and price changes.

Maintenance of wind turbines and wind turbines is very low, it can be installed in places difficult to access Sin older problems, being ideal for tall buildings, mountains, and other areas with good air currents. If we take into account in addition to the initial costs and investment son basses, becomes one of the best options to start a supply us care for the environment and energy.