Thursday, June 21, 2012

E-Moto: the electric bike of the UC3M

Today we will tell a development carried out by engineers of the Universidad Carlos iii de Madrid (uc3m) and the company NGL Tech Design, emerged as a spin-off of this University.

It is of e-Moto, a prototype of high performance electric bike , which is an interesting improvement on electric scooters currently on the market.

 E-Moto is an electric motorcycle, which we might describe as "equivalent" to a 400cc bike for its features and benefits.

But in this case only uses electricity, provided by batteries quite similar to the electric cars and recharged by braking system is a lightweight vehicle, comparatively with other similar, with a weight of 145 Kg.

The engine works with AC and has a maximum power of about 95 horsepower.

The prototype is intended to be the start of a project that can be developed to market motorcycles of high performance without fossil fuel consumption. Something is expected to have a significant social impact.
Source: SINC