Friday, July 13, 2012

Vintage metal and linen watches for steampunk lovers

Many a times it so happens that you and your friend end up buying the same stuff. It would be very difficult to defeat the competition, especially when it comes to flaunting your watches. However, you don’t need to worry now, especially with the amazingly mixed breed watch variety by Metal et Linnen.

 These steam punk watches are a mixture of silver, brass, leather and linen. With such a combination of unique materials, the watches are bound to be a piece of luxury, affordable only for a selected few.

The watches exude a very rustic raw charm and will woo you with their sheer looks. Their simplicity will charm your wits as they add a subtle glamor to your wrist. Watch as people envy the mechanized piece of machinery sitting neatly on your wrist. The customizable watches can be made according to your whims and fancies and bring forth the true quality of excellent craftsmanship.

Each of the watches have the numbers engraved on them and you can be assured that you will reach on time always. The steam punk watches keep excellent time and will never keep you waiting for anything ever. Each of the watch varieties will have been priced differently and are available on Etsy.

Of course, the shipping charges will be extra but given the superb quality they are offering, one would not mind shelling out the required dough.