Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Remnants To Cars

On this occasion, we will not refer to the Electric power for cars, but a pilot project that seeks to provide a new form of energy, which also provides a solution to the waste treatment and recycling of various waste.

At the moment it is not applied in form, but that is a Pilot test carried out by the Institute of engineering and biotechnology of Fraunhofer, which takes advantage of its proximity to the large shopping centers to get a good amount of food waste, more precisely fruits and vegetables.

These residues are collected and used for through a fermentation process, generate biogas that is later treaty in order to obtain a good amount of methane, constituting a source of Natural Gas to fuel cars.

This project, while it is in testing stage, already has the approval by the German Ministry of education and development , as well as the endorsement of the Baden W├╝rttemberg energy company, in order to provide support for developing efficient, considering that it is not just storage and proper disposal of waste, but also the maintenance of the conditions of pH that microorganisms generate the largest amount of biogas as possible.

The retrieved will be tapped by the Daimler group, who will be using it and testing with their cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach.