Monday, July 16, 2012

Solar panels ready to install yourself

For all those who like to build things for your home, who love to learn and go step by step making their first steps in the home, today we present the enterprise Ready Solar, United States, which presents its new solar installation for those that prefer to organize themselves.

It is known to all that one of the biggest problems of home solar power systems, is the associated complication to mount them at home and the costs that this entails, both their acquisition and installation.

Ready Solar has noticed this problem which concerns us all and he wanted to solve these problems. You now have at your disposal, what they call a standardized modules from solar energy to promote the use of solar panels in the houses, its installation and maintenance, thanks to them, it may be something simple.

Therefore, today we present you the new product, called Solar in a Box (solar in a box).

This new release is a preconstruido solar panel which at first glance we could describe it as something beautiful thanks to its wide variety of colors, and Furthermore, its frame is easy to install.  Solar in a Box consists of the best quality and high efficiency Mitsubishi solar panels, so you can count on the very best in your home.

If what you remain facility, must say that it consists of simple and detailed instructions step by step that will help you throughout the process and as check yourself, you can do so any person who proposes it. While it is in the USA, they offer free telephone support so you can clarify all your doubts and learn more about the company.

The advantage that Solar in a Box, is that if you choose you'll be saving money because you don't have to pay anyone for the installation, and we know that a lot of money is it costs, that experts are needed because, normally, you can do it one same, unless it is an expert in this type of installation.

Another advantage of this Solar in a Box, is that coming all together, less penetrations on the roof, which is why we we are still saving money long-term.

Each of these solar boxes are capable of producing 177 kilowatts a month, always depending on weather conditions. The smallest of these boxes has 7 panels, and costs $9780.

Then we leave you a short video so you can enjoy otherwise what is a Solar in a Box, its advantages and its simple installation.