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Solar and Wind Energy - Alternative Energy, Quick Simple Explanation

Alternative energy sources are within your grasp, whether it is getting power from solar energy, or wind energy, or even a combination of both. It is important in this day and age, when our natural resources are being used up faster and faster, where we are seeing serious problems with fossil fuels, such as oil and natural gas, that we seek cleaner, greener, renewable alternatives.

The first place to start is with solar energy, and solar power systems. Solar power is clean, abundant just about anywhere around to globe, and is totally renewable. If you are still one of those people who don't know that much about solar power, this is a basic run down of how it works.

This first place to start is with a photovoltaic cell. These were first invented more that a hundred years ago, but it took a long time to make them the efficient little energy converters of today. How they work basically is that when the sun's light is directed on them, they convert solar energy into low voltage electrical current.
Now one of these cells doesn't do much, but connecting many of them together, that's where they start to produce the kind of electricity that you can use.

Solar energy comes from panels that have many of these cells working together to produce electricity. This is much different from wind energy, because there are no actual moving parts in a solar panel. The panels are then connected together to produce different power outputs, or wattage.

Now solar power by itself is not going to run your high voltage power needs. A solar panel produces Direct Current, or DC, while the electrical energy coming into your home is Alternating Current, or AC. So how do you make solar power into the high voltage power you need? With the help of an inverter, which switches DC electricity into AC power.

Put in simple terms that can relate to supplying all your electrical needs to your home, solar energy is collected in the panels. Exactly how many panels depends on how much average energy consumption you use a day, usually 2-4 or more 100 watt panels can supply most needs.

This energy is converted into electrical energy, flowing through wiring into a voltage regulator. This regulator does two different things. One it controls the voltage output of the panels, and the other is it prevents the batteries from feeding back into the panels. All the systems are the same from here on whether you are using solar power, or wind energy.

The next step in the process is a division of power output. Whether you are using wind energy, or solar energy, there are going to be times when you won't have this power source, at night, or when there is simply no wind. In order to compensate for this, part of the DC power goes into a bank of batteries.

These are deep cycle batteries, much different that a standard car battery. They collect the DC current, and store it for later use. Wires connect to this bank, and then there are more from the batteries to the power inverter. There is usually an switch of some kind that will automatically turn on and off depending on what power source the inverter is using.

Another set of wires comes off of the regulator, and runs directly to the power inverter. As explained earlier, this converts low voltage current into high voltage current, and all of the electrical needs for your home or RV are plugged in this box. It can have one plug, or many, and can convert power to 110 or 220 depending on your needs.

Now wind energy is similar to solar energy, but different as well. Instead of getting power from the sun, the wind causes a propeller type device to turn, which turns an electrical generator. Now you have probably seen large wind turbines, ones that are high off the ground, and take up a lot of space.

These are called wind farms, and while they do produce a lot of energy, they are not readily available for residential use, for obvious reasons. There are much smaller versions which can be used for home application, There are some disadvantages of these horizontal wind turbines, there are more moving parts than solar energy panels for one.

You need at least 15MPH of wind, and they of course have to be facing a wind source. Because of this, vertical axis turbines are much more popular. The blades face upward, and can catch the wind from any direction. There can be less wind to make them work and a single shaft runs directly to the generator.
So now, how does wind energy and solar energy apply to you? For starters, both of these complete systems are available to you. You can buy complete packages, which include all the panels, or turbine, the bank of batteries, inverters, and the whole nine yards.

Now while some of these complete packages can cost thousands of dollars, there are also DIY kits, with complete diagrams, detailed instructions, and complete lists of parts and suppliers to make your own systems. You can make the solar panels as well as the wind turbines for just a few hundred dollars. The most expensive part about the DIY kits is the batteries and the inverters, but these are also cheaper and widely available for the average person to buy.

By converting to solar energy, or wind energy, you can get completely off the grid, and not have to pay another electric bill every again. In fact, in most cases, if you produce more energy than you can store or use, power companies have to buy it back from you. In many cases, you can qualify for energy tax credits, as well as grants to help pay for these systems. You can use one system or combine both for as much power output as possible if you want to, and the whole thing can cost you around 2-4 thousand dollars at the most, which will pay for itself in just a few years.

Creating your own solar or wind alternative energy source can be easier and less expensive than you think.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The benefits of alternative energy sources

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Renewable Energy for War ...?

We present a portable power generator device based on solar used by the Navy of the United States .UU. And we cannot less what to ask us about something that - at least personally - "noisy": the use of renewable energies in the war.

With a touch of marketing engineers of the U.S. Army christened this generator GREENS ("green"), by the acronym of his name in English: Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Systems. Name that we can translate approximately as a Renewable energy system for field expeditions.

As they presented the news, this new device brings great benefits for war campaigns that carry on in places as inhospitable as Iraq or Afghanistan. There the "success" of his infantry largely for support systems.
Hence that this type of auxiliary equipment that serve to maintain the connection to the hub server through satellites, radars, mobile phone and computer equipment are essential. The situation can be serious if they encounter a problem of lack of supply energy in full development of his "waractions".

The new GREENS device is a hybrid 300-Watt mobile generator that produces electricity from solar energy. Electricity can be used immediately or otherwise - thanks to the rechargeable batteries with - also you can store energy for use when necessary.

As additional benefits is very functional: very compact, it can be stacked easily and Assembly time is much lower than other models.
Of course that there were already similar devices based on the use of generators to gasoline or diesel. The great advantage of GREENS - then - is its cost and convenience.

1. Cost
Approximately some $20 billion dollars is spent annually in the Department of Defense on energy for the troops. Seen and given that fossil fuels, i.e., gas and diesel, are rapidly depleting, the development of a technology that does not depend on them is a highly strategic issue.

2 Convenience
Addition, it is not possible to replenish the generators that run on fuels traditional in the middle of the battlefield. And the sun shines on the other hand, everywhere, even in the dusty and desolate battlefields of the Iraqi desert (site from which was born the idea of this type of renewable generators)...
As stated many times, the best technology is that requires less effort from the user, and the soldiers are no exception to this rule. In addition, the maintenance of generators GREENS is easier, which is also a very important aspect as difficulties in their operation can be put at risk the performance of a military operation.

3 Advantages of the GREENS
It is very profitable. Only the initial investment is necessary. There is no need to store barrels of diesel or gas. You need less technical maintenance. They can be easily stacked. It is Hardy and can withstand all harsh circumstances this type of land. It can function in a satisfactory manner, even under extreme temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius.

As it has historically occurred with various forms of technology, these are not in themselves "good or bad". Perhaps we could consider "good or bad" uses. And renewable energy sources are certainly not an exception.

Much is what we could comment on this application of renewables to the war... both viewpoints have each one of us on this subject so difficult… A sad and final reflection is crossed at this moment... that surely renewables replace fossil fuels much before that peace will replace the wars.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fridge with Solar Thermal Power

Know-how about physics can be helpful if applied to the creativity, giving rise to inventions that may serve too in the home, in situations where we have access to the electricity grid, or why not use a Renewable energy.

On this occasion, we are presenting an invention made by Emily Cummins, a British inventor of 23 years of age, who designed a refrigerator that does not require connection to the electricity grid home and offers almost the same performance as a conventional refrigerator.

Consists of two cylinders, one interior made of metal, smaller diameter leaving abroad, which presents perforations to grid mode, which can be performed both wood and plastic, including a space should be filled with sand or earth.

Works through the use of solar thermal energy, and for its operation requires only water or any substance to moisten the soil or sand placed between the cylinders, running on the physical principles of evaporation and heat transfer.

Solar energy tends to warm moist phase and begins to evaporate the water, causing a clearance from the inner cylinder heat, causing content in the internal cylinder to remain at a temperature close to 6 ° C.
As obvious disadvantage, this cooler requires a constant monitoring of water level, apart from the need to add the amount needed to keep always wet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Homemade biodiesel

The first thing I have to tell you is that ye have care when carrying out this experiment since it is not any kind of game.

Take special care with the eyes, skin, and vapors to be broadcast with the reaction, therefore recommends the use of gloves, glasses and apron. Pile-ups involving children and previously turn all fires which may be lit (candles, kitchen...)

Biodiesel is a liquid biofuel that can be obtained through vegetable fats, animal fats or natural lipids. This is obtained by subjecting to the vegetable oil to a chemical reaction known as Transesterification.

Today we'll talk about the process through the sunflower, oil can use the new that will be much more easy but expensive or used (of Fryer) that finally is a benefit for you and the environment.

You need to prepare biodiesel, sunflower oil and methanol with soda dissolved caústica (sodium methoxide). Mixes two ingredients and you troubled for several minutes with a steel spoon, once you have done this, you leave it sit for an hour. Finally you will see as a glycerine is in the background.

The ideal is to separate them, extracting the biodiesel to a liquid container and leaving the Glycerin in the first container.

The packaging of the Glycerin will find compounds such as methanol, soaps and the used catalyst. You can use to make soaps.

Retrieved biodiesel would still not be ready to use because it can damage the engine, must be cleaned to Remove remains of hydroxide, methanol and soaps.

Wash only you need to Add water to the biodiesel through a stone grinder and an aireadora bomb. The water will go to the Fund and biodiesel flotaría, thanks to bubbles that would produce the bomb, they realize wide impurities.

They must make several washes, between 3 and 4 until the water is not Tinea. In the first you can see as the water is stained white quickly due to the impurities that would have been extracted from the biodiesel.

On completion of this process again to extract biodiesel to another clean jar trying to not get water and repeats the cleaning process.

The last step so you are ready to use, is to remove any remaining water that may have the biodiesel. This biodiesel with care and without flame is heated to 40-50 ° during one or two hours, then leave you it.

To know that the process has done well, after the rest must acquire a pale yellow amazing clarity .
Experts in this field recommend to biodiesel in summer when warm temperatures favour the process.

Perhaps a change is closer than you think, if we are able to do so and all us priceless, homemade biodiesel can cease to be an option to be a solution.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Earthy ecotourism in Fontainebleau France Centre

This eco friendly bio climatic residence has been built on the site of gorges Franchard, which is a flourishing area famous forest of Fontainebleau. The structure has a unique design with an arched ceiling and clean lines in the bottom half. It imitates the form of eroded stones planted on the entire site.
Simple but tough, dwelling made of wood, is a novel design, in which the old has been cleverly mixed with the new. The building has a modern design but oozing earthy vibe vintage.

Ecotourism in France Centre / Inca Architectes

Centre for ecotourism in France / Architectes Inca.
The arched ceiling gives the building an excellent silhouette and the line of doors installed in the entire glass amplitude gives the structure of an open. The walls are made with thin strips of wood and it has been a slight difference between consecutive bands. This allows air and sunlight in sequence within the residence without compromising the privacy of residents. The structure allows to enjoy the natural vegetation around.

Thus, despite the fact that they are living in the middle of a thick forest, you are protected adequately. The orientation of the building minimizes the impact of the wind outside. In addition, the building has shallow Foundation, ensuring the reversibility of projects. In addition, the structure is powered by green energy sources. Inca architects designed this wonderful plan and professionals like structures of Alps Cap Paysage, Arpente, et Rostain cost and M. forge were dedicated to the craft.

Built the practical structure covering 250 square meters of area of Seine et Marne tourisme. This is the first Center of ecological tourism in the region of F

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bases Militares con Energia Solar

This time we have encountered an application of this technology applied solar energy for public buildings, more precisely of the armed forces of the United States, who seek to solve their own power either from a renewable resource like the sun.

A study recently released by the Department of Defense has approved the measure in which they seek to generate up to 7 GW of Solar Energy in four of its military bases located in the California Desert, a figure that would be equivalent to seven nuclear power plants and logically, would have a dangerous level of contamination and void.

The analysis looked at the operation and activities of nine bases located between California and Nevada looking to develop a viable project and take advantage of the best possible way this location, which has a large tributary of solar energy to be tapped.

Moreover, it has begun to analyze all the potential locations of facilities that contain solar farms or similar establishments, as it has been estimated that you can get up to 30 times more solar energy than you would get in the plants mentioned, can supply entire cities and alleviate the problem of energy demand.

This will also have an impact on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide coming from power plants distributed throughout the country,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Alternative energy inventions-DIY solar electricity from House instructions

If you want to know more about alternative energy inventions and learn how to make DIY solar energy from home? Homemade energy has been widely predicted for the future running of our homes. Today, many homeowners are forced to pay increasingly high energy prices regardless of the levels that these companies to increase their prices.

1. How come away from expensive accounts through the implementation of alternative energy inventions

However, many smart people who have discovered the amazing power of alternative energy the benefits have picked and are generating free power at home. To protect our Earth from being completely depleted of resources, we need to look at alternatives as soon as possible and not wait until it is too late.

2. learn how to make DIY solar energy from home guide

This can be done by utilizing renewable energy sources to make homemade energy. Free energy such as solar and wind can be used to generate clean electricity. This reduces the activity of having to burn fossil fuels, causing warming.

If we don't change our ways and use resources continue to begin the pollute Earth, maybe we wake up one day to discover that it is too late. With an online construction-guide that I follow, I am now able to rest by the Sun's energy to build solar panels and place them on the top of my roof. It generates free electricity efficiently and reduces contamination.

3. implementation of alternative energy inventions home

While many people talk about alternative energy, don't do much especially since many owners of large corporations and Governments directly received the money for oil, natural gas and coal.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alternative Energy Choices

The cost of energy is causing many of us to seek out affordable alternative energy sources. What were once considered marginal energy sources are now being revisited by many in an effort to find clean and effective ways to reduce heating and cooling bills.

Among the most popular alternative energy choices are things such as wood stoves, pellet stoves, cold and biofuel furnaces as well as heat pumps. Which of these alternative heating sources makes the most sense for any individual greatly depends on the area of the country that you live in as well as the availability of the alternative fuel source.

For instance those people that live in a northern region of the country and have ample access to firewood than a fireplace insert or wood stove would make the most sense. Just as those individuals that may be in the middle of the country that have access to free or low-cost biofuel products such as corn while obviously the type of stove that burns biofuel would be the most logical and efficient choice.

Solar and geothermal are excellent choices for all terms of fuel but the drawback to both cities is the upfront cost. Even though in the long run these type of alternative energies resources will pay for themselves and then produce free energy for the life of your home.

Heat pumps are another excellent way to offset rising energy costs. The heat pumps that are created today are much more dance in the original versions that were only practical in very mild temperature regions. One of the best combinations for cutting your energy expenses is combining either the solar or the geothermal along with a heat pump that uses an electric heater as its backup heating source.

Normally electric heat can be a very expensive proposition but when combined with the free energy that will be provided through the solar or geothermal units using electric heat as the backup makes perfect sense because it eliminates the need to continue with either oil or natural gas as your backup heating source.

In addition to lowering your overall energy costs there are also tax advantages for heating and cooling with greener energy efficient systems. On average the energy credit that's available for residential customers equals approximately 30% of the total installation cost.

With these tax advantages as well as the money that you won't learn from generating power there really has never been a better time to consider making an investment in an alternative source of energy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Geothermal Heat Pumps: Installation Guide

  Installing a Geothermal Heat Pump WILL Save you thousands in heating and cooling costs, and WILL Repay itself many times over




Imagine...Being Able to Save Thousands on Your Home Heating and Cooling Costs...Forever.  It's Now reality

If you are interested in learning about geothermal heat pumps and how to install a system to reduce your electricity bill then this is the perfect resource for you!
Geothermal heating and cooling technology provides exceptional performance and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agrees that a geothermal heat pump is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and most cost-effective space conditioning system available.

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Alternative Energy Resources

If you want information on solar electric systems, written in a non-technical manner that you can easily understand, you've come to the right place.

With all the technical jargon kept to a minimum (and when necessary, fully explained), you will have all the answers to the questions that have made you a little hesitant, in the past, to get more involved in clean, alternative energy production.

The environmental importance of alternative energy production cannot be overstated.

Solar power, wind power and micro-hydro power are non-polluting, renewable and sustainable forms of energy production and their use should be actively encouraged.

An important step in this direction is to have readable, easy to understand solar information available.

Now, with the solar information offered here, you will be able to move forward and take advantage of this clean, renewable source of alternative energy. _______

Taking the Mystery Out of Solar Power

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System takes the mystery out of solar electrical systems and solar installation. 

It explains solar power in language that the average person will have no trouble understanding and putting to good use

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Monday, March 12, 2012

An Introduction to Alternative Energy

What are the fossil fuels?

Essentially there are three fossil resources available to the world, but each of them takes off. The most common is coal; coal is widely used and cheap won. As such we have exceptionally strong depending on coal and although there is still a large amount of coal left is estimated that America's remaining coal will sustain the country for the next 200 to 300 years but it is by no means a perfect clean form of energy.

The biggest problem is that coal is composed of carbon, as living creatures, and the fires that it needs to continue in the production of energy forms carbon dioxide. This carbon not applicable overlaps heat of the Earth and is an important factor that scientists believe to cause warming. On a more positive note, but scientists have created a more effective method to burn coal that 99% of impurities and harmful gases that are emitted.

Apart from coal we strongly rely on natural gas and oil which is also in limited supply, and this is where the problem lies. The human race is consuming more and more energy with every day that passes and our resources of fossil fuels are exhausted seriously thanks to the way in which we live. The answer to this problem seems to lie in alternative energy.

What is alternative energy?

Alternative energy fossil fuels are not and do not break off of the Earth resources of fossil fuels any further. Countries around the world are pushed into investing money in research and the production of alternative energy and many countries already have natural energy sources produce usable energy.

Wind Energy.

One of the first widely used forms of alternative was wind energy. Many countries have developed wind farms, both mainland and off shore wind farms. Turbines are converted by the wind, the creation of a viable, renewable energy source. The problem with wind energy is that turbines cannot be found in the neighbourhood of housing districts because of the sound they make, although with further research and investment technologies associated with wind energy and wind turbines will undoubtedly continue to improve.

Solar energy.

In many countries are now available to help pay for photovoltaic tiles that collect the warmth of the Sun's rays and convert it into an exceptionally safe and sustainable form of alternative energy. Or used to create electricity or heat plain water or a system of central heating, solar energy is readily available and the technology is very affordable. With solar energy are helping consumers in the protection of the environment.


Biomass is still a relatively unused form of energy in many parts of the world, but more and more money in the financing of biomass. Biomass is the creation of energy from plant materials, and is another source of clean, renewable energy. America is a country that uses biomass pretty big effect, the largest source of renewable energy each year since the year 2000.

These are just a couple of alternative energy sources that are available all over the world, and more and more funding is still available for the production and examination of these sources.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Make Alternative Energy

The world is finally starting to see the folly of the ways, and "going green" is a practice wanted by people and Governments. In our earth-friendly efforts, we are now learning how to make alternative energy, and is definitely progress. There are a number of methods that are now being used to make alternative energy.

Landfill gas to energy

This is a process that collects the methane that is emitted from landfills, and it can be converted into electricity. This is a relatively new concept, and there are approximately 480 landfills that are currently using this technique. More sites are scouted for future development.


This method involves the use of water power to generate electricity. An example of this would be a dam. This renewable energy source is known about and used for quite some time now. It is a very clean energy, but it has the ability to disrupt certain environments.

Human waste to energy

That's right! On our mission, learn how to make alternative energy, we have a procedure that we human raw sewage to convert it to a viable energy source. This technology is still in its infancy, and plans for expansion are underway.

Wind Energy

This is possibly the cleanest source of renewable energy that we have, and it includes the use of wind energy to generate electricity. An example of this would be a windmill. This energy source has also been used for quite some time now, and residential mills can actually be purchased and in a homeowner backyard.

We learn how to make alternative energy, and it starts to be affordable for homeowners to take advantage of as well. There might be a global transformation, and it will eventually lead to a healthier planet.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Calentamiento Global afecta al Trigo

En esta ocasión, analizaremos los daños que está causando a algo tan necesario para la alimentación y nuestras actividades cotidianas como lo es el trigo, que está sufriendo por esta consecuencia global de malos tratos al planeta.

Esta afirmación fue una de las conclusiones a las que llegó el investigador David Lobell tras analizar las imágenes recibidas desde el satélite de observación terrestre MODIS, tomando como punto de referencia el rendimiento de la plantación de Trigo en las planicies del Ganges en la India, zona dedicada a su cultivo.
En épocas donde la temperatura superó ampliamente la media, el trigo que estaba creciendo se quemaba y no continuaba su crecimiento, sumando esto a predicciones que indican que para el 2050 las plantaciones en la región se reducirán hasta un 30 por ciento, inclusive pudiendo llegar a reducciones del 50 por ciento de la plantación total.

Este problema tiene una solución y si bien llevará varios años de pruebas, requiere un tratamiento que haga que nuevas generaciones de plantas de Trigo tengan como característica principal raíces de mayor tamaño y una mayor resistencia a la falta de agua y el calor, sumado a un cambio en la época de cultivo, haciendo que tengan un rápido crecimiento y sean plantadas en una temporada temprana.

De esta manera, se plantaría al Trigo antes de las altas temperaturas primaverales, sumado a otros tratamientos que requieren un desarrollo científico que ya está en camino, buscando paliar con esta problemática del aumento de la temperatura que causa estragos en la economía y en el modo de vida.

Friday, March 9, 2012

An Alternative Energy Home - What Energy Would it Use?

An alternative energy home is one which utilizes environmentally sound sources of energy in order to take from them and generate its own power. But what types of energy would it be best to draw from, and what systems are used to employ these resources? Solar energy might be the first, or among the first to pop into mind when considering sustainable energy sources with zero impact upon the environment it its use to generate electricity and in the consumption of said electricity, and wind power might be another. But are these efficient enough, and are their any other forms of sustainable technology that we can use? Which is best?

Well, as for the answer to that last question, the best source of power to run an alternative energy home on is all of them. A good home that runs on the environment around it runs on a few different power sources... solar, passive solar, solar-geothermal, geothermal energy, wind-generated power, and so on. For example, you could have solar panels generating electricity for your home and you could have wind turbines doing the same thing, acting as a redundant system, and you could have geothermal energy for heating and air-conditioning, and also for heating and cooling your water supply. But how are these accomplished? Is it difficult, and does the production of energy from these sources harm the environment at all? Let's take a closer look...

First of, an alternative energy home which utilizes the power of the sun does nothing to the environment in the collection of the energy, or even in the consumption of the electricity that such a system can generate. You see, the sun is always putting forth light, and even if there were a trillion solar panels, each ten miles wide by ten miles long, they would never deplete the supply of sunlight coming from the sun. It's just simply impossible to affect the sun by collecting the sunlight which shoots forth from it. What's more is that through the use of solar panels which takes in photons and transforms that energy into electrons through the use of two types of silicon ("P-type" and "N-type"),, there are no by-products produced, no fossil fuels burned, no exhaust vented, nothing of that sort whatsoever.

The same can be said of an alternative energy home which uses the power of the wind. Nothing burned, nothing pushed out as far as exhaust, and no by-products produced. If there were a billion wind turbines, they wouldn't suck the wind away into depletion. Nothing is drained away into irreversible expenditure, and nothing harmful is created as a result. Geothermal energy is used in the same way. Pipes driven into the earth with water coursing through them can extract the heat from the earth (which is perpetually heated by the sun), and can then be coursed throughout the house to provide heat and hot water for the home without adversely affecting the environment in any negative way whatsoever.

If you're interested in learning more about an alternative energy home and other things related to alternative energy, then you've got to check out the EcoPlusHome project.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Contamination of water

Bringing our grain of sand to the matter, we have prepared a brief overview of what trafficking theme, towards understanding the different problems and forms of pollution that now day are detected, and to understand better why are certain preventive measures.

There are two ways of induction of water pollution, a shaped direct (in contact with the contaminant, intentionally) either in the form hint (the intention is not to dump the pollutant in water, but that it comes in contact through another medium)
The causes are then divided into two basic types:

Natural pollution: Water cycle, and includes the addition of minerals and organic waste taking contact with water, eliminating its purity and requiring a start treatment to be consumed by humans. 

Pollution Antrópica: as its name indicates, the source of pollution is the actions of man, with origins that are completely different (and in fact, on a daily basis are often discover more ways to damage the quality of the water) ranging from the use of pesticides, until discharged fuel both by boats as accidents in oil deposits.

As we have said, is a necessary good for life, by which the main consequence of the contamination of water is logically the damage to the many species that inhabit an aquatic ecosystem, by altering their living conditions and can even cause death.

The intake of water in poor condition or that it has been improperly treated can cause a large number of disorders to health, as well as alter the conditions of life of the surrounding areas and affect the economic activities that depend upon it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Electric Power - The History of its Discovery

The attempt to unravel what is electricity could be described as an adventure which, despite already having a long journey, far from completion.

The oldest records correspond to observations of the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus (600 BC) with respect to property that presents the amber of attracting small objects to be rubbed. Amber is a vegetable resin fosilizada, from remains of conifers and other very old trees. It features generally yellowish tones, and the Greeks called her electron.

The first to use the term electric to nominate be rubbed in general varied materials that behave similarly to amber, was William Gilbert (1544-1603), physician to Queen Elizabeth I of England. His investigations were undertaken to separate the effects electric magnetic, which by then appeared
most useful for its application to navigation.

Both phenomena related, in appearance, and remained without explanation since ancient times. Traditionally, the movement of bodies as a partner to the vital impetus and the presence of a soul or Anima was interpreted.

In this context, it was thought that electrical phenomena and magnetic were able to grant this animation to inanimate objects through the communication of a sort of vital fluid. The attraction which aroused such phenomena, behind the illusion of understanding the phenomenon of life and eventually control nature, based on the knowledge of its laws.

To physics was organizing as a science and making progress in the definition of its methodology, its limits and possibilities, electricity has joined the theoretical body of fundamental concepts that allow interpreted the structure of matter and its changes.

The works of Gilbert are the first to attempt to tackle the understanding of a group of phenomena from a truly experimental methodology. Gilbert started by classifying materials into two groups: those that purchased electric State by rubbing, as amber, and those who did not.

He also advanced the determination that this effect was not, in principle, relationship with the increase in temperature, but with same rubbing.

At the beginning of the 18th century, two scientists, English Stephen Gray (1696-1736) and Jean Desaguliers (1683-1744), French found they could electrify a cork if they ran it through a metal wire to a previously rubbing glass tube. The phenomenon showed even if both Corps were separated.

They then performed other experiments that allowed them to raise that rubbing bodies appeared an "virtue" or "fluid" electric, it could be transmitted by some materials, which they called drivers.

A French scientist, François du Fay (1698-1739), discovered that two previously frotados glass repelían when approached them. To experiment with other materials, such as resin, was able to identify two types of electric States to those designated as vitreous fluid and resinous fluid, as provided to the load of glass or resin be rubbed with a silk cloth.

It was determined that two equal electric States repel, while individual States attract.

A few years later, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) he performed similar experiments, but analyzed the results with special emphasis on that glass had acquired an electric State by its interaction with silk cloth.

He played the phenomenon such as the presence in the glass of an excess of what he called electric charge (q), which corresponds to a lack or defect of the same charge in silk. Then he called respectively positive and negative burden, names which are still used.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Efficiency Energy in Fishing Boats

Once again we bring new developments submitted by Tecnalia News: in this case "Gestoil". This is a system to improve the energy efficiency of ships engaged in commercial fishing , which enable significant fuel savings, through which seeks to add to the efforts to turn the fishing industry in a sustainable economic activity and - its more profitable time.

The project has been developed azti-tecnalia - technological Center specializing in research marine and food - and has been presented before the main members of the fishing industry in the fair Sinaval-Eurofishing 2011. The proposal basically consists of a fuel management system for fishing vessels, with a low cost and a simple design that allows its easy handling. Gestoil will make it possible to monitor permanently the fuel consumption of the vessel from the same bridge. Based on this information the skipper of the boat may make an active and able to optimize the consumption of energy.

According to its developers, Gestoil can provide significant amounts of savings, which vary mainly according to mode of fishing: 25% in fishing to the trawl, 10% in fishing for tuna of live bait, and between 2% - 9% in trawling.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Electrical vehicles | New South Korea electrical buses

Continue to arrive news telling cities worldwide environmental policies that implement the use of alternative fuel vehicles. In this case of Seoul, South Korea, where Government Metropolitan is taking its first steps with the launch of electric buses, the first stage of a plan with a view to 2020.

Plan emerges on the initiative of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which has mandated replace buses that circulate through the famous Mt. Namsan Park by electric vehicles . Already work 5 units, but he is expected in the short term is to cover the entire fleet of this route, composed of a total of 14 units.

Project search go progressively expanding the amount of transport with alternative fuel, looking to achieve the ambitious number of 120,000 electric vehicles by 2020.

The new electric buses are produced by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hankuk Fiber. Its features include the following:1105 meters 83 km with a single cargarecarga largoautonomía full battery at 30 km/hmotor 100 of 240 kw maximum minutosvelocidad high capacity litiopiso under regenerative braking system-ion battery

This one of the most salient points is short time battery recharge only 30 minutes, which makes it a very promising vehicle. We hope these electric buses to reach success expected and soon other lines of the city of Seoul can change this ecological transport.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Conductive and insulating materials

Materials They can be classified in conductors or insulators, according to leading electricity with ease or not do so. This classification depends on how strongly are United electrons to its structures, as this is an indication of the energy required to give them mobility inside the material, i.e. to conduct electricity.

This differentiation is useful within certain limits. For example, quartz
melt is 10 quadrillion times better insulation than copper, which is why both tend to be regarded as excellent insulator and conductor, respectively. Metals and non-distilled water are considered to be good drivers, plastics and glass are good insulators.

Water in its chemically pure State is an insulating substance. However, in nature are found in solution with other substances that occur in its structure ions with relative freedom of movement. In such circumstances, these solutions are very good conductive of electricity.

A strategy used to avoid accidents caused by the accumulation of static electricity is to increase the surface conductivity
by elevation of relative humidity. Many times it is installed
for this purpose an integrated team humidification system
air conditioning. The moist air conducts electricity and prevents the surfaces are loaded.

This classification are currently added materials called semiconductors such as Silicon and germanium, which are good insulators when they are in pure crystalline state, but they conduct electricity when only some atoms of the Crystal are replaced with others, such as arsenic or boron, using the technique known as taken drugs of the material.

Semiconductors have extensive technological application, for example in the manufacture of transistors.

Some materials that are considered good drivers increase their conductivity virtually infinite when it cools them at temperatures close to absolute zero (- 273 K): are the so-called superconductors.

Currently, found some ceramic materials superconductors at temperatures of more than 100 k. Isabela great expectations with regard to the design of superconducting materials to
higher temperatures that would enable significant energy savings.

In conductive materials, the burden is distributed on the surface, which is easily understandable if one takes into account the repulsion between the equal sign loads and relative mobility available in good conductivity materials.

The concentration of load depends on the curvature of the surface, and can be verified experimentally that the maximum concentration occurs in the értices or tips.

The human body can be considered as a good driver. When the relative humidity is low, you can accumulate loads fairly high, caused for example by the friction of shoes with soil insulation.

The friction of the garments of silk, wool or synthetic fibres, that when withdrawals result in often small sparks electric also audible and visible as a weak Crackle can also be observed.

These considerations become significant importance as to avoid accidents for those people who work with highly flammable materials and also for which handled with sensitive electronic equipment, that they might suffer some damage by the action of this small Download.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crystal Station load electric cars

The next year it will be a big change with regards to mobility, that planned a massive release of electric cars that they must have the necessary infrastructure from charging stations until viable projects for its overcrowding and sustainability, and where the projects and Concepts are not wait too long.

On this occasion, we have encountered a new step of the so-called Crystal project, which began with the conceptualization of an electric vehicle for six occupants (Crystal EV) that can be used as a means of public transportation operated at a distance with a remote control.

On this occasion, it has been designed which are not only charging stations , but also the point where we should expect them to deal with, named simply as Crystal Station and one of the foundations of public transport in the morning, as well as a multiple use area.

In addition to a small green space, it also serves as a parking site for electric cars, being fed by a few umbrellas made with photovoltaic solar panelsto keep adding details ecological and sustainable.

Of course, this is just a Concept, and simply serve as a basis and inspiration for future projects.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Incredible solar panels made with grass!

While a large majority of research on solar energy are working with expensive high-tech materials in order to improve their capacity of absorption of energy, researchers at MIT in the United States are taking a different approach.

They realized that nothing in nature absorbs energy as well as plants, by what have developed a solar technology that combines a small amount of grass (or other agricultural waste), a powder of stabilization of oxide of zinc and titanium oxide, and a glass or metal as substrates, all of which can imitate the process of photosynthesis.

The goal might seem an illusion, though - we fervently – hope can do reality: develop a technology so simple that anyone can make their own solar panels and for almost no money.

MIT researchers have figured out how to stabilize a photosystem I (E F) chemically (the internal structures of plant cells that carry out photosynthesis), on a substrate that creates electric current when exposed to the light, all with readily available materials.

This solar cell isolates FI molecules and, finally, allows the flow of electric current through the dust of the stabilization.

Thus, rather than large factories of solar panels that require a large amount of natural materials, technology of MIT, literally, could be packed in a plastic bag small and sent to anyone who wants to make their own solar panels at home.

If DIY enthusiasts can get their hands a few cuts of grass or some other plants and the substrate, then MIT only needs to send the zinc and titanium oxide, and instructions to create energy from this mixture, and with almost no complications, they will have done its own solar panel.

Finally, according to Andreas Mershin, people will be able to mix everything and create a painting that can be applied to your ceiling. But there's a catch. For the moment, this technology doesn't have even a 2% efficiency rate yet. But it will improve, and even that is a lot of efficiency given the small amount of resources to create.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wind Farm in Atlantic City

This technology is the great powers are beginning to implement as a way to alleviate the problem of energy demand, and in the case of the United States of America, this solution is ready to come true.

In recent times have planned a lot of projects by the U.S. government to start investing heavily in Clean Energy, seeking to engage with reduced emissions of carbon dioxide that respect did not come too, or at least not with the emphasis that had been promised after their accession to various conventions and protocols.

Among the forward-looking statements include the installation of a large number of offshore wind farms, although none has begun to be built so far were mainly distributed in the corridor of the U.S. East Coast.

The first to begin construction, as of March, would be located in Atlantic City, with the construction of an Offshore Wind Farm would have a production capacity of about 25 MW Wind Energy to supply the energy equivalent of 10,000 homes , replacing that which comes from thermal plants as you know, notoriously pollute the environment.

If all goes well would be completed by the end of 2012 and begin to be operational in early 2013, being one of the first in a series of farms that will range from Virginia to New York.