Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wind turbine prototype extract water from the air

In desert areas, easy access to the water is a problem, you have to carry enough water or ensure the route to power supply. However the lack of water in desert or semi desert could be solved thanks to this prototype turbine which extracts water from the air.

The wind turbine is called Eole water, its creator Marc Parents came up with the idea while living in the Caribbean. Frames Parents wanted draw water through a renewable energy thinking in areas that did not have easy access to electricity, after 10 years of r & d has achieved the wind turbine WMS1000, able to condesar and store up to 1,000 litres of water a day.

L turbine Eole water is already a reality, has been built in Abu Dhabi 6 months ago and has managed to produce between 500 and 800 litres of water per day, could get 1,000 litres a day implemented a system of Tower. With this test he has failed to demonstrate that the system works. Now the company is working with several manufacturers to produce new turbines.

It is 34 meters tall, requires winds of at least 24.14 kilometres per hour or more, to turn the rotor of 13 meters in diameter and thus generate enough energy. It produces 30kW of sufficient power to operate the system.

The air is sucked through a few holes of the turbine and generator achieves the occurrence of steam. Steam is distributed through a compressor cooling to form the humidity that condenses into water. The liquid retrieved is channeled to a tank of storage located at the base of the turbine after having been purified.
If the turbine is installed in an area that meets the requirements of the wind speed, the system is completely autonomous. It achieves its objective, a mass storage of water even in very arid or desert locations.

The turbine Eole water it has a great potential for water supply in arid areas, but also offers other facilities:
-Ensure a supply of water in isolated areas who do not have a reliable supply warehouse
-Supply of water in emergency zones where there has been some disaster,
-Provide water for organic farming, where achieving water with a system based on renewable energy is an interesting option.