Sunday, September 30, 2012


 The experience that occurs has been developing on our small organic farm of one hectare, Bioagriculture White House, located in the Valley of the River Lurín, Pachacamac district, 35 km south of the city of Lima, Peru.

We grow a wide variety of products such as cassava (manioc), Pope, camote (sweet potato), beans, corn, vegetables, banana, strawberry and various herbs. We also breed cuyes (Guinea Pigs) for meat consumption and recycling of nutrients for the farm.
More than ten years ago, in 1994, we decided to build a biodigestor, Chinese model, in order to take better advantage of the manure produced by the guinea pigs from a farm which at that date had a population of 600 animals. Until that date, the Guinea pig manure was mainly used as organic fertilizer, already out directly or mixed with the stubble or crop residues for the preparation of compost, manure produced under aerobic conditions.

Currently the population of Guinea Pigs fluctuates between 900 and 1,000 units and produces approximately three tons of manure per month (36 tons per year). It is from this animal biomass produced in the farm - which adds plant biomass (crop waste) - which promotes recycling. Through these processes, we can not only produce bioabonos, in liquid or solid form, but also biogas.

The process that is performed using the bio-digester is somewhat a mirror of what happens in nature when the biomass buried for millions of years is decomposed under anaerobic conditions and produces a considerable deposit of natural gas or biogas.

The bio-digester of White House Bioagriculture has a capacity of 10 cubic meters. The central Chamber has three holes that are connected: a central hole that only opens once a year, for the initial loading and unloading; a side port connected to a tube that goes near the bottom of the camera and that serves the regular feed, and finally a third hole attached to a side Chamber where they exit the liquid bioabono or biol.
Load initial or bottom loading which feeds each year the bio-digester is constituted by a precompost that, for White House Bioagriculture, is prepared from Guinea pig manure and Corn Stover.

A ton of this precompost, which is three to four weeks of preparation, and with a temperature between 50-55 ° C, is introduced by the central mouth and mix with 200 litres of rumen or crap coming from the stomach of livestock cattle newly slaughtered; This material is obtained from an abattoir or slaughterhouse in the area, only once a year and, generally, for free because it is considered scrap material. The rumen or basofia contains a high load of anaerobic microorganisms responsible for the process of fermentation and the production of biogas, including methane.

Then add water up to a volume of approximately eight cubic meters, leaving the two cubic meters remaining for the storage of biogas in the upper part of the central Chamber of the bio-digester. Immediately, is to close the center hole with a heavy lid on which even stones are placed to prevent that it is lifted by the pressure of the produced biogas.

Each week feeds the bio-Digester with a mixture of manure cuy and water in proportion of 1: 3, allowing us to have one sufficient volume of gas for the entire week.

After a year of the initial feeding of the bio-digester is downloading, obtaining the solid bioabono or biosol. In the original model, discharge is done through the central hole, which is very uncomfortable and complicated. To facilitate the discharge of the biosol we have made a modification to the original design of the bio-digester, which consists of the construction of a side window, overlooking an adjacent to the bio-digester atmosphere, and is sealed with a lid of galvanized iron, secured with bolts.

The bio-digester of White House Bioagriculture comes running efficiently since it was built 10 years ago and thanks to biogas production we have been able to save significantly the cost of electric power in the House.
Once the biodigestor begins to produce biogas (at the five or six days in summer), this energy can be used as fuel in the kitchen or for lighting directly by gas lamps.

 If there is an electrical generator that runs on gasoline, following modification of the carburetor, you can do function with biogas (methane) to produce electricity.

On the other hand, we get steadily liquid bioabono or biol, which is not only an excellent organic fertilizer for our crops, but its contents of phytohormones, is a valuable enabler of growth and flowering of the plants, especially fruit trees.

The third product of the bio-digester is obtained annually to perform the download, when collected the solid bioabono or biosol, which is an excellent fertilizer for crops.

Given the growing interest by the bio-digesters, each year, when are we going to download the bio-digester and reload it, we offer courses with the motto "learning by doing", through which participants can learn in a very practical way how a bio-digester is built, how works and how it is downloaded and reloaded.

Without a doubt one of the central attractions of the farm is the bio-digester operation observed as part of the work of recycling we do using all waste that the farm produces.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


The main energy resources we use (coal, oil, natural gas and uranium) are limited and, therefore, can be depleted. Furthermore, their use results in a significant environmental impact on the biosphere by polluting the air, water and soil.  

These facts have generated a growing interest in the development of new technologies for the use of alternative renewable energy sources that are currently unprofitable but have the advantage of being less polluting.

The present, in our country, alternative energies represent only about 1.5% of energy production

The development of human society is based on the consumption of large amounts of energy. The energy flows through ecosystems and provides a livelihood for living things ultimately comes from the sun

However, despite the scientific and technological development, we have yet to learned to effectively harness this inexhaustible and therefore most of the energy we use comes from the natural resources on our planet, mainly coal and oil.

Friday, September 28, 2012


It is the energy associated with the use of coal, oil and natural gas.

The form of energy that have fossil fuels is internal energy, which we can take advantage from combustion reactions.

It can transform into what usually is called thermal (heat) energy, electrical energy, kinetic energy (through internal combustion engines), etc. It is used in many industrial and domestic applications.


or ease of extraction
or well developed technology
or as well as source of energy in the processes of separation, provide raw materials for the chemical industry, medicine, food...

or non-renewable. It is estimated that, at the current consumption rate, the reserves will be exhausted in less than 100 years.
or expensive transport
or difficult storage
or causes serious environmental problems: effect greenhouse, acid rain...
or is a waste used to burn materials that are raw materials for the chemical industry, medicine, food, etc.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Use the Power of the Sun as an Alternative Source of Energy and Save

Getting the world to shift away from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources whenever and wherever possible is the reason for this article because i really believe in a better tomorrow with a cleaner planet for everyone to enjoy.

Having crystal clear water to drink fresh from any source anywhere without having to clean it with chemicals and processes and fresh clean air to breath without any co2's or diesel fuel emission or any other chemicals in it which makes up the soup we breath today - should be our rights. With all the natural disasters like floods and hurricanes and the continually changing weather patterns should be enough to make everyone think seriously of using alternate green sources of energy to supply energy needs.

So, that being said i think everyone should try to convert totally or at least half of all their energy needs from gas / coal or electricity ( from electrical plants ) to alternative clean energy sources - be it wind power, solar power or zero point power which is made using magnets or even wave and tidal power. Lead by example and people will follow. I myself own an adult electric tricycle and i use it for all my intercity trips ( shopping / visiting ), it saves me on gas and works even in the winter. I get compliments all the time for how cool it is and let me say just about everybody wants one.

Solar Power Your Life
Did you know that harnessing and converting the energy coming from our Sun as a source is one of the coolest and most talked about ways for producing alternative energy these days? Using solar panels to gather the heat rays from the Sun and then convert them into electricity is just starting to catch on and you can learn to use it to power your lights in your home or instead of gas to heat your home. You can also convert your car to electricity and just plug it in to recharge it at your own house for next to nothing. Hey business owners you can power your business with solar power too. The best thing about converting your home and business to solar power is that it can and will be able to take care of all of everyone's energy needs far into the future at a fraction of the cost of purchasing from electrical retailers and will only create a fraction of the pollutants.

In researching which alternative energy source to use you will want to make sure that you seriously take solar power into consideration by learning all the advantages this alternative power source has to offer, it would well be worth your time and effort to do the research before starting any project.

Money Concerns Will Make You Take Solar Power Seriously
Pretty soon everyone will have to start taking solar power seriously anyway because purchasing electricity from retailers is going to start taking up more and more of peoples disposable incomes and soon will become to expensive for the average family and it's up to you to lead the way and convert your home to a clean alternate energy source and to make sure all of the others in your family get into thinking how to save energy and use it more wisely while they're still young and impressionable. Try making up games to play together for brainstorming ideas on how to save energy. Here's a couple of ideas to start off with - 1 - sell off a TV set so the family can gather in one room to watch TV together instead of separately on different sets, just doing this can save some money and bring your family back together as a loving family unit for a result and - 2 - convert you car to electricity and save on transportation costs and at the same time you will be helping to save the environment too.

Modern Times Call for Modern Thinking
It is the modern times and there are modern ways to approach things like electricity and transportation. You really should want to help the world to clean the atmosphere that we have been destroying for a hundred years by making sure the energy sources and any way we use them give off fewer pollutants and help preserve and possibly rejuvenate the Earth for future generations.

I'll bet that you and others you know use solar power and don't even know it. I'm sure someone you know owns a swimming pool, well,the blanket they put over it when nobody is using it is called a solar blanket which is a crude but is still an effective type of solar energy. The solar blanket helps harness the suns warmth and then transfers it to the water keeping the pool at a more palatable temperature. This way you don't need to use a direct heating source to keep your pool comfortably heated and this saves you money not having to use electricity to do this job for you. Surely this is not same way of collecting the Sun's power and converting it into easy to use electricity, however it is the idea that started the ball rolling on solar energy.

Solar - The Way To Go
The Sun has enough energy to power yours and everyone's lives on the planet with ease. Everybody needs to learn how to efficiently capture the Sun's energy by using solar panels, saving money and the planet as a spin-off benefit. Solar panels were designed for us to do just this.

The initial outlay for purchasing your own solar power generation system to power every aspect of your life can range anywhere from 10-25 thousand dollars depending on your lifestyle, however you can recuperate your costs within an average of 5-15 years through savings on electricity bills and if you enlarge your system so you make extra power you then sell to the electric suppliers break-even time will be shortened again.
Something you may not have thought of is that you can reduce your start-up and repair costs considerably by learning to do it all by yourself.

Nowadays it's easy to find solar panels at your local solar power retailer outlet but to save some money you should learn to build and install your own solar system. Adding enough panels to your project to totally convert your home to solar power and run all the appliances within is easily figured out and you may even add a couple extra panels to have a little left over energy to sell back to the power companies and pocket some profits. New and more efficient products are being developed every day to help you achieve this.
I must say this again - it is very important that you consider solar power and all that this technology can offer for the building or remodeling of a home or business so make sure to do the research and learn about it. Just imagine no more blackouts or problems with your outdoor lighting or security because the power is out. There is a never-ending list of uses for solar power and the sooner we convert the easier it will be for everyone to breathe easy again too.

Zero carbon emissions when using solar power
And when it comes to using solar power there are zero carbon emissions which today is what is ruining our environment, and with solar power there isn't any major pollution that you need to worry about. Only the batteries you use would fall into this category and if you just make sure to dispose of your used up batteries through a proper government-run disposal service you can be sure they know what they are doing and will dispose of it properly and in an environmentally friendly manner. All that you need to do is to be sure to extend the life of your batteries by keeping your batteries charged at all times and don't leave batteries under charged because this leads to lead sulfates accumulating and reducing the storage capacity of batteries.
Another thing is try to keep your battery cool and if at all possible try not placing it in a hot area like under the hood of your car. If you must do this place a heat shield over it to protect it from the heat that's under the hood of your car - excessive heat can reduce the life span of battery by 6-8 months.

 There are many different types of batteries and different little things you can do to extend their life. Like on a cell phone you can turn down the screen brightness to save on energy and recharging cycles (the less you need to recharge a battery the longer it will last). And when your batteries just don't perform as they should anymore another option you have is to recycle or recondition the batteries yourself. There are guides to teach you to do this and it's not as hard as you think.

Wind Power is Good But...
Don't get me wrong wind power will work fine but the maintenance of a wind turbine is a little costly because moving parts just seem to break more often and the windmill blades sometimes get bent in big storms leaving you scrambling to fix it, whereas solar panels require basically no maintenance but will incur replacement costs if one fails (try to keep a spare panel handy for just such an instance). But if you live in a place where light from the Sun is a little scarce then wind power generation is another way to go green and save, it's just a little more work.

An Inexhaustible Energy Source
The Sun is one energy source that we are going to be able to exploit for thousands of years to come. It is going to be there even when all other sources have become unavailable. You will find that there is a lot of solar-powered research being done today and it is the most promising future power source at the moment,who knows what the far future may bring.
However the future is happening now just look around and you will see all the solar-powered vehicles, lights, houses, offices and so much more. Actually go outside now and take a walk around your neighborhood and see all people who already use solar power these ways, just look for the solar panels outside a home or business or even the outside solar lights people use to light up their property and you know they are doing their part to save the environment, are you?

If you live in a hot and sunny climate you will find that solar panels are going to be the most efficient alternative power source for you, and the more sun your area receives the better it is for recharging you're system to full capacity everyday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

World Day of the Environment

World environment day is not something that occurs on a few years ago and in fact was established as such in 1972 and before the holding of the Conference of Stockholm, Sweden, by the United Nations General Assembly, which focused its meetings in the care for the environment.

The UN wanted to appoint June 5th as world environment day, since thus intended that stir the conscience collective of citizens and as not that of the Governments of all countries, so they have a little more care of the environment.

The main objectives of the celebration of this day is mainly motivate people so that they become active agents of everything that has to do with the sustainable development.On the other hand, the promote that the communities have a change in attitude with respect to environmental issues and to ensure cooperation among these so all Nations can ensure a prosperous and secure future.The truth is that these points or goal are very commendable, and in fact many countries meet and enact them not only on June 5, although some companies, especially in capitalist countries, are still difficult that citizenship has just been raising with a theme, medium room, which should be one of our major concerns.

In the celebrations that occur on this day, stand out the concentrations in the street, the meeting of artists for "ecological", concerts as well as all kinds of recycling, planting trees or forests cleaning campaigns.

Important is the work which is also done in the schools, where many children learn precisely what is the care of the environment and the importance of this, to celebrate the world day of the environment.In this way, children can learn and also put into practice some of the aforementioned activities so that they become aware, and since they are very small, a problem that affects us all.

Some of the problems that affect our environment are the toxic large industries uimicos, disproportionate seas exploitation, deforestation of forests and jungles, between others, they also on this day can be special in the news that explains what the current status of zones and documentary on television, on the planet, just already have natural resources.

Environment day is a day where he also gives voice and shows these people living on the poverty line; people in fact have no unfortunately access to drinking water and often living in areas that are also suffering, and much, the problem of the environment in a very direct way.We need all of us to celebrate this day, but all are important to take into account our environment, and bet on a life in which care for the planet in which we live is something our priority.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Renewable Energy Training

For many it is an investment for the future choose this type of training, for others is a matter of necessity by the environmental conditions that we are facing on a daily basis. What does mean to you?

We know each of you you are in a part of the country or the different world so we have opted for the distance learning offered by the UNED, since it has a wide program both in master, University specialist or expert professional.

Some of the courses that can be found are:
Each of these courses are targeted for purchasing both the theoretical part related to all the theme of renewable energies and the technical part. If we focus on the course of "Renewable energy and electrical system" it is essential that you can learn what type of equipment are those used for the design of the use of renewable energy systems focused on the different sectors: industrial, services or household activity.

In turn, you aprenderéis to perform the various technical reports in the fields of engineering, you especializaréis in the Organization and management of development projects. The key is to learn how to bind the sources of renewable energy with an optimization of electricity, in this way, knowing what we do and taking security is the best choice will be the easiest way to achieve that renewables are part of daily life.

If you liked this article perhaps interested in the following related courses. offers hundreds of courses with the possibility of employment at the end ofReceive news, exclusive information, tricks and erenovable news directly in your

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Energia Geotermica by AltaRock Energy

We will then discuss a research project that is being carried out in the United States by the AltaRock Energy Company, with a new way to capture it and transform it into much-needed electricity.

A clear example of what is capable this Energy source is in the geysers where the heat concentration is capable of mobilizing large masses of water, producing steam and a sudden rise of the same by a crack in the Earth's surface, although, of course, be able to capture it is something extremely difficult in this State.

That is why geothermal energy requires a technological breakthrough involving High performance at the lowest possible cost, in addition to producing the lowest possible modification to the environment where it is located.

Developing project envisages the extraction of energy from those accessible geological formations that do not require drilling and conditioning, and that they are capable of generating heat, but they aren't natural geysers.
In them it would mount a closed system for the generation of a large amount of steam with a constant circulation of a given quantity of water that condense and precipitated without assuming an impact on local water supply.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New System of Wind Energy: the Wind Speeds Increased

Mass megawatts of wind energy, of Worcester, Massachusetts, says that the combination of its multiple axes Turbo (MAT) and flat MMW system will create a technology of wind energy for electricity generation cost at locations with low wind speeds, and thus increase production.

The augmentation system of wind that uses has a very simple and cheap approach with device to increase targeting the turbines by 70%, wind speeds what is said that it is triple the power generated by the turbines.

Megawatts says that this could eliminate the need of towers of more than 80 meters in height for turbines in some areas, reducing both materials and facilities costs and allowing wind turbines that generate electricity in a cost-effective manner in areas where the wind speed is lower.

According to the company, the new augmentation system is nearing completion, and intends to establish a comparison with the previous and verify the data.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

NASA Develops Ecological Propellant

The problem of the use of Fossil hydrocarbons is not only economic but also ecological, and therefore that is emerging as an alternative to the morning the use of electric cars as a solution to the daily mobility, coupled with the development of new sources of Clean energy sources ranging from the use of cars to food remains (which uses the technique of Biogas for a fuel efficient) until the creation of new technologies which take advantage of other sources energy, not only applied to cars but to all transport in general.

That is why that the well-known United States space agency has a project that seeks to incorporate Green energy among its ranks, whereas each transport is released into space to demand an innumerable amount of fuel in hand.

NASA official spokesmen have confirmed the development of a new propellant that seeks to replace the current Hydrazine fuel, which although it has a great performance for their function, is also a substance highly toxic.

Said the implementation of different Technologies propellants that have the same or better performance than the current fuel used in spacecraft, which are fundamental premise the reduction to the Environmental impact.

Currently used hydrazine, which has a high efficiency for missions, can be stored for long periods of time and can be used both satellites and exploration missions employing ferry, but this has its downside.

Not only he is a huge economic cost for operation and processing, but that it also implies a danger to its corrosive and highly toxic, power that is motivating to the search for new technologies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Money Talks and Solar Walks in Our Quest For Cheap Alternative Energy

Solar energy or power is the focus of the search for cheap alternative energy as we try to reduce our dependence on, and reduce the effects of, fossil fuels. Using solar power as a means of creating a cheaper alternative to our current energy sources is based upon the following principles.

1. Unlike our finite resources of fossil fuels, solar energy is an infinite and renewable energy source.

2. There are no harmful emissions.

3. The harnessing of solar energy greatly reduces the very significant usage of water that is typical of using coal, nuclear and combined energy sources.

4. After the initial expenditure involved with the installation of a solar powered source of energy, plus some maintenance costs, it is to all intents and purposes free.

Advocates of using solar energy have always faced two major difficulties with promoting this possible form of cheap alternative energy. Currently it is not in real terms a cheap alternative. Inefficiencies and the expenditure involved in the initial set up costs means that solar energy is still viewed by the majority as a fringe source of energy.

However great strides have been made in the search for greater efficiencies in the use of solar power. Recently a group of U.S. scientists set a world record in solar cell efficiency by transforming almost 41% of captured light into energy.

Whilst this is obviously good news in the long term it is not enough to see solar power gain worldwide acceptance as being a viable alternative energy source. The determining factor as always will be costs. Until the stage is reached where this form of energy is accessible to the majority of people it is never going to be an alternative energy let alone our main source.

It all boils down to finances and in a world of financial turmoil it is nearly always research and development that feels the swiftest and sharpest financial cutbacks. Research and development is the only way that solar energy is ever going to reach the stage that it is available to the masses. The masses will only be able to avail of it if it is a cheap alternative.

This is the vicious circle that solar energy and its proponents are caught in. Until the stage is reached where we achieve greater efficiencies in the use of this energy and the production of the units' solar power will not be a cheap alternative.

In recent times of economic boom the emphasis shifted from looking at cheap alternatives and fossil fuels strengthened their position of dominance. If sufficient strides and financing did not occur during times of prosperity it is highly unlikely to occur during an economic slump.

Local and national support for promoting solar energy as a cheap alternative energy source is unlikely to be enough to see this idea lighting up our world. If this form of energy is ever going to reach the stage of being a cheap alternative it needs worldwide collaboration and a long term strategy. Have we seen the light?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun Tips For Caring For the Environment

These are the key points to be able to take care of the environment in a fun way:
Bet on the bicycle shifts to fetch the small Children recycling glassPlaying boats in the dark

Fuel and gas emitting cars or motorcycles, are nothing good for the environment, so we can bet on to cycle on all sides.I know that for many us will be nothing fun, and it is in fact even somewhat tired, but as soon as you get used to carry a bicycle, it is difficult to use other transport, and more when in the cities there are all kinds of car parks for these.If you want to Save on fuel and the cost of our car, and also want to protect the environment, we can bet on talk to mothers or parents of the companions of our children and between all organize shifts to go looking for them without the need to use several cars.

Another fun idea is the bathing us with our children. In fact we can save water and also take advantage of to bathing children.A good idea is the father bathe with the children and the mother with the girls, this mode to avoid uncomfortable questions about the human anatomy by children.Reuse packaging of mayonnaise, margarine, etc.. It is something that we have all made on occasion and allowing in fact that we can protect the environment without that we hardly realize.Take advantage of boat you have, to make beautiful vases and pens. In addition when you extra, you can take advantage to give to friends and family.

Saving electricity is something very important and indeed ourselves we can turn off the lights and save electric energy to caring for the environment in this way.A fun idea that I propose implies also the smallest of the House since we play weekends or a few hours before bedtime to stay totally in the dark and with a few candles play Chinese shadows or tell horror stories. EST mode not only can amuse ourselves at home, also will spend less light.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Food Scraps To Cars

 On this occasion, we will not refer to Electric power for cars, but a pilot project that seeks to provide a new form of energy, which also provides a solution to the waste treatment and recycling of various waste.

At the moment it is not conclusively applied, but that it is a Pilot test carried out by the Institute of engineering and biotechnology of Fraunhofer, which takes advantage of its proximity to the large shopping centers to get a good amount of food waste, more precisely of fruits and vegetables.
These residues are collected and used for through a fermentation process, generate Biogas that is later treaty for a good amount of methane, which is a source of Natural Gas to propel the car.

This project, although it is in testing stage, already has the approval by the German Ministry of education and development , as well as the endorsement of the Baden Württemberg energy company, in order to provide support for developing efficient, considering that it is not just the storage and treatment of waste, but also the maintenance of the conditions of pH that microorganisms produce the greatest amount of Biogas as possible.

The proceeds will be used by the Group Daimler, who will be using it and testing with their cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Use of Alternative Energy to Help Keep a Green Earth

The big question today is whether to replace and reduce our reliance hydrocarbon fuels such as coal and petroleum fuels. Alternative energy is perhaps one of the most discussed and talked about resource in today's society as a possible replacement to hydrocarbons. It is has been estimated that all our natural resources will have been completely depleted within 150 years and as such we need to be in continuous search for viable sources of alternative energy.

The most common types of alternative energy currently in use are wind power, hydro power and solar power. The alternative energy sources are harnessed from natural phenomena abundant on the planet, and as such they are in essence free. It is these sources of alternative energy that are frequently being pursued to provide an economically viable energy source that can be used by the whole planet.

Taking a look at these types of alternative energy resources, we are able to see the differences of each and the advantages they could possibly have over each other as replacements of hydrocarbon fuels.

Wind Power
The use of wind power, while a free alternative energy source, would be in the current scenario the most costly renewable energy source. The costs are high largely in part to the fact that wind turbines must be put in place throughout countries with sufficient numbers to ensure that enough electricity is generated to meet the needs of the population, this includes areas where the wind velocity are not very strong. The evident cost of building enough wind turbines capable of harnessing the wind's alternative energy is astounding.

The current use today is in countries with the financial strength to invest in wind power and where the climate allows for sufficient wind to power the turbines. However, many farms and rural communities do use wind turbines to provide power for themselves. In low numbers the inherent cost of building wind turbines allows such investment to pay for themselves quite quickly, however in larger quantities the costs escalate incrementally and as such have not been used by many.

Solar Power
As an alternative energy [] source, solar power is derived from the natural power of the sun. Other than the installation of necessary equipment to convert the sun's rays into usable electricity it is generally free. The cost of equipment required to harness the power of the sun has in recent days become less and less expensive, primarily due to advances in the technology. The cost of investment for smaller installations generally pay for themselves with a few years or so.

Many of you live in areas trying to conserve energy by having rolling blackouts on a daily basis. This is no longer a concern for those who use solar power! When you use solar power to power your home, as long as your generator is turned on, you will have power. The way these generators work, is that during the day the sun's power is drawn into the generator into storage cells. The generator then converts the stored solar power into usable energy for your home. This means that, even when the rest of the city is under a blackout, your home can still be running smoothly on solar power.

For the many that live in areas that are trying to conserve energy by utilizing rolling blackouts day in and day, the use of solar power allows flexibility and loss of of regular power would no longer be a concern. Using solar energy at home only requires your generator to be turned on to have the power needed when the blackouts occur. These generators work in such a way that during the day the sun's power is drawn into the generators to the storage cells and generator then converts the solar power that has been stored in the cells into usable electrical energy to which an be used in the homes. So in short, intermittent or scheduled blackouts still allows for the home to still have electricity with this alternative energy source.

Equipment required to build systems to make use of solar power as an alternative energy source for homes can quite easily be bought in most home improvement stores in developed nations, and as easily be installed in a few short hours. Solar panels are easy to install on your own, however doing it yourself can sometimes be difficult, but there are normally contractors that can do the job of installing the solar panels and generators at a reasonable cost.

Hydro Power
The use of water has long been in existence particular its use as a replacement for manual labor, and there is also evidence of some of the very first commercial use of hydro power as an alternative energy are still in existence today in the as evident from old milling and industrial facilities. Hydro power is nowadays used produce power on larger scales and the constructions of dams and hydro facilities is fast increasing due to concerns on the depleting natural hydrocarbon resources.

The use of hydro power as and alternative energy source however is limited to areas where water is abundant and the natural terrain allows for it to be harnessed in order to power turbines that generate that electricity required. Some homeowners have however in recent times started to device and develop devices to produce small amounts of electricity enough for their home or farm's outdoor needs.

Keeping the Earth Green!
Using alternative energy sources such as solar power to provide power to your home is one of the best ways that you can help keep earth green! Solar power does not require you to burn up fossil fuels and hydrocarbons and as such provides you with the necessary energy without depleting the earths resources considering that in our lifetimes there is no possibility of depleting the energy from the sun. The use of such alternative energy also ensures that you do your part in keep the environment healthier and cleaner since you do not in anyway contribute to depletion of natural resources.

Regardless of which type or source of alternative energy you decide to use for your homes, the fact is that we still need a viable source of renewable energy that can be used by everyone soon, as the longer it takes to find this, the more natural resources will be depleted and used up.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 Most Important Alternative Energy Breakthroughs in Modern Times!

Alternative energy is becoming more appealing as energy costs and environmental concerns rise.  Two of the most exciting alternative energy breakthroughs are solar and wind.

Solar energy is harnessed by by placing solar panels where they can absorb the most sunlight and convert that heat into electricity. Wind energy is when the power of the wind is used to turn a wind turbine that's connected to a generator, once again to produce electricity.

As the cost of power lines and power has been soaring, alternative energy is rapidly becoming more affordable and reliable than ever.  However, despite what some might say, alternative energy is not necessarily a "zero carbon emitter" but it does come very close and it is generally sustainable.

When you factor in the ecological impacts of fossil-fuel and nuclear generated power, alternative energy is certainly lower impact.  The timing for alternative energy is now, putting electric companies and electricians in a great position to capitalize on this booming business.

The most common forms we consider as alternatives to burning fossil fuels are solar and wind power.  Solar energy is our oldest energy source, humans have always used the sun's energy directly (eg, for drying clothes, heating air or water and drying food), as well as indirectly to power some of the agricultural equipment that supplies us with food.  We can all use this solar energy directly, simply by capturing sunlight..
Solar systems are a reliable and cost effective method of harnessing the sun's energy with many benefits.  Solar power is a fast growing sector in the alternative energy industry.

This century we have started to use solar energy more effectively and it is looking like we'll increase its use in the future.  The great feature of solar energy is the fact that it will continue to exist so far into the future that we can think of it as being unending.

In addition, unlike fossil fuels, using solar energy doesn't cause air pollution or involve damaging the Earths surface.

Farmers across America are discovering that they can control the impact of soaring fuel costs with cost-effective solar thermal and electrical systems.  They are slashing up to 70% off their energy costs by using solar alternatives for:

1. Water and air heating for dairies
2. Heating and temperature control for greenhouses
3. Heating & LED lighting for meat-bird houses
4. Crop drying
5. Water and combustion air heating for food processing
6. Remote area water pumping
7. Lighting
8. Electric fences.

These days many governments offer subsidies to encourage people to convert to solar power systems for their homes.  For systems installed before 2009, a federal solar tax credit returns 30% of the first cost of a solar system to you in the first year.  In addition, up to 65% of the installation cost of your solar system may be recovered by Focus on Energy rebate incentives and Federal tax credits that dramatically reduce the time it takes your system to pay for itself.

As well as helping the environment, converting to a home solar energy system also helps the health of your finances and adds value to your home.  But, if you are a handy type of person you can build your own solar power and small wind turbine systems yourself.  By building your own wind turbine and solar powered generator you can save yourself money when setting up home green energy systems.

Wind energy has been harnessed on land since the first windmill was developed by the ancient Persians in the 7th century a.d.  Wind energy continued to be harvested over the following centuries, early windmills were used to power millstones, pumps, and forges.

Wind energy is a resource which is abundant and easily accessible in most parts of the world.  Wind energy, a renewable source of electric power, is the worlds fastest growing energy source.  Wind energy or power is the newest way to generate energy without running up an electrical bill.

Because it's available all year round and is a more permanent type of energy, wind energy can be used for practical purposes like generating electricity, charging batteries, pumping water or grinding grain.
Wind energy systems offer a clean affordable alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity.  They are among the most technologically advanced and cost-effective renewable sources currently available and are easily installed using minimum space.

Wind energy is a clean, cost-effective option from an abundant, domestic resource and can be converted into electrical energy by the use of an electrical generator.  Winds as low as 10 mph are all that's needed to produce useful electricity.

Wind energy advantages over traditional methods of creating energy, emerge from the fact  that as it gets cheaper and cheaper to produce, it may soon be the cheapest way to produce energy on a large scale.
Wind farms are springing up everywhere to harness the wind energy to power our communities through the main electricity grids. Because winds are stronger higher up off the ground, wind turbine towers are about 30 metres tall to allow the rotor to catch more wind.

Design improvements such as more efficient rotor blades combined with an increase in the numbers of wind turbines installed, have helped increase the worlds wind energy generating capacity by nearly 150 percent since 1990.  Each megawatt hour of wind energy that's generated currently avoids the generation, on average, of one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternative energy is cleaner than fossil fuel energy, is renewable, gives you independence from foreign oil, helps control rising electric bills and allows development of new venues in more areas.

The other thing is that fossil fuels (natural gas, oil and coal) are not a renewable resource and, apart from the negative effects on our environment, they're running out and will eventually be completely exhausted.

In the USA, wind energy accounts for less the one percent of the electricity generated, but installed capacity has been expanding at an average annual rate of more than 20 percent, plus there are a number of small wind energy devices that you can use to generate power, and most of these are very cost effective in providing a substantial level of electricity.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tesla Model X

On this occasion we bring what pillar of one of the new models from one of the firms pioneering technologies of Electric motors and its high performance, the American company, Tesla Motors, the presentation of a new prototype.

With the creation of the Tesla Model X prototype, seeks to provide an electric solution who are looking for a family-friendly car, without having any characteristics of a utility, but with benefits and amenities they offer.
This leads to a design that allows you to place the same platform Battery Pack fitted in cars of this signature (and give this outstanding autonomy) but mounted on a structure that is much higher than other cars of the firm.

As all luxury car that we dream to have, the rear seats are accessed via a door system Gullwing (to which Tesla prefers to call Hawk wings) that allows complete freedom to include a third row of seats, which can be easily accessed.

The motorization, it has two available variants (one of 60 KWh and another 85 kWh) that revolve around the same performance, giving an acceleration from 0 to 100 in a range close to 5 seconds.
The series model will be available late in the year 2013, starting to be delivered to their buyers in early 2014.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Solar Panels

Solar energy has become one of the most important renewable energy, and in fact we ourselves not only have her in cars or appliances running on this energy, but also can take home with solar panels we can settle ourselves and that will take full advantage of sunlight and thus not having to use electricity, so we need to know what is the best or most suitable for our needs.

There are two types of solar panels and photovoltaic panels that are traditional, they are perhaps best known, and layer panels fina.La difference between the two, or indeed what everyone knows about them is that the PV can be installed in the ground or on poles or roof and also its size is quite considerable.En the case of thin film, which in fact are also photovoltaic, I must say they are much thinner, which are installed with relative ease in a roof or on a deck, for example, and that many people are much more aesthetic, or to put it somewhat more attractive.

Photovoltaic solar panel, and surely you have seen on the top of buildings or in large fields, are able to collect their energy from sunlight and through the use of a silicone and other materials that allow you to store such energy, its very good when the sun is shining, that is, they bring a lot of energy but not when the sun sets, so you have a storage system that allows us to have stored energy, similar to what making the margin baterías.Al a clear difference between the thickness, or the way they are installed, it must be said that the solar panels are photovoltaic or thin film, are both quite expensive to install (the thin layer a little more), and although we probably will not reach the budget, we must keep in mind that eventually will be an investment of future. You can now spend much money on settling panels on our deck, but think all the money in the long run and over the years, you'll be saving on conventional electricity.

This type of solar panels also "suck" energy from the sun, although many people are still better, simply because they are much thinner, and indeed are able to give us lots energy.  The panels are of a very thin film, are made from a material that is lightweight and flexible. A material which allows very thin layers and that is reactive making avoid the necessity of thick layers of other panels.Es why repeat, are better for many people, but can be placed on the soil or tile deck or a roof and without any support.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Virgin Islands Reduces The Use of Fossil Fuel

On this occasion, another American location joins the change, with a project that will be completed effectively within a few years, but that will take a progressive investment with permanent revenue stage.

The Government of the Virgin Islands has been working in conjunction with NREL (for its acronym in English, National renewable energy laboratory) in a strategic plan that will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by up to 60% setting as term limit the year 2025, which will include measures aimed at the development of Clean energy in addition to increasing the performance of the same.

Currently, as well as other islands, is much depends the Energy import, so the shift towards renewable energies not only has environmental, but also an economic purpose to the inhabitants of the area.

Planning takes big investments that switch on exploitation of different renewable energy sources, establishing a strategy that includes the following:

2% of Biomass energy3% of Landfill gas (Biogas) 3% of Solar energy6% Wind energy8% of Waste energy38% improvement in Energy efficiency

Friday, September 7, 2012

The many forms of alternative energy

There are indeed many forms of alternative energy, and with the effects of pollution and global warming increasingly clear and widespread, we need to look at these alternative forms of energy as a way to ease the threat of pollution and global warming.

We do a better job of harnessing alternative energy sources such as more Governments worldwide introduction of legislation and financial measures to help increase the implementation of these sources. But, there is still a lot of work to do, as so much more energy goes to waste than we are able to rest.
Take a look at the various forms of alternative energy and the benefits that they bring us.

The Sun delivers more energy in one day than by the whole planet is used in a year. So, despite the fact that we begin to see solar energy is harvested more, there's a lot more energy available to us. Solar energy can be used in different ways. We will explore the most common.

-Photovoltaic Technology uses small amounts of Silicon that respond with light from the Sun to generate a small electrical charge. Solar panels are composed of cells that are composed of silicon and semiconductors.
-Solar thermal energy makes use of solar panels to heat water or air, which is then passed through a conductor such as pipes for the supply of heat to the required destination, such as a swimming pool.
-Passive solar energy can be as simple as opening curtains to the Sun's energy to heat a room, or as complicated as the design of a whole building heat to take thermal mass to facilitate storage and distribution.
-Parabolic mirrors are used for the production of steam, which in turn provides thermal heat.
The pros of solar-energy that the Sun abundant light and heat, all free offers; no pollutants are produced; There are few or no moving parts, so that these systems are virtually maintenance free.
The disadvantages are that the Sun is not always available; Some of the technology is expensive; a lack of knowledge of solar technology is preventing more rapid and widespread acceptance.

Wind Energy
The wind is deployed using wind towers. The wind turns the blades on the Tower, which, in turn, power machines (in the case of a wind mill) or an electric generator. Wind farms can be a lot of a Community electric needs.

The pros of wind power are that the wind is free to use; no pollutants are produced.
The disadvantages are that the availability of wind is unpredictable; mechanical failure is a possibility, wind towers are a thorn in the eye, such as wind parks.

Heat is produced from the rocks beneath the Earth heat water. Holes are drilled into these areas, that releasing steam jets used to drive turbines that produce electricity from generators.
The pros are that the plants can soon self-sufficient and small enough to have little or no effect on their environment; If carefully managed, no pollutants are produced.

The disadvantages are that pollutants as the geothermal energy is not checked can be produced; poor drilling can lead to toxic gases are released; energy supply to run dry.

Hydro-electricity is produced from water pressure to power wheels or turbines that run generators to provide electricity is released. Dams are the clearest example of this, although the power of the tides, also known as tidal energy, is also used to generate electricity.

The pros of hydro-electricity are that the amount of power generated can be checked; water is reusable; It is pollutant-free; as long as water produce available is sufficient pressure, continuous power can be generated.
The disadvantages are that checkers large and expensive projects; As the water dries up, so the power; a shortage of suitable locations.

As the above shows, there are many forms of alternative energy, but these are probably the most common. The good thing is that we begin to more advantage of this as we work to reduce our dependence on the quickly dwindling supply of fossil fuels.

If these technologies are improved, they will be cheaper to install, making them more readily available to more people. And we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible with the future is only limited by our imagination. There is a huge amount of free energy out there waiting to be tapped; We just need to figure out the best ways of tapping.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Green toys: The amazing 7 in1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers

For folks who grew up in before the internet became an everyday necessity, model making and make believe games were all the rage. We could conjure toys out of empty cartons, cardboard boxes, cans of soup and anything that would make a noise or resemble a car or an aeroplane.

The kids who grew up with the internet, sadly never got to experience the thrill of pretending that a cardboard box can be a house or that an empty matchbox can be a remote control that can turn younger siblings into command-obeying zombie-robots! But all hope is not lost for the parent who wants his kid to experience the thrill of make believe games while teaching them a valuable lesson about how renewable energy works thanks to this 7 in 1 Solar Transformers kit.

7 in1 Solar Rechargeable Solar Transformers
The kit basically features a snap together plastic components, a solar panel and a battery station. The components can be snapped together to firm two power charging stations- one solar charging station and a battery charging station- and five type of vehicles including a concept race car, a dump truck, a bulldozer, a concept roadster and a solar car. Kids can either play with one type of vehicle or transform them as and when required and create their own Transformers style plays.

 The 7 in1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers can be charged via an AC outlet in around 5 seconds or via the solar panel that takes around 120 seconds to fully back up the battery. Unfortunately the battery lasts only for about a maximum of 80 seconds which might be a bit of a problem for modern kids with instant gratification needs.

On the plus side, the kid allows children to exercise their creativity and imagination and learn how to make models and how renewable energy can be used in everyday life. If the kit is able to get your kid away from his MMORPG even for a single Sunday afternoon, we’d say it would be totally worth the $26.95 that you spend on it.

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Vegetable Leather Grown in a Laboratory is The Future of Fashion

The demand for organic clothing has been rising steadily over the years though cotton-based clothes continue to dominate the green fashion landscape outrunning worthy rivals like jute and bamboo-based fabrics. However, a new project by University of the Arts London-based Senior Research Fellow Suzanne Lee could easily change everything we know about producing fabrics so far.

Lee wrote a book called Fashioning the Future: Tomorrow’s Wardrobe that essentially explored the future of fashion and textile technologies and the idea to engineer a synthetic biological textile that can be used to make clothes with the carbon footprint generated in the process being only a trace of what traditional cloth manufacturing processes generate. The research project is being fine tuned by Lee and her team at a UK company called BioCouture.

BioCouture: Vegetable Leather for the future
Lee used a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria called kombucha to create a bacterial-cellulose fabric that can best be described as vegetable leather. By mixing sugar with a green tea solution in a large bathtub and adding a hint of yeast to it, Lee obtains a compact leather-like layer of material that can be used as fabric to make clothes. As an alternative to cotton, this bacterial-cellulose fabric is ecologically refreshing since the production of cotton alone requires 210,000 billion liters of water annually with a few billion liters of water and significant amounts of energy also being used in the process of converting the harvested cotton to thread, from thread to woven fabric, in the process of dying and chemical treatments as well as in the process of maintaining cotton clothes once the buyer has purchased it.

Not only does the ‘BioCouture’ fabric bypass the water and energy guzzling manufacturing process, it also allows the fabric to remain 100 percent natural, completely non-toxic and also entirely compostable. The BioCouture fabric also uses a fraction of the water in the dying process and Lee uses natural stains from fruits and vegetables like beetroot and blueberries to create colored fabrics with various designs and patterns. Suzanne Lee showcased the ‘BioCouture’ project during the 2011 London Design Week with a workshop at 100% Design’s 100% materials stand.

BioCouture: Lab Grown Vegetable Leather
The only hurdle that the BioCouture fabric faces at this point in its development is the fact that it absorbs moisture too quickly and breaks down easily. To prevent the fabric from turning into jelly when exposed to water, water-repelling molecules would need to be introduced into the fabric manufacturing process at some point.

As a fabric for the future, once it is water resistant enough, BioCouture could be used for fashioning building, cars, magazines, books, clothes, tents and almost anything and everything that uses fabric with an almost marginal carbon footprint in the manufacturing process and even lesser waste being created during the disposal of unusable fabric.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eco Friendly Vision House for all Eco Lovers

For the environment conscious folks, an eco green house has been built by Structure Home in Los Angeles and Green Builder® Media in collaboration. The architects of this house, KAA design and P2 Design have based this house in the Pacific Palisades area of LA. It is spread across an area of 4289 sq. feet approximately.

The eco friendly construction is synonymous to a luxury green demonstration home, being referred as vision house.

This sustainable residence focuses on an eco-friendly design which supports a UV light air-purification system along with solar panels and a central vacuum system which will eventually help in reduction of green house gases and carbon emission, This will also result in reduced electricity bills. This house also has a mold-resistant shower and includes fixtures like duct systems or appliances from Gaggenau. These appliances include a countertop steamer and a refrigerator with motorized shelve. Design beauty is not compromised as the architecture of this house highlights large window panels along with ceilings laid in wood. This creates a cozy bright atmosphere.

The house is made of eco-friendly fittings and furnishings like side tables crafted from refurbished car parts. The light fixtures are manufactured from reclaimed blown glass. This vision house is a result of a LEED and Energy Star certified home.

This ensures that it is based on green technology. Today’s changing climate requires more such options to be avalaible for all the eco lovers. Not only does it help to save the planet but also helps in individual savings. This eco friendly house is avalaible at a price of $3.65 million.

U.S. Freezes the License to 19 Nuclear Plants

 According to a statement by the U.S. Court of Appeals, the nuclear fuel stored at the plants "is a long-term danger to health and a great risk to the environment". These words have led the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to stop all licensing decisions pending, according to reports from the ENS (European Nuclear Society).
This decision has affected nine licenses for construction and operating license renewals 8, an operating license, and leave early.
The order issued by the NRC, reads:
We are considering all options available to solve the problem of trust in the treatment of waste, which could include generic or specific actions of the site or any combination thereof. We have not yet determined a course of action. [...] This determination extends only to the final issuance of the license, so all reviews of licenses and the procedure must move forward.
The court ruling that halted the granting of licenses for U.S. nuclear power plants, is derived from an action brought by the Attorney General of the State of New York, on the renewal of the licenses for the 2013 nuclear power plant Indian Point, 38 miles north of New York. One of the three reactors at Indian Point is now definitely closed, with the remaining two nearing the end of their operating licenses initial 40 years.
Analysis of the impact of an accident at Indian Point shows that if an event of the magnitude of the Fukushima disaster were to occur, would be 10-100 times more expensive than the estimated price of $ 60 billion to the nuclear disaster, besides forcing the evacuation of millions of people in the most densely populated area of ​​the United States.

The central Indian Point is ranked as the most dangerous nuclear power plant in the United States, both for its antiquity, as being built on a fault line. Added to this is that there have been security incidents, and in 2007 received a fine from the NRC, which includes it in the "black list".
Moreover, the analysis shows that closing Indian Point plant, does not need to produce additional electricity to replace online until 2020, due to excess power capacity in the surrounding regions.

New York Triples the Production of Solar Energy through the installation of panels in city-owned ten buildings

Green building practices are receiving a boost with each passing day. Buildings are making the best use of resources, which in turn reduces the impact of construction not only on the environment and human life.

Taking advantage of renewable resources, installation of solar panels, photovoltaic systems, green roofs etc. New York is also following the green route.

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New York has three times the capacity of Solar energy
The city has completed the installation of solar panels in ten buildings and gone beyond the limits to increase its production of solar energy to help now to several homes in the city. These panels are installed in many buildings, including schools and firehouses.

The city is thus paving the way for a cleaner tomorrow, through the installation of solar photovoltaic systems, which are an efficient approach using the city's resources to promote and support the maximum use of renewable energy sources in the region.

In addition to this, it will also ensure a supply of clean, consistent power and a reasonable price. Bloomberg, Mayor of the city is also trying to be respectful in his own personal life through the installation of a green roof at home and paint the white roof to reduce global warming, which will be beneficial for him, as well as for the environment of the city into a place better for residents.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paper Planet Collection to Make Your Home More Eco friendly

Paper has long been associated with printing and writing. But, in this internet world the same white sheet has lost its charm. Designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann of Tüllmann studio, based in Berlin,have come up with a unique collection named Paper Planet, which will add a touch of sumptuousness to your interiors with its eco friendly nature. As the name spells, Paper Planet is an appealing creation that has been fashioned out of recycled paper.

Origami art has always managed to mesmerize people. The duo used this in a clever way and came up with the exquisite collection by using their knowledge of knitting, stacking and weaving paper. They exploited the potential of paper in an artistic way, which has been made to ooze a tasteful and fashionable aura, ruled by simple designing. The elegant recycled paper collection comprises of lighting, which has been heavily inspired by origami. These will brighten up the room in a clean and green way, as light flickers through the delicate curves and creates a mesmerizing effect.

The shades look pretty normal at first, but a closer look will reveal the beauty they come injected with. These origami-inspired shades comprise of colored strings, which give the design added vivaciousness. It comprises of fine vein patterns that does a lot to add subtle touches of sophistication and style. But, what will really leave people gasping are the chairs made using paper rope and knitted fibers. These chairs have a very sturdy frame and look as if plastic has been used to complete the gorgeous look. Place it in the living room or the lawn, the seating is bound to fetch unending praises because of its uniqueness.

The handmade designs exude warmth and lend a whimsically sensuous appeal to the space at hand. The use of organic materials for creating modern designs is worth applauding. Paper Planet collection, with quirky details, will jazz up any environment with its presence. These items were received with a lot of positive response and admiration at the Noho Design District, New York, recently.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Best eco friendly kitchen cabinets

We see more and more people around us, who are switching to eco friendly materials for renovating their homes including, their kitchens. If you’re renovating your kitchen in an eco friendly manner, it is important that you take into consideration a few factors. The kitchen atmosphere must have a good air quality and you should avoid use of formaldehyde glues and other toxic finishes. Kitchen cabinets essentially have an important role to play in the kitchen and you cannot go green if you do not replace them with an eco friendly version.
Invitrum eco friendly kitchen cabinets

Italian kitchen makers, Valcucine have introduced the world’s first eco sustainable kitchen made completely from aluminum and glass. Designed to use less raw materials and consume lower energy, the Invitrum base units’ system has a single 10mm thick glass side panel that eliminates the use of two 36mm chipboard sides, thereby saving a total amount of around 73percent on raw materials.
Expected to last at least 15 years, Valcucine has combined fine textured, strong, carbon finish runners to match the aluminum profiles as well as the glass bottom panel for the Invitrum kitchen cabinets. As a result, the use of glass and secondary aluminum will ensure total recyclability of the kitchen. Besides this, using secondary aluminum will result in the consumption of just one twentieth of the total energy required to obtain primary aluminum.
St. Charles super modern green cabinets

For a durable green kitchen made from stainless steel and powder coated products, you could opt for St. Charles modern green cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are available in 23 colors and are 98 percent recyclable. Moreover, approximately 70 percent of all contents of St. Charles cabinets are recycled. Cabinets from St. Charles are stylish and sleek and are perfect for anyone who prefers a clean and uncluttered kitchen.
Bamboo kitchen cabinets

One of the best eco friendly materials to use for any purpose is bamboo. Bamboo is easy to harvest, grows at a rapid rate and can be cut within five years of plantation. Bamboo cabinets are strong and can withstand heavy weights easily. Besides, bamboo kitchen cabinets look attractive and are available in a variety of shades.
Upcycled wood crate kitchen cabinets

The use of wooden crates provides a rustic feel and adds style to your kitchen. Although simple in concept, these upcycled wood crate kitchen cabinets designed by Rupert Blanchard will add a touch of uniqueness to your kitchen while putting up with the environment. The wooden crate cabinets are made using antique metal hinges and decorative handles. So, for an eco friendly vintage look for your kitchen, you could consider setting up upcycled wood crate cabinets.
C & M Wilkins and Fieldstone Cabinetry

Fieldstone Cabinetry from C & M Wilkins offers a “different” range of kitchen cabinets that include three door styles available in bamboo, rosewood and wengewood that have been certified with the ‘no added urea formaldehyde’ (NAUF). This means that endangered trees are not touched to build any of C & M Wilkins’ products. Fieldstone Cabinetry is built using woods including oak, maple, cherry, hickory and alder. C & M Wilkins kitchen cabinets are stylish, healthy and perfect for any family.
Neil Kelly kitchen cabinets

Emphasizing on the production of non toxic kitchen cabinets, Neil Kelly Cabinet Co. offers eco friendly cabinets for every family. Stylishly designed, Neil Kelly cabinets are made from no added formaldehyde agriboard case along with low VOC and no added formaldehyde glues, adhesives, drawer materials and finishes for an environmentally friendly atmosphere.
EcoHome Improvement eco friendly kitchen cabinetry

Executive Cabinetry has introduced an eco friendly line to meet the environmental criteria. The cabinet cases from Executive are structured using certified NAUF plywood. To maintain healthy indoor air quality, Executive’s products do not contain volatile organic compounds, etc.. Executive’s designs are stylish and include European style cases without frames and full overlay doors. Along with this they feature dovetail drawer construction and extended undermount glide hardware.
DIY Kitchen Cabinets Made from Wine Crates

One could draw a lot of inspiration from Sergio Carratala and Petz Scholtus, who both turned their apartment around by using recycled materials to give it a unique look. The couple used wine crates to make their kitchen cabinets. Using crates that they collected over time, the couple designed the cabinet doors so that they open on a push system.
Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinetry

Using kitchen cabinetry made from re-wood or recycled wood from certified sources is a great way to keep your kitchen healthy and eco friendly. Apart from a cleaner environment, you can also add a lot of style and comfort to make your kitchen the perfect hang out place for you and your family. To limit greenhouse gases, you could also use paint with non toxic varieties.