Tuesday, February 1, 2011

South Africa created the world's largest solar Park

Use of Solar energy is one of the most widely accepted Renewable energy in the world, where increasing emphasis is placed more to the creation of solar parks, covering large areas of land forms and capable of supplying entire cities without any problem with a long-term investment.

Parque Solar

In the last hours have been announced intentions to South Africa becoming one of the major powers in the field of solar energy, as it provides for the creation of the World's largest Solar Park, with a plant that according to schedule, will be able to provide up to 5 GW of electricity.

Investment would cost some 18.42 trillions of pounds (about 21 billion euros turnover) and will require the combination of solar technologies latest together to solar panels and mirrors of large dimensions, which are located in the region of North Cape.

With this plant not only seeks to meet up to 10% of the energy requirements of the country, but also significantly reduce the CO2 emissions, since now more than 90% of the electricity is obtained through energy plants that work based on the burning of coal.

Is expected that the initial phase of this project is completed by the end of 2012, where you can get up to 1 GW of power electric.

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