Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eco-friendly handcrafted gifting items for Father's Day

The upcoming Father’s Day celebration has got everyone rushing out to purchase choicest items for their dads. From gadgetry to clothing, stores will no doubt see their sales increase prior to this yearly 20th century celebration that complements another equally popular event, Mother’s Day. But rather than purchase mass produced commodities which are usually not eco-friendly, it’s always a better idea to buy products that are hand crafted and pose no harm to the environment. They may be more expensive than commercially manufactured goods, but their value can be priceless. Take a look at a couple of environment friendly gifting items that will surely bring a smile to your father’s face.

Sierra ballpoint pens from Thornbush Pens
Thornbush Pens is a company involved in the production of environment friendly items sourced from wood and recycled newsprint. The pens are delivered with an informative card describing it and the materials used in making the item. The Sierra ballpoint pen comes with 24 karat gold fittings complementing black enamel. Made from olive wood originated in Bethlehem, the pen uses a refill that is widely available in the stores. Buyers can also purchase a rosewood case and a gift box for an additional $7 along with the $22 attached to the pen.

OBV boxer briefs
OBV’s boxer briefs are made using organic bamboo velour. The eco-friendly pair of shorts can be purchased for $40. The undyed and natural inner wear is available in a beige shade and will offer those environment lovers a nice change from the usual inorganically produced cotton ones which are widely available in the market. Since it’s made from organic bamboo, it goes without saying that the item is recyclable and biodegradable so it poses no harm to the environment. It can be purchased from MotherGoose Designs, an online store that sells Eco-friendly clothing items.