Friday, June 22, 2012

Electricity generation is varying, appealing to new forms of renewable energy that will allow not only great performance, but also to supply more and more homes at relatively low cost, compared to the use of resources nonrenewable, that in an indefinite duration will be exhausted or will not be as easy (and economic) extraction.

The energy company Endesa has taken account of this and is currently offering two forms of electrical energy are derived from a renewable energy, taking advantage of the geographical location of Spain, located in one of the centres of maximum sunlight in Europe, and also with everything you need to use, in the same service.

Also known as Solar thermal energy, basically consists in use of energy from the Sun for the production of heat, generally used for domestic purposes, water heating or simply for cooking, although it is also used in some industries to produce mechanical energy. On the contrary, it can also be used in a refrigeration machine to produce cold, acting as a kind of air conditioning.
Endesa firm offers the complete installation of thermal solar panels, apart from its connection with the service of Sanitary hot water (DHW), including the installation of heaters or solar water necessary for its functionality.

Photovoltaic solar energy requires a material first semiconductor, usually a photovoltaic cell, which is the main component in solar energy conversion in later leveraged electric power, whose quantity and available along with other materials make up the so-called photovoltaic panel.
Captured this energy, is sent to the investor responsible for so-called device transform that constant energy is used in homes, the alternating current, taking big advantages that not only focus on the economic, but also in accessibility, particularly in isolated sites where it is not possible or is not feasible through wiring connection.

As with Energy Solar thermal company provides from installation all necessary periodic maintenance of these solar cells and all components fitted to offer also personalized service for companies (reflected in the budget and offers)

As he promises can Save up to 70% to the invoice of conventional electricity grid, using renewable energy sources also contributing to the environment with the decrease in the amount of CO2 emissions.