Friday, June 22, 2012

Electricity generation is varying, appealing to new forms of renewable energy that will allow not only great performance, but also to supply more and more homes at relatively low cost, compared to the use of resources nonrenewable, that in an indefinite duration will be exhausted or will not be as easy (and economic) extraction.

The energy company Endesa has taken account of this and is currently offering two forms of electrical energy are derived from a renewable energy, taking advantage of the geographical location of Spain, located in one of the centres of maximum sunlight in Europe, and also with everything you need to use, in the same service.

Also known as Solar thermal energy, basically consists in use of energy from the Sun for the production of heat, generally used for domestic purposes, water heating or simply for cooking, although it is also used in some industries to produce mechanical energy. On the contrary, it can also be used in a refrigeration machine to produce cold, acting as a kind of air conditioning.
Endesa firm offers the complete installation of thermal solar panels, apart from its connection with the service of Sanitary hot water (DHW), including the installation of heaters or solar water necessary for its functionality.

Photovoltaic solar energy requires a material first semiconductor, usually a photovoltaic cell, which is the main component in solar energy conversion in later leveraged electric power, whose quantity and available along with other materials make up the so-called photovoltaic panel.
Captured this energy, is sent to the investor responsible for so-called device transform that constant energy is used in homes, the alternating current, taking big advantages that not only focus on the economic, but also in accessibility, particularly in isolated sites where it is not possible or is not feasible through wiring connection.

As with Energy Solar thermal company provides from installation all necessary periodic maintenance of these solar cells and all components fitted to offer also personalized service for companies (reflected in the budget and offers)

As he promises can Save up to 70% to the invoice of conventional electricity grid, using renewable energy sources also contributing to the environment with the decrease in the amount of CO2 emissions.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

E-Moto: the electric bike of the UC3M

Today we will tell a development carried out by engineers of the Universidad Carlos iii de Madrid (uc3m) and the company NGL Tech Design, emerged as a spin-off of this University.

It is of e-Moto, a prototype of high performance electric bike , which is an interesting improvement on electric scooters currently on the market.

 E-Moto is an electric motorcycle, which we might describe as "equivalent" to a 400cc bike for its features and benefits.

But in this case only uses electricity, provided by batteries quite similar to the electric cars and recharged by braking system is a lightweight vehicle, comparatively with other similar, with a weight of 145 Kg.

The engine works with AC and has a maximum power of about 95 horsepower.

The prototype is intended to be the start of a project that can be developed to market motorcycles of high performance without fossil fuel consumption. Something is expected to have a significant social impact.
Source: SINC

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alternative Energy Sources - Affordable And Reliable

The alternative energy sources can help you run free electricity in your home, and cut back on your reliance on the power company. In this modern society, more people are exploring the possibilities of the use of renewable energy and use it to their electrical needs.

There are two main alternative energy sources that you can consider, a solar-energy, the second is wind energy.

Such unconventional and renewable energy can reduce the pollution in the environment that you live in, and they are a free source of energy that you can tap on easily with a few simple tools.

For solar energy, you can easily tapping on the solar energy with solar panels that you can build on your own. The materials can easily be purchased at any hardware store at an affordable price of less than $ 300, and you will be able to build your own solar panels and use it to tap on the solar energy. You can place the panels on your roof or in the backyard. Alternatively, you can create your very own windmills on wind energy build also tap. You can also find all the materials of hardware store.

In addition, by alternative energy sources tapping on this, you will be able to save on your electric bills. Are you good in building windmills and solar panels, you can even excess energy that do not produce consumed by your household, and the back into the electricity grid, will flow back to the electric company. This can also help you to earn some extra income.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Biogas: alternative fuel gas

 As we already saw on a previous occasion, the biomass includes fast-growing plants, remains of animals, wood and algae cultured, to cite just a few simple examples.

It is a source of energy from the Sun ultimately, and it can become renewable energy provided be used properly

What is biogas?

The biogas comes to be a fuel gas generated in specific devices or natural environments from the different reactions of biodegradation plaguing the organic, by the action of micro-organisms as well as other factors in the absence of air.

This resulting gas consists of carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), and other gases although in quantities smaller than the previous ones.

What can biogas be used?

The production of biogas by decomposition without air (anaerobic decomposition) is a useful way to treat biodegradable waste, given that produces a fuel value and generates an effluent that can be applied as a soil conditioner or generic payment.

In addition, this type of gas can be also used to produce electricity via turbines or generating plants to gas, as well as stoves, dryers, furnaces, boilers, or other combustion gas systems.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Children Taught to Recycle

Children have a great capacity for learning, especially when we present the content in an attractive, like a game or story. Thus, to accustom them to recycle or performing any beneficial, we present it as fun as that may be part, avoiding being seen as an obligation. After 3 years, and can learn, bearing in mind that the example of carers, as elsewhere, the most important factor.

To develop environmental awareness of the smallest we can apply different games, for example we can draw with them the four different types of container there is: the paper and cardboard (blue), indicated for glass (green), in which we introducing plastic, cans and cartons (yellow) and finally the organic waste (orange). Once these drawings, there are different possibilities.

  We can draw several objects and paste them in the right place (for example, a bottle of crital we could about the green bin or a banana peel on the container might be orange), or simply ask them to make a list of things that go on every one of the containers and write it up. This collage can be placed in a visible place in the kitchen for them to appropriate locations to memorize each waste, and even cuts gradually add more pictures or words in the right place.

Another way to instill the skills needed to recycle them is to reviewing how things are made, trying to gradually increase the difficulty level. We would start with something simple, like a pasta on to cook, and we would gradually complicating with different objects. So they can memorize it, is a good idea to draw the object in question and then the parts that are divided: in the example above would wrap the dough over, he would go to waste plastic (yellow container) and paste itself, which would go organic.

Finally, we should not rule out the strategy of the story, as it always seems to be effective. Explain in an entertaining and patient, the reasons why it is necessary to recycle, always a good idea, especially if we do as a story, a story much more accepted by them, in which the princess always recycled and the knight helps you in your task, it is very important for the future of the kingdom.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eco-friendly handcrafted gifting items for Father's Day

The upcoming Father’s Day celebration has got everyone rushing out to purchase choicest items for their dads. From gadgetry to clothing, stores will no doubt see their sales increase prior to this yearly 20th century celebration that complements another equally popular event, Mother’s Day. But rather than purchase mass produced commodities which are usually not eco-friendly, it’s always a better idea to buy products that are hand crafted and pose no harm to the environment. They may be more expensive than commercially manufactured goods, but their value can be priceless. Take a look at a couple of environment friendly gifting items that will surely bring a smile to your father’s face.

Sierra ballpoint pens from Thornbush Pens
Thornbush Pens is a company involved in the production of environment friendly items sourced from wood and recycled newsprint. The pens are delivered with an informative card describing it and the materials used in making the item. The Sierra ballpoint pen comes with 24 karat gold fittings complementing black enamel. Made from olive wood originated in Bethlehem, the pen uses a refill that is widely available in the stores. Buyers can also purchase a rosewood case and a gift box for an additional $7 along with the $22 attached to the pen.

OBV boxer briefs
OBV’s boxer briefs are made using organic bamboo velour. The eco-friendly pair of shorts can be purchased for $40. The undyed and natural inner wear is available in a beige shade and will offer those environment lovers a nice change from the usual inorganically produced cotton ones which are widely available in the market. Since it’s made from organic bamboo, it goes without saying that the item is recyclable and biodegradable so it poses no harm to the environment. It can be purchased from MotherGoose Designs, an online store that sells Eco-friendly clothing items.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Climate change denial

Denial brings controversy and that is worrying, because when there are two positions faced in this way, it usually always exist an undercurrent of intentions in the majority of cases not reaching in its entirety the citizen of a foot. And most times, not to say always, that background is economic. In the issue now before us when were the problems really raised? When there was to decide what debiamos spend the money: curbing climate change or to promote the growth of companies that exploit non-renewable resources such as oil, coal or natural gas.

Denial postulates that man is not favoring that climate change and that this is due to natural causes, so it is not necessary to reverse the numbers seeking to stop it. Advocates consider climate change as a clear and proven reality, say that the denial is nothing more than a pseudoscience that denies global warming is being produced by the man and minimizes their importance to refuse to take action. In general, this denial is fostered by the big business oil and political supporters of the free market.

And what is the reason that this issue is gaining so much relevance these days? The cause is that they intend to extend it to the classrooms of America, where trying to decide if it is relevant or not teach students what the climate change, which are the causes and how to stop it and if this teaching should be accompanied also his opposite belief, i.e., denial, presenting their students as an alternative also scientifically based it.

In some States such as Texas, Utah or South Dakota, is beginning to teach the denialas a valid scientific theory. Deniers demand, with this implementation in schools, that only one side of the debate, claiming that it must show the pros and cons of both positions is not taught.
Proponents of climate change, on the other hand, remember them that 97% of scientists believed that climate change is attributable directly or indirectly to the man, and that denial has no scientific basis behind it, and that only made biased readings of scientific reports, rescuing only the data which may be more favourable to its position.

In conclusion, when this position was created within the framework of a crisis FINACE as the current and by sectors that benefit from this kind of approach, we have forced to consider that denial is, at least, a suspected position.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Solar Energy as an Alternative Energy Source-In Your Home or Business it is Time to Take Advantage

If you're tired of hearing about the harmful substances that are harmful to the environment such as nuclear waste, carbon emissions and other pollutants and do you want your contribution, consider using solar energy as an alternative energy source for all your electronic needs. You already know that these fossil fuels are not only harmful to the Earth's atmosphere but be used in a frightening pace, quick to disappear.

Positive reasons use solar energy as an alternative energy source

There are some real advantages to use solar energy as an alternative energy source. Here are two important reasons that you must use the option:

More jobs-since the Sun a resource that is available in high amounts and is always supplement itself is, it can be generated and consumed where it is used. That means more employment opportunities in the country.

For utility Bill savings-you can some real savings on your electric and gas bills. It can come to the point where you should never use their services again. This will make your House, if you sell to, more valuable.

Remember that solar energy is not only for heating the water or produce electricity. It can also be used for cooking, heating the swimming pool/spa, water pump, landscape lighting, passive solar design, etc. There is much you can use with solar energy as an alternative energy source.

What solar option, you must use

You have many options to take advantage of solar energy. You can a small scale solar project such as solar lights or solar cooker. Or you can do something bigger and use of the full scale photovoltaic solar-home generators or solar panels.

People who want to use solar energy in their new home often go with a passive solar design. If the well designed, you can change the amount of money that you pay for your heating and cooling bills by reducing quite a bit. If you make use of solar energy as an alternative energy source, save you money because you don't have to maintain or to buy new equipment.

With a passive design is a much more effective manner and the use of solar energy than the purchase of solar power for your home. Despite all the effort you put into making your home solar-efficient with that product, it is not always that way.

Photovoltaic cells (PVs) are semiconductors that have two layers of Silicon. You don't need to know how the PV cells work but the contractor you hire to install your solar product know better how it works.

DIY solar projects

Did you enjoy do-it-yourself projects do? Then consider a do-it-project, that includes the use of solar energy as an alternative energy source. There are many projects that you can do to take advantage of solar energy; Some take no time to build on all and they all fun to do. For example, you can create your own home solar panels.

If you want to take advantage of solar energy, consider using both wind and solar-energy technology.

Converting a dependent House of fossil fuels in a solar-energy ready House an expensive investment but the benefits outweigh the costs in the long term. Can you all kinds of information through the database of State Incentives for renewable energy Learn which subsidies and incentives are available when you solar-as an alternative source of energy in your home or business today.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Several Reasons Why a Magnetic Motor is the New Residential Alternative Energy Source

There are many reasons why a magnetic motor the new residential alternative energy source. A magnetic engine works by applications the magnetic properties of magnets to produce energy. If you have never heard of this alternative method for generating energy, read on.

A magnetic motor is pure green energy as it does not harm the environment. It produces no noise, no emissions and does not heat up when working. It is a good alternative for solar and wind energy.

This kind of energy not rely on the weather. Solar-energy depending on the Sun and the lack of cloudy days and wind energy necessary to produce output. Magnetic engines rely on the attraction and repulsion of magnetic energy to create. It is also very little space and can generate more energy than other alternative sources. They can be used anywhere and in any climate.

Kits and instructions you will find on the Internet about building a magnetic energy source. There are a number of free resources, but it would be best to spend $ 50 or so to find detailed instructions. You can build one that willpower a whole home for about $ 200. If you only want to power a part of the House, the costs will be even less.

This kind of energy is considered to be free energy as it requires no intervention. You can even earn money with it. More than your House and you can sell it back to the power company's produce.

There is plenty of information on the Internet as to the reasons why a magnetic motor the new residential alternative energy source. You can find guides that will help you to build one. Or, if working with tools is not your forte, look for someone who will build and hook it up.