Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alternative Energy Sources Are Available

Many people are searching for alternative energy sources. The environment is becoming a focus of attention for many, and there are many things you can do to help reduce the carbon footprint you are leaving.
Solar energy is one of the many energy source alternatives that are gaining some attention.

You can place solar panels on your home and help to reduce your electricity bill and the greenhouse gases you emit. Solar panels can be still expensive and this is still a somewhat new energy source. As time goes on, this source should become more affordable to the consumer.

Hydroelectricity is an energy alternative that is powered by falling water. This type of alternative energy can power entire cities, but this is also pretty costly. More research needs to be done to find alternative energy that is more affordable.

Wind energy is a great source of alternative energy. Wind is very abundant and it does not cost anything. Wind is used to turn turbines and this is how electricity is created. This has proven to be an effective alternate source of energy.

It is of growing importance that everyone does what they can to help stop global warming and alternative energy sources can help. With the knowledge we posses, there are no excuses for not trying to do better. There are many small changes you can make that could make a big difference in the long run.

You should explore all of the many things you can do at home to help conserve the waste you are making.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Friday, July 27, 2012

How is the Wind?

The sun is primarily responsible for life to exist, is also the ultimate energy source, since it is responsible for almost all renewable energies. In the case of wind energy is not an exception, because the sun is the wind that moves the wind element is producing sustainable energy.

Consider the formation of the wind: the crust absorbs solar radiation, but due to several factors, the absorption of solar energy is not equal at all points on the planet.  

Affect the energy absorption factors such as topography, differences in absorption capacity between marine and continental surface, the albedo (the ratio of reflected solar energy) cloudiness, or the fact that at some points while it is day others it is dark.

These differences between different parts of the cortex, causing the formation of large air masses are at different temperatures, resulting pressure differences in the atmosphere.

The air, like the rest of fluid tends to move from the places of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure, which causes air to move, ie, wind occur.

Looking at the weather map, we know the wind direction, as it goes anticyclones (high pressure zone marked with an A) to the storms (low pressure area designated as B). The anticyclones are associated with fair weather while weather storms.

Isobars are the lines that we see on the map, and connecting the various points that are at the same pressure. If there are many isobars together, this means that the pressure differences are more pronounced, implying that the wind intensity is higher.

It is estimated that a small part of the energy of sunlight is changing effective wind around a 1 or 2%. If we could harness all the wind, we could produce 53 TWh / year, wind power, which would cover the energy needs of the entire planet.

The current wind turbines do not allow all the wind advantage, but only energy-producing winds near the ground and parallel to the horizon, as long as its speed is greater than 3metros/segundo and less than 25 meters / second.

Wind turbines have evolved and become more effective, as the first to be built had a yield of 10%, while those currently seen in 50% advantage in energy.

Below you can see a couple of very interesting videos. In the first, a college student will demonstrate how wind is produced by a simple experiment.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Solar + Biomass Energy

Spain Europe and Latin America have agreed to carry out a project of energy of the biomass, which will participate actively give territorial Center of CIEMAT located in the province of Soria.

Funding is provided by the Ibero-American program of science and technology for development (CYTED), with a budget of 800 000 €. The project's name is "HIBRELEC: prototypes of generation of electricity and heat in nuclei isolated Latin America through hybridization".

HIBRELEC consists of a hybrid plant based on two sources of energy: solid biomass and solar photovoltaics. The aim is to attain - through the generation of electric and thermal energy - a better energy supply in areas of Latin America.
The system will combine a module of gasification of biomass, a gas cleaning system and one 30-35 power, kWe moto-generador located in a large container. This will join you a solar generator photovoltaic of 5–10 kWe, whose panels will be placed on the walls and roof of the container.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top 5 inventions related to solar energy

As we already did with the wind energy, we are going to do a review for the five most interesting inventions of the past months, this time on solar energy.

-Thin and flexible CIGS technology solar sheets
The Swiss company Flisom developed a few solar panels that are thin flexible sheets, not of Silicon but of a much more economical material called CIGS, which is manufactured by compression of copper, indium, gallium and selenium. These sheets, being flexible could be used in small devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, computers portátiles… even for moons dyed buildings and cars.

-Solar Tower – the tallest building in Europe
The Solar Tower is an invention that will generate electricity thanks to a glass surface of 3 km in diameter that lies at the base of the Tower, this surface calientea air that then ascends by the 750 meters from the tower and so produces electricity to move the turbines that are inside. You can generate about 40 megawatts of electricity.

-Portable solar and wind energy
The Ecosphere Technologies company developed the Ecos LifeLink, a device about the size of a container truck which can be transported anywhere. And a system that purifies water powered by solar panels, which in turn generate electricity surplus to be used in emergency situations or why not feed any school has in its interior.

-Solar energy through holograms
It is not science fiction, but a technique that might be revolutionary. He is called Hologram Solar. It was developed by the Japanese company Prism Solar Technologies. Separates the light at different wavelengths through prisms, and thus concentrated energy of each length of the light wave (each color) in a photovoltaic cell different, making better use of space, and reducing the cost of the plates.

-Solar car battery charger
The ICP Solar company developed a practical charger of batteries powered by a solar panel. It has barely 15 centimeters long by 5 wide, and only weighs 400 grams. Connects to the cigarette lighter of the car and around recharge the battery of the car.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Production of Fuels From Waste

The creation of renewable energy, seen the way the oil and natural gas, is an issue that becomes increasingly more important. The creation of fuels from waste, to be an always-available input fits within these, more and more necessary, renewable energy.

For the production of this type of fuel is recommended the use of raw materials that are low-cost. You must ensure a good profitability and be in line with the projects of improvement of the environment. With all surplus world foodstuffs only could occur bioethanol to replace 1% of oil consumption, which would be unsustainable, so continue research to find materials for the production of biofuels derived also from other products, such as algae.

If we think that the world's population will have grown about 7 million people by 2050, the demand for energy and water increase significantly also, so it is of utmost importance the creation of ecological alternatives. Within these alternatives we find the biofuel, which is a liquid or gaseous fuel obtained from biomass. Multitude of raw materials such as forest residues, waste from food industries, tires out of use, etc. are used to create synthetic diesel or biodiesel , and it would replace conventional diesel.It is ethanol, which is created from organic waste, and to replace the gasoline.

The organic waste that exists anywhere in the world and whose existence has been a growing problem, is being used in our country for the production of ethanol by the urban solid waste organic fraction, FORSU, formed by paper, vegetables, food and wood.

The process by which takes this place consists of several phases:
The FORSU physico pretreatment aims to break or despolimerizar cellulose chains to facilitate the access to the enzymes against.Saccharification and fermentation simultaneous: mixing with enzymes and yeasts.Distillation: from the alcoholic mixture Gets a first concentrated ethanol in water.Dehydration: Gets the ethanol with a purity of almost 100% that is suitable for use in automotive engines.

The results are 160 liters of ethanol per ton of raw material.
In any case, the feasibility of fuel depends on that their prices will prove profitable in relation to oil. In addition, according to some studies, biofuels could dismiss nine times more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, so that we must cautiously this new type of renewable energy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Latest Alternative Energy Technology

Resources of the world of fossil fuels are almost empty, and they burn caused a number of problems for the environment. There is no way to prevent these facts unless we come to replace them completely and take advantage of alternative energy technology. And there are many alternatives to the use of fossil fuels for our source of energy.

Solar energy is one of the best options because most of our energy comes from the Sun and there is a lot of energy to power the world 1000 times. However, this has disadvantages in areas close to the Poland where the amount of sunlight in the winter can be limited. Wind energy has its advantages and can generate electricity by windmills that are powered by marine energy such as energy also the waves and the tides. Another exciting source of energy is the magnetic generator in use commercially in parts of Europe and Canada

There are other alternative energy technology options, but the above are the best and the only ones in circulation today that have the potential to develop into something really great.

Solar energy is an alternative energy technology, which today is used. For centuries, that it is known that the Sun can be used to produce electricity however, in the early 1900s fossil fuels were cheap and plentiful and so she was very popular. We use fossil fuels too fast and they walk out.

There are strong evidence to suggest that we could power our society as a whole by using the heat of the Sun on certain technologies. Solar collectors are an alternative technology that is used by many people worldwide to heat water for showering and washing. This technology has many advantages-it offers warm water in times of electricity shortage, and a cheaper option for electricity too.

It is a good idea to use this technology now because solar collectors will only more expensive but if electricity prices in the future (due to the lack of fossil fuels increase). On top of this, the environmental effects of the use of solar energy is great-instead of burning of fossil fuels and pollution, your power comes from the Sun (a resource that constantly fills itself).

Wind energy is another good alternative energy technology and be successful in the past has shown. Years windmills were used for grain mill and water pump, and were even used as a source of electricity in continental Europe around 1890. But wind energy as was seen as a potential source of wind in the last ten years and many scientists agree that this is one of the best ways to power the world without electricity. There are scattered all over the world wind parks that make use of alternative energy technology.

The technology works as follows: three sheets are linked to a rotor, and when the wind blows the blades rotate the rotor and this energy be produced state-it's a pretty simple concept, but works well. The only problem with wind energy is that of the technology to work there are wind and some places in the world have no wind. However, this technology will work in places like Wales in the United Kingdom and in North Dakota and California here in the United States.

Alternative energy technology for marine energy is still being researched and developed fully, but there is some evidence to suggest that this technology also works. It just takes a little more time until marine energy in the mainstream, such as that of solar energy, wind energy and the magnetic generator.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nuclear energy

 Humans did use for quite some time of nuclear energy for electricity and so has proceeded to the construction of nuclear power stations.

They nuclear power plants are facilities that produce electricity using nuclear reactors that are devices ready to produce a controlled nuclear reaction. One runaway would be what happened in Hiroshima, or an atomic bomb.

To produce electricity through nuclear reactions, plants used as raw fissile material so-called, providing heatthrough their reactions.

This heat is then employed by a thermodynamic cycle move an alternator to produce electric energy. This is the operation typical of a nuclear power plant.

The most common is that nuclear power stations use elements such as uranium or plutonium for nuclear reactions necessary.

While in its own nuclear energy does not generate gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere as in the central coal, yes they generate radioactive waste which are highly polluting and hazardous, and require to be housed in isolated and controlled deposits.

Nuclear power plants are also responsible for indirect emissions resulting from its own construction, manufacture of the fuel and the subsequent management of radioactive waste, which tend to be thrown into rivers, sometimes even without any control.

They are also dangerous when they are not controlled, as it has happened in the famous accident at Chernobyl, the Fukushima, and also in various accidents that have occurred in the Spanish nuclear power plants.

Let's see a list of the most important Nuclear power plants of the world:
Spain nuclear : Spain currently has eight nuclear power stations, including Santa María de Garoña, whose dismantling is this deciding now.

The other seven are central: Almaraz I and II Almaraz; Ascó I and II Ascó, Cofrentes. Vandellós II.y Trillo. Previously Spain also had Joseph Cabrera.y Vandellòs I plants that have already stopped working.

France nuclear: France counts with 59 reactors and 23 nuclear power stations. Main France plants are the nuclear power of the Genès, the Chooz nuclear power and the Civaux nuclear power
United States nuclear: United States has 104 nuclear reactors and is currently the country with the largest number of nuclear power stations. The list of them you can see here them you can see here
Latin America nuclear power stations : in Latin America there are several countries with nuclear power plants. For example in Argentina we can find stations of the Embalse and Atucha I and II.
The Laguna Verde plant is located in Mexico and in Brazil the Central Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto

Power stations elsewhere in Europe: United Kingdom has 19 nuclear reactors, 10 Sweden, 5 Switzerland and Germany 17. Italy has no nuclear power plants and Germany committed to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2020.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Electric Vehicles: Trucks with Platforms for Height Work

Socage, recognized Italian manufacturer of platforms, incursionará in the field of environmentally friendly vehicles. Their latest models T320, TJ35, nat a314and 1314 UP have in common being respectful of the environment. These trucks with height platforms work with electricity by a lithium-ion battery.

 Without a doubt, the heavy transport urban needs to start strengthening its transformation towards sustainable forms of energy.

Through the implementation of electric motors, this industry could face in a way to better both the growing shortage of fuel that form in the next few years to their high costs.

For example, the a321 nat (summary of transport air Natural) model will work a 96 volts alternating current electric motor with a lithium-ion battery. This model would be able to travel 100 km at the maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

The best feature of this model is that with him you can work in height without producing gases or noise pollution.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Solar Stirling Plant - Uses The Sun To Create Free Electricity

Revolutionary Invention !! This Is A New Method Of Generating Free Energy. Create Massive Amounts Of Energy, Unseen By Other Renewable Energy Devices Such As Solar Panels Or Wind Turbines.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Future in Alternative Energy

Never have played such a prominent role alternative energy sources as they do today.  With the decline in the supply of fossil fuels on the basis, we have no other choice but to look elsewhere meet increasing global demand for energy.

Today, the United States produces about 8% of its domestic reserve and expected demand, the estimated that it will run out of internal reserves in about 12 years.  The scenario for natural gas is not much better if we produce annually approximately 4% of our total reserves.  It is expected that we will consume our domestic delivery in about 25 years.

The following alternative energy sources are not meant to replace fossil fuels.  We will most like always use fossil fuels, we just need to realize that the answer lies in the use of a combination of the two.  First, it is imperative that we the effective use of fossil fuels, and secondly that we must develop alternative energy technologies that can effectively meet our excess question maximize.

Solar energy

Solar energy uses the Sun's rays to power in the form of electricity and produce heat.  The most popular and accepted method of using energy from the Sun is the conversion of radiation.  This includes the use of solar panels, as well as the use of solar energy heated liquid methods.  Currently there are different working solar projects that sufficient electricity to entire communities of electricity and heat in a matter that is self-sufficient can provide.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is an alternative energy that includes both the merger and the splitting of atoms.  Although not always considered an alternative form of energy, I'm including it here because it is not an option available that meet our fossil based and which can help energy demand.  One of the most successful examples of making use of nuclear energy and the granting of power to consumers at a competitive price is Duke Power, based in North Carolina.

Wind and hydro power

Energy is created using windmills that are set in motion of wind breezes.  The resulting based wind energy is then used to force entire communities.

Hydropower is created by turbines that spin out water that flows by the man made dams.  The power that are created on the basis of these sources can be done both on a large scale, such as the Hoover Dam, which captures water from large rivers or on a small scale where the same method can be applied to a stream that runs through your yard.

Geothermal energy

You can distribute heat to a building or use to make electricity by capturing the warmth of the Earth.  This technology, called geothermal energy is readily available, but is also very difficult to generate cheap and efficient.


Biomass as an alternative energy technology refers to using resources such as saw grass, mulch, crop etc. and them in solid or liquid fuels which can then be used to heat buildings.  Sometimes these resources directly for processing heat burned.

Hydrogen, fuel cells

Hydrogen-fuel cells offer an excellent source for the supply of alternative energy.  Although the technology is essentially in its infancy, there are existing methods that can convert hydrogen into electricity everywhere found.  The advantage of this method is that the only emissions from the use of the water.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Contamination Shown in the Crystallization of Water

The research was conducted by the Japanese Masaru Emoto, a Doctor of Alternative Medicine by the Open International University and currently is president of the IHM Research Institute. He has also conducted various investigations related to the crystallization of water so it is considered an expert.

Recently, Masaru Emoto has been in Madrid to present this research and the documentary that was made in consequence of results and a process that has been interesting for those who are interested and aware on the environment.

For this research, water is drawn from different parts of Spain to see how the handling and water pollution may be reflected in the crystallization, from what we might call a work of art for its beauty and harmony to something really unfinished and ugly.

Just how you can see in the picture, water is drawn from different places affected by more or less pollution: from an industrial area or a river that passes inside or near d ela town, water extracted directly from a park natural or a subterranean zone.

Specifically, as you will see in the picture, water is drawn from the wellspring of Ortigosa del Monte, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, where the water comes Bezoya brand and we could say that is opposed to the various industrial waters.

The conclusion to be drawn from this research is that the closer the water of crystallization is nature more beautiful and harmonious.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Solar panels ready to install yourself

For all those who like to build things for your home, who love to learn and go step by step making their first steps in the home, today we present the enterprise Ready Solar, United States, which presents its new solar installation for those that prefer to organize themselves.

It is known to all that one of the biggest problems of home solar power systems, is the associated complication to mount them at home and the costs that this entails, both their acquisition and installation.

Ready Solar has noticed this problem which concerns us all and he wanted to solve these problems. You now have at your disposal, what they call a standardized modules from solar energy to promote the use of solar panels in the houses, its installation and maintenance, thanks to them, it may be something simple.

Therefore, today we present you the new product, called Solar in a Box (solar in a box).

This new release is a preconstruido solar panel which at first glance we could describe it as something beautiful thanks to its wide variety of colors, and Furthermore, its frame is easy to install.  Solar in a Box consists of the best quality and high efficiency Mitsubishi solar panels, so you can count on the very best in your home.

If what you remain facility, must say that it consists of simple and detailed instructions step by step that will help you throughout the process and as check yourself, you can do so any person who proposes it. While it is in the USA, they offer free telephone support so you can clarify all your doubts and learn more about the company.

The advantage that Solar in a Box, is that if you choose you'll be saving money because you don't have to pay anyone for the installation, and we know that a lot of money is it costs, that experts are needed because, normally, you can do it one same, unless it is an expert in this type of installation.

Another advantage of this Solar in a Box, is that coming all together, less penetrations on the roof, which is why we we are still saving money long-term.

Each of these solar boxes are capable of producing 177 kilowatts a month, always depending on weather conditions. The smallest of these boxes has 7 panels, and costs $9780.

Then we leave you a short video so you can enjoy otherwise what is a Solar in a Box, its advantages and its simple installation.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Current Alternative Energy Use at Home

Are you interested in current alternative energy use at home? Renewable energy is a form of generating power that does not make use of resources such as oil, coal and gas. This form of energy can be obtained from external sources such as wind, sun, waves and many other natural sources.

1. Why is it Better to Use Renewable Energy Than Non-Renewable Sources?
They do not harm the environment in any way as they do not release any harmful emissions and do not cause pollution. Most importantly, they can produce electricity for free and all the owner has to do is to maintain the system and keep it in working condition.

2. What is the Situation of Alternative Energy Use at Home?
More and more individuals and companies are now seeking for methods to produce their own free alternative electricity and to reduce their dependence on power companies. This is due to the fact that power companies can increase the price of electricity as soon as non-renewable energy sources become more expensive.

As such, this issue of rising gas prices and increasing pollution of our planet has prompted more people to want to take action and free themselves from rising energy prices. The use of alternative energy is seen as the long term solution to the problem of pollution and decreasing fuel supplies that is becoming a more severe problem as demand is expected to rise exponentially.

3. Using Wind Turbines to Generate Wind Electricity to Run Your Home
Wind turbines can be built to harness the wind as a source of energy that is convertible into electricity through a generator. You can find out more about how this alternative energy system works at my website link below.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hitachi designs independent of neodymium high efficiency industrial engines

Companies around the world are working around some export restrictions which China has imposed when it comes to rare-earth minerals. China supplies the world currently with 90 per cent of all rare earth elements and with increasing restrictions and prices always on-the-fly, the wise road ahead for manufacturers would be replace the use of these elements that is never possible.

Industrial motors of high efficiency use neodymium magnets and insofar as it contains elements of rare earths, Hitachi develops new engine no longer depend on neodymium.

Hitachi develops high-efficiency engine without using neodymium

Hitachi aims to bring these new industrial high efficiency motors which are at the same time with those who use neodymium in 2014. For those unaware, an engine consist of the stationary core, called the stator and the rotating part that is quite properly called the rotor.

Instead of using the current Hitachi magnet is using an amorphous metal for the iron core. This is combined with a Ferrite magnet for the part of the rotor of the motor.

 The combination gives an engine that is as energy-efficient as that currently uses a neodymium magnet to the rotor.

Changing the method of processing of amorphous metal used in the core of the stator and changing the design of the engine in general, Hitachi and Hitachi industrial equipment systems have devised the perfect combination that not to lose power and help produce cheaper engines because they don't have to worry about the use of rare-earth metal already.

 The efficiency of the newly developed engines IE4, which is an indication that they are in fact as efficient as any other on the planet today.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vintage metal and linen watches for steampunk lovers

Many a times it so happens that you and your friend end up buying the same stuff. It would be very difficult to defeat the competition, especially when it comes to flaunting your watches. However, you don’t need to worry now, especially with the amazingly mixed breed watch variety by Metal et Linnen.

 These steam punk watches are a mixture of silver, brass, leather and linen. With such a combination of unique materials, the watches are bound to be a piece of luxury, affordable only for a selected few.

The watches exude a very rustic raw charm and will woo you with their sheer looks. Their simplicity will charm your wits as they add a subtle glamor to your wrist. Watch as people envy the mechanized piece of machinery sitting neatly on your wrist. The customizable watches can be made according to your whims and fancies and bring forth the true quality of excellent craftsmanship.

Each of the watches have the numbers engraved on them and you can be assured that you will reach on time always. The steam punk watches keep excellent time and will never keep you waiting for anything ever. Each of the watch varieties will have been priced differently and are available on Etsy.

Of course, the shipping charges will be extra but given the superb quality they are offering, one would not mind shelling out the required dough.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Renewable Energy Landfill

In view of this, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, has produced a report which is considered to landfills as a necessary component of our daily lives, being the first place are deposited the 513 kilograms of waste that a person makes per year, with most of them aimed at those locations.

In landfills there is obviously a large accumulation of waste will be progressively breaking down, leading to chemical reactions involving catalysts such as microorganisms, climatic factors and even the environment where waste is deposited, which accelerate or retard the decomposition according to where they were stored.

This decomposition generates a release of gases between which there is a large wealth of Methane and carbon dioxide, the former being used as a fuel additive in the same or as an important compound in order to develop them, in place of other fossil fuels .

Methane and carbon dioxide are gases that are between those that cause the greenhouse effect, the first 20 times more powerful, so its extraction and use not only has an economic purpose (replacing oil and its derivatives) but also an ecological purpose.

Obtaining this biogas has different techniques, varying in how they are used, the elements used and even how they are concentrated gases usable, so it is important to know that we can waste energy that can obtain directly or indirectly affect in our contemporary activities.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Several benefits of alternative energy for your home

The benefits of alternative energy for your home are becoming something that more and more people can achieve in their lives. There is a large amount of press about alternative energy today. Of the Government's plans to the auto-makers that take advantage of the options that exist. What it really means to you and your family? There are some good places to start on that question.
Government incentives & solar energy

One of the most common forms of alternative energy in a home is solar energy. There are other options including intelligent design that the use of energy and environmental conditions and some more concrete alternative energy sources such as wind power in use in houses maximizes, but for most homeowners solar energy is one of the most practical. There is good news about that too. There may be Government incentives for you to begin collecting the benefits of alternative energy for your home.
The database of State Incentives for renewable energy has a database of incentives, including discounts available in each State. But there is more; You may also be eligible for federal tax credits for energy efficiency. You can learn about whether the products you are considering eligible by visiting the energy Start-website for more details.

Planning your solar array or other source of energy will really determine the benefits of alternative energy for your home; It will also determine that the cost of the system. In most cases it is a good idea to consult with a professional with regard to the design of your system. If you're a specialist yourself there is no need, but in any case, the application of specialized knowledge is important. There are usually a number of companies that specialize in the installation of solar energy systems in every major metropolis. It is important to choose a quality company like the work relates to your roof or other parts of your House can have. If there are no companies in your region are available it may be possible for other trained professionals the necessary tasks to complete, but you might want to consult the manufacturer.
Increased energy efficiency

With alternative energy sources, it is possible to create different levels of power. For example, can your solar array produce only half of the energy your home consumes. In some cases, this may be the best choice for you based on how much you can spend or the amount of space you have that would allow for efficient installation of solar panels. Balancing these factors can maximize the benefits of alternative energy for your home.

The benefits of alternative energy for your home include not only money from your energy bill savings, but conservation of energy use. That is an aid for the environment and the world energy demand. To this end, there are a number of other options you might want to consider when installing and alternative source of energy. Just your home with new sufficient insulation insulation and the use of doors and Windows with modern standards will probably help you to get the energy you used to preserve. Some of these options also qualify for energy efficiency credits. No answer is the answer, but by creating a combination of components that complement you can realize more benefits than you may have guessed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wind turbine prototype extract water from the air

In desert areas, easy access to the water is a problem, you have to carry enough water or ensure the route to power supply. However the lack of water in desert or semi desert could be solved thanks to this prototype turbine which extracts water from the air.

The wind turbine is called Eole water, its creator Marc Parents came up with the idea while living in the Caribbean. Frames Parents wanted draw water through a renewable energy thinking in areas that did not have easy access to electricity, after 10 years of r & d has achieved the wind turbine WMS1000, able to condesar and store up to 1,000 litres of water a day.

L turbine Eole water is already a reality, has been built in Abu Dhabi 6 months ago and has managed to produce between 500 and 800 litres of water per day, could get 1,000 litres a day implemented a system of Tower. With this test he has failed to demonstrate that the system works. Now the company is working with several manufacturers to produce new turbines.

It is 34 meters tall, requires winds of at least 24.14 kilometres per hour or more, to turn the rotor of 13 meters in diameter and thus generate enough energy. It produces 30kW of sufficient power to operate the system.

The air is sucked through a few holes of the turbine and generator achieves the occurrence of steam. Steam is distributed through a compressor cooling to form the humidity that condenses into water. The liquid retrieved is channeled to a tank of storage located at the base of the turbine after having been purified.
If the turbine is installed in an area that meets the requirements of the wind speed, the system is completely autonomous. It achieves its objective, a mass storage of water even in very arid or desert locations.

The turbine Eole water it has a great potential for water supply in arid areas, but also offers other facilities:
-Ensure a supply of water in isolated areas who do not have a reliable supply warehouse
-Supply of water in emergency zones where there has been some disaster,
-Provide water for organic farming, where achieving water with a system based on renewable energy is an interesting option.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tesla Model X

Urban mobility is pointing increasingly to the existence on the streets more and more vehicles that use clean energy, the most likely to be fully applied technology Electric Cars, with a lot of them already rolling down the streets, and projects to provide a sustainable platform for its operation, such as Wireless Charging in Avenues that will be launched in major cities.

On this occasion, we bring what will be the mainstay of one of the new models of the pioneers in Electric Motor technology and high performance, the U.S. company Tesla Motors, the presentation of a new prototype.

Family Vehicle

With the creation of the prototype Tesla Model X, aims to provide an electrical solution to those looking for a suitable car for the family, without having characteristics of a utility, but provides the features and amenities they offer.

This leads to a design that allows to place the same platform Battery Pack which is equipped in cars of this firm (and give this key autonomy) but mounted on a structure much higher than other cars of the firm.

Like any luxury car we dream to have, the rear seats are accessed through a system of gullwing doors (which Tesla prefers to call Hawk Wings) that allows complete freedom to include a third row of seats, which is easily accessible.

As for the engine, has two variants available (a 60 KWh and a 85-kWh) that revolve around the same performance, giving an acceleration of 0 to 100 in a range close to 5 seconds.

The production model will be available in late 2013, beginning to be delivered to buyers in early 2014.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Remnants To Cars

On this occasion, we will not refer to the Electric power for cars, but a pilot project that seeks to provide a new form of energy, which also provides a solution to the waste treatment and recycling of various waste.

At the moment it is not applied in form, but that is a Pilot test carried out by the Institute of engineering and biotechnology of Fraunhofer, which takes advantage of its proximity to the large shopping centers to get a good amount of food waste, more precisely fruits and vegetables.

These residues are collected and used for through a fermentation process, generate biogas that is later treaty in order to obtain a good amount of methane, constituting a source of Natural Gas to fuel cars.

This project, while it is in testing stage, already has the approval by the German Ministry of education and development , as well as the endorsement of the Baden Württemberg energy company, in order to provide support for developing efficient, considering that it is not just storage and proper disposal of waste, but also the maintenance of the conditions of pH that microorganisms generate the largest amount of biogas as possible.

The retrieved will be tapped by the Daimler group, who will be using it and testing with their cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Geothermal energy by AltaRock energy

 Then we will analyze a research project that is being carried out in the United States by the AltaRock Energy Company, with a new way to capture her and transform it into much-needed electricity.

A clear example of what is capable this Energy source is at the puritama, where the concentration of heat is capable of mobilizing large masses of water, producing steam and a sudden rise of the same by a crack in the Earth's surface, although, of course, be able to attract is extremely difficult in this State.
That is why geothermal energy requires a great technological advancement which suppose High-performance at the lowest possible cost, in addition to producing the lowest possible modification to the environment where it is located.

Developing project envisages the extraction of energy from those accessible geological formations that require no drilling and conditioning, and that they are capable of generating heat, but they aren't natural puritama.

In them it would ride a closed system for the generation of a large amount of steam with a constant movement of a certain amount of water that condenses and will, precipitate held accountable without assuming an impact on local water supply.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Recycled shipping container repurposed into stunning mobile pizzeria

Recycled shipping containers are one of the most popular choices for people who want to incorporate green elements in their pre-fab homes and offices. However, not a lot of people have tried sticking a shipping container on top of a truck chassis. Neither have a lot of people tried to make the strange combo work as a mobile pizza joint!

And that is precisely why the Del Popolo mobile pizzeria garners such kudos from us. Custom designed by, er, restaurant owner Jon Darsky, the mobile pizza joint turns the food truck business classy and eco friendly.

Stunning mobile pizzeria made from recycled shipping
The mobile pizza place is fashioned using a truck and a 20-foot transatlantic shipping container which has been modified and repurposed with a kitchen. The stunning food joint also features a stunning glass wall on one side that allows customers and the general public to peep inside Del Popolo. The stylish pizza truck also features an Italian-made traditional wood-fired oven weighing over 5,000 lbs since

 Darsky wanted to bring the taste of authentic Neapolitan-inspired rustic pizza to customers on the street. It took Darsky $180,000 to build Del Popolo.

Stunning mobile pizzeria made from recycled shipping
The oven reaches temperatures around 800 degrees and is situated in the second level in the restaurant on wheels. The lower level features a special rack from which the pies are delivered to the customers and also a place for the cashier to accept charges for the fresh-baked pizzas. The rustic oven bakes pies in a mere 60 seconds.

Stunning mobile pizzeria made from recycled shipping
Currently, Del Popolo offers a choice of three pizzas- a braised rapini, spicy salami, red onion, chili oil and Mozzarella pizza costing $14; a grana padano, basil, ricotta and fresh mozzarella pie costing $11; and a basil, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozzarella and tomato pizza costing $10.

Stunning mobile pizzeria made from recycled shipping
We’re not sure where environmental authorities in Naples stand on the emission created by wood-fired pizza oven and how much fossil fuel the mobile pizza joint burns while making food runs in the city, but the super-green joint appears to be committed to keeping their operations as clean and organic as possible. For now, Del Popolo sources its ingredients from smaller, generational producers in the area which means their pizza offers one of the most authentic flavors in the area.

Stunning mobile pizzeria made from recycled shipping