Thursday, July 26, 2012

Solar + Biomass Energy

Spain Europe and Latin America have agreed to carry out a project of energy of the biomass, which will participate actively give territorial Center of CIEMAT located in the province of Soria.

Funding is provided by the Ibero-American program of science and technology for development (CYTED), with a budget of 800 000 €. The project's name is "HIBRELEC: prototypes of generation of electricity and heat in nuclei isolated Latin America through hybridization".

HIBRELEC consists of a hybrid plant based on two sources of energy: solid biomass and solar photovoltaics. The aim is to attain - through the generation of electric and thermal energy - a better energy supply in areas of Latin America.
The system will combine a module of gasification of biomass, a gas cleaning system and one 30-35 power, kWe moto-generador located in a large container. This will join you a solar generator photovoltaic of 5–10 kWe, whose panels will be placed on the walls and roof of the container.