Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paper Planet Collection to Make Your Home More Eco friendly

Paper has long been associated with printing and writing. But, in this internet world the same white sheet has lost its charm. Designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann of Tüllmann studio, based in Berlin,have come up with a unique collection named Paper Planet, which will add a touch of sumptuousness to your interiors with its eco friendly nature. As the name spells, Paper Planet is an appealing creation that has been fashioned out of recycled paper.

Origami art has always managed to mesmerize people. The duo used this in a clever way and came up with the exquisite collection by using their knowledge of knitting, stacking and weaving paper. They exploited the potential of paper in an artistic way, which has been made to ooze a tasteful and fashionable aura, ruled by simple designing. The elegant recycled paper collection comprises of lighting, which has been heavily inspired by origami. These will brighten up the room in a clean and green way, as light flickers through the delicate curves and creates a mesmerizing effect.

The shades look pretty normal at first, but a closer look will reveal the beauty they come injected with. These origami-inspired shades comprise of colored strings, which give the design added vivaciousness. It comprises of fine vein patterns that does a lot to add subtle touches of sophistication and style. But, what will really leave people gasping are the chairs made using paper rope and knitted fibers. These chairs have a very sturdy frame and look as if plastic has been used to complete the gorgeous look. Place it in the living room or the lawn, the seating is bound to fetch unending praises because of its uniqueness.

The handmade designs exude warmth and lend a whimsically sensuous appeal to the space at hand. The use of organic materials for creating modern designs is worth applauding. Paper Planet collection, with quirky details, will jazz up any environment with its presence. These items were received with a lot of positive response and admiration at the Noho Design District, New York, recently.